The Venetian Hotel
3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109,

Schedule of Presentations:

Saturday, February 28, 2009
07:00:00 Coding for the Surgeon: The “Unlisted Code” Walter J Pedowitz, Peter G Mangone
07:05:00 The New Foot and Ankle Surgical Codes Raymond J. Sullivan
07:10:00 The “Unlisted Code”: How to Use it and Donald R Bohay
07:15:00 How Do the New Codes Change the Troy S Watson
07:25:00 Discussion
07:35:00 Presidential Welcome and Announcements W Hodges Davis, Robert M. Anderson
07:45:00 General Overview with Case Presentation Mark E Easley
07:55:00 Rehabilitation D Rod Walters, II
08:00:00 Anterior Lateral Soft Tissue Impingement Richard M. Marks
08:10:00 Occult Fracture Florian Nickisch
08:15:00 Talar Chondral Lesions – Acute John G Kennedy
08:25:00 Adult Fibrous Coalitions Jeffrey E Johnson
08:45:00 Overview of Technology and Reimbursement Issues John S Reach, Jr
08:55:00 Diagnostic Jay Smith
09:05:00 Therapeutic John M Davis
09:15:00 Case Presentations / Discussion James A. Nunley, II,
09:35:00 Presidential Address: State of the State Robert M. Anderson
09:45:00 Pay for Performance: Here it Comes and Are We Ready? Steven D.K Ross
09:45:00 What Does it Mean to the Practicing Orthopaedist? Robert H Haralson, III
09:55:00 What Has Been Done and Has Anyone Ever Done It?
10:05:00 What Do We Need to Do? Daniel B Murrey
10:15:00 Questions / Discussion
10:35:00 Cross Over Second Toe John T Campbell
10:35:00 Overview: Pathogenesis and Natural History Thomas H Lee
10:45:00 Soft Tissue Reconstruction and Tendon Transfers Ian J Alexander
10:55:00 Osteotomy Hans Joerg Trnka
11:00:00 Combination Procedures Ari J Kaz
11:10:00 Amputation Lew C Schon
11:15:00 Questions / Discussion
11:25:00 Presidential Guest Speaker Bugs, Bombs, and Radiation: The Surgeon’s Role in a Mass Casualty Event Jeffrey W Runge
11:55:00 Comparison of Outcomes of Bimalleolar and Trimalleolar Ankle Fractures Chadi Tannoury
12:00:00 Subtalar and Talonavicular Fusion Through a Single Medial Approach for the Correction of Hindfoot Deformity Reinhard Schuh, Sjoerd Stufkens
12:10:00 Retrospective Review of Tibiofibular Fusions as a Salvage Procedure for Chronic Syndesmotic Injuries Kirstina Marie Olson, Gregory Dairyko
12:15:00 Effects of Acute Exercise on Bilateral Isokinetic Strength at Least One Year After Achilles Tendon Repair David Allen Porter, Ari J Kaz, Andrew Millis
12:20:00 Discussion
12:30:00 Lunch
12:30:00 AOFAS Business Meeting
13:15:00 NOTES FROM THE MASTERS Top Five Things I Have Learned from My Patients Richard D Ferkel, Angus M McBryde, William G Hamilton, John S Gould
13:50:00 Ortho Biologics and Beyond Sheldon S Lin
13:50:00 Bone Forming: Fractures Bryan J Hawkins
14:00:00 Bone Forming: Fusions Christopher W DiGiovanni
14:10:00 Soft Tissue Healing Aides Michael S Pinzur
14:20:00 Case Presentations / Discussion
14:30:00 Clinical Outcomes of Retrograde Drilling in the Treatment of Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus. John G Kennedy, Padhraig F. O Loughlin, Martin E. O’Malley
14:30:00 PAPER SESSION II Gregory C Berlet, Stephen F Conti
14:35:00 Fresh Osteochondral Allograft Transplantation for Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus William Bugbee
14:40:00 Clinical Outcomes of Microfractures as a Treatment for Cystic Type Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus Hong Geun Jung, John Craig
16:20:00 Advances in Management of Stress Fractures Eric C. McCarty
16:20:00 ARS Clinical Question
16:25:00 How Should We Deal with the Failed Jones Fracture? David Allen Porter
16:30:00 ARS Clinical Question
16:35:00 Is There Any Question How Navicular Fractures Should Be Treated? Thomas O Clanton
16:40:00 ARS Clinical Question
16:45:00 How Do We Get These Patients Back on the Field the Quickest? Russell F Warren
16:50:00 Discussion
16:55:00 ARS Clinical Question
16:55:00 Don’t Miss the Subtle Diastasis in Sports – It Will Hurt! Dean C. Taylor
17:00:00 Ankle Syndesmotic Injury: Who Needs Surgery, and How Do We Tell the Difference? Rick W Wright
17:10:00 ARS Clinical Question
17:10:00 Subtle Lisfrancs: Don’t Miss It – Do They All Need Surgery, and How Do They Do? James A. Nunley, II,
17:20:00 Discussion
17:25:00 ARS Evaluation Questions
17:30:00 Conference Adjourns
3D Tissue Models
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