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Siogen and Veeda Team Up to Develop Silane Nanoparticle Doxorubicin

Malaysian-based Siogen Biotech is teaming up with India’s Veeda Clinical Research to develop a nanoparticle formulation of the anticancer drug doxorubicin. The new formulation will be based on Siogen’s Siosomes® encapsulation technology and Veeda will carry out Phase I/II trials of the drug. The firms believe Siosome encapsulation of doxorubicin will increase the drug’s efficacy by targeting delivery to the disease site and also decrease side effects by lowering the exposure of healthy tissues and cells.



POSTED:2012-07-30 06:14:48


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I hate to sound contrarian, but this also shows how money makes a direeffnce in education. Don't get me wrong, Zhang should be proud of her win. But look at how nice the schools these finalists go to are. Think about all the potential that gets wasted because families can't afford to send their kids to nice schools. You wouldn't expect to see finalists for Siemens Competition come from your school would you? That's probably because you don't have as many tools available at your school.

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