Protein Expression Europe (Sep 27-28)
Prague Marriott Hotel
V Celnici 8, 1100 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
Praha, mm
Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Protein Expression Europe
Expression System 
Protein Localization 
Parallel Approaches 
Drug Discovery Applications 
Emerging Technology Focus—Mammalian Cells 

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Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, September 27, 2007
07:30:00 Registration, Poster Setup and Morning Coffee (07:30-08:30)
08:30:00 Expression System: Welcome by Session Chairperson (08:30-08:45)
08:30:00 Expression System (08:30-13:35) Jens Klabunde, Lisa Robson, Veronique Gomord, Stefan Schillberg, Grant Cameron, Kirill Alexandrov, Norman Garceau
08:45:00 Expression System: New High-Yield Eukaryotic Protein Expression System Based on the Protozoan Leishmania Tarentolae (08:45-09:15) Kirill Alexandrov
09:15:00 Expression System: Co-Expression of Endogenous and Heterologous Genes in Hansenula polymorpha (09:15-09:45) Jens Klabunde
09:45:00 Expression System: Development of Ophiostoma Floccosum and Ophiostoma Piliferum as Hosts for Recombinant Protein Expression (09:45-10:15) Lisa Robson
10:15:00 Expression System: Morning Coffee, Poster and Exhibit Viewing (10:15-11:00)
11:00:00 Expression System: Suspension-Cultured Plant Cells as an Efficient Production System for Glyco-Allergens (11:00-11:30) Veronique Gomord
11:30:00 Expression System: Production of Pharmaceutical Proteins in Plants and Plant Suspension Cells (11:30-12:00) Stefan Schillberg
12:00:00 Expression System: Technology Focus (12:00-12:15) Norman Garceau
12:15:00 Expression System: Luncheon Technology Workshop (12:15-13:25) Grant Cameron, Christopher Kemp
13:25:00 Protein Localization: Comments by Session Chairperson (13:25-13:30) Stefan R. Schmidt
13:25:00 Protein Localization (13:25-16:15) Arnd Dankesreiter, Salvador Ventura, Ian Hodgson, Miriam Bastida, John Smit, Stefan R. Schmidt
13:30:00 Protein Localization: Development of a Generic Recombinant Protein Production Platform: A Fast Route to Soluble, Secreted Proteins at High Titre (13:30-14:00) Ian Hodgson
14:00:00 Protein Localization: Adapting the High Level Type I Secretion Apparatus of Caulobacter Crescentus for Recombinant Protein Export or Surface Display (14:00-14:30) John Smit
14:30:00 Protein Localization: From Dust Balls to Biocatalysts: A New View of Bacterial Inclusion Bodies (14:30-15:00) Salvador Ventura
15:00:00 Protein Localization: Alternatives to CHO: Protein Accumulation Strategies in Eukaryotic Cell Factories (15:00-15:30) Miriam Bastida
15:30:00 Protein Localization: Alternatives to CHO: Technology Focus - Rationales Of Gene Design And De Novo Gene Construction: The Better Way To Get Your DNA (15:30-15:45) Arnd Dankesreiter
15:45:00 Protein Localization: Afternoon Refreshment Break, Poster and Exhibit Viewing (15:45-16:15)
16:15:00 Parallel Approaches: A High-Throughput Protein Production Pipeline Applied to the Characterization of a Pan-Genome Atlas of Transcription Factor DNA-Binding Specificity in Ciona Intestinalis (16:15-18:00) Renaud Vincentelli
16:15:00 Parallel Approaches (16:15-18:00) Renaud Vincentelli
16:45:00 Parallel Approaches: Networking Reception in Exhibit Hall (16:45-18:00)
18:00:00 End of Day one
Friday, September 28, 2007
08:00:00 Breakfast BuzZ Session IV: Sampling Expression Space (08:00-09:00) Niek Dekker
08:00:00 Breakfast BuzZ Session VII: Insect Cell Expression—Working the “Bugs” Out (08:00-09:00) Joanna Long
08:00:00 Breakfast BuzZ Sessions (08:00-09:00) Brainstorm Sessions Didier Busso, Renaud Vincentelli, Niek Dekker, Maria Törnkvist, Annette Diehl, Wieslaw A. Kudlicki, Joanna Long
08:00:00 Breakfast BuzZ Session III: Use of Bioinformatic Tools to Come Up with a Well-Expressing E. coli Clone (08:00-09:00) Annette Diehl
08:00:00 Breakfast BuzZ Session V: Engineering More Soluble Protein Expression (08:00-09:00) Maria Törnkvist
08:00:00 Breakfast BuzZ Session VI: Membrane Proteins - Making the Impossible, Possible (08:00-09:00) Wieslaw A. Kudlicki
08:00:00 Breakfast BuzZ Session I: Strategies & Methodologies for Improving Parallel Expression Screening in Eukaryotic Cells (08:00-09:00) Didier Busso
08:00:00 Breakfast BuzZ Session II: Parallel Protein Expression and Detection (08:00-09:00) Renaud Vincentelli
09:00:00 Parallel Approaches Continued: Comments by Session Chairperson (09:00-09:10) François Arcand
09:00:00 Parallel Approaches Continued (09:00-11:40) François Arcand, Ciaran Cronin, Hiroaki Imataka, Linda King
09:10:00 Parallel Approaches Continued: Expression of a Library of Mammalian Cell-Surface Receptors (09:10-09:40) Michael Dyson
09:40:00 Parallel Approaches Continued: Development of Highly Efficient Human Cell-Based Cell-Free Protein Expression Systems (09:40-10:10) Hiroaki Imataka
10:10:00 Parallel Approaches Continued: Morning Coffee, Poster and Exhibit Viewing (10:10-10:40)
10:40:00 Parallel Approaches Continued: A Model for Parallel Protein Production (10:40-11:10) Ciaran Cronin
11:10:00 Parallel Approaches Continued: High-Throughput Production of Proteins Using Novel Baculovirus Vectors (11:10-11:40) Linda King
11:40:00 Parallel Approaches Continued: Lunch on Your Own or (Luncheon Technology Workshop, Sponsorships Available) (11:40-13:00)
13:00:00 Drug Discovery Applications: Comments by Session Chairperson (13:00-13:15)
13:00:00 Drug Discovery Applications (13:00-15:15) Stephen Irving, Niek Dekker, Lorenz Mayr
13:15:00 Drug Discovery Applications: Miniaturization and Automation of Protein Expression for High-Throughput Screening and Structural Biology (13:15-13:45) Lorenz Mayr
13:45:00 Drug Discovery Applications: Purified Membrane Protein Targets for Drug Discovery (13:45-14:15) Niek Dekker
14:15:00 Drug Discovery Applications: Overcoming Challenges in Supplying Proteins for Structural Biology (14:15-14:45) Stephen Irving
14:45:00 Drug Discovery Applications: Poster and Exhibit Viewing, Afternoon Refreshment Break (14:45-15:15)
15:15:00 Emerging Technology Focus—Mammalian Cells (15:15-16:30) Pierre Girod, Christopher Kemp
15:15:00 Emerging Technology Focus—Mammalian Cells: Advances in Transient Recombinant Protein Production in Mammalian Cells (15:15-15:45) Christopher Kemp
15:45:00 Emerging Technology Focus—Mammalian Cells: Applications of High Titre, Stable Mammalian Cell Lines in the Biotech Industry (15:45-16:15) Pierre Girod
16:15:00 Emerging Technology Focus—Mammalian Cells: Closing Comments by Session Chairperson (16:15-16:30)
16:30:00 Conclusion of Protein Expression – Europe Conference
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