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Safety concerns force Glaxo to suspend enrollment in SRT501 trial

GlaxoSmithKline opted to suspend enrollment in a study of SRT501--the jewel in the crown of Sirtris Pharmaceuticals when it was acquired two years ago for $720 million--after five of the 24 subjects in a safety study developed kidney damage.



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Eric,As far as I know the school will be an acmaedy rather than a free school. It will be run by a team from Twyford/CofE. People seem to like church schools. Maybe some of the atheists out there need to start some schools that parents like. If the atheists can't be bothered the God squad will win that particular race. Not many seem to be keen on state provided uniformity. Academies are directly funded by DfE. If parents don't like them they fail. They are effectively accountable to parents. Sounds good to me as a parent of a child who is currently filling in primary applications forms. Not sure that anyone worries that private schools are outside democratic control . Happy New Year to you Eric.

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