3D Tissue Models
3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South, ROOM 4101
Las Vagas Navada 89109,

Schedule of Presentations:

Saturday, February 28, 2009
07:00:00 Course Check-In Opens
07:30:00 Introduction and Welcome L. Andrew Koman
07:35:00 Announcements and Overview of the Day A Lee Osterman
07:40:00 Nail Bed Injuries Michael W Neumeister
07:40:00 Local Flap Coverage: Cross Fingers L. Scott Levin
08:05:00 Extensor Tendon Injuries: Zones I and II John D Lubahn
08:15:00 Bite Injuries A Lee Osterman
08:25:00 Pinning of Metacarpal, Proximal Phalanx, and PIPJ Fractures Mark R Belsky
08:35:00 Predictable Flexor Tendon Repair Edward Diao
08:50:00 The Vac: Use and Abuse Anthony J DeFranzo, Jr
09:05:00 Hemi-Hamate Arthroplasty Peter J Stern
09:15:00 What’s the Right Fixation for my distal Radius Fracture? Jesse B Jupiter, Robert Medoff, David S Ruch, Randall W Culp, Joseph F Slade, III
10:00:00 BREAK
10:20:00 Physician Extenders Edward Akelman
10:35:00 Osteoporosis: You and your DEXA Scan (Dual Energy X–ray Absorptionetry) Bruce M Leslie
10:50:00 Cortisone Injections David L Nelson
11:00:00 Botulinum Toxins L. Andrew Koman
11:15:00 The Validity of the Independent Medical Exam (IME) David S. Zelouf,
11:30:00 Outcomes Measures: Everybody Wants to Know If your Patient is Satisfied Peter C Amadio
11:45:00 The Ins and Outs of Successful Coding Daniel J Nagle
12:30:00 Lunch
13:30:00 Introduction Nicholas B Vedder
13:35:00 Overview of the Afternoon Program Daniel J Nagle
13:40:00 Use of the Internet/ why your practice needs a web page Charles J Eaton
13:55:00 I Need a Doctor’s Note William B Kleinman
14:10:00 The Electronic Medical Record Stephen J Leibovic
14:25:00 Percutaneous Trigger Release Alejandro Badia
14:35:00 Dupuytren’s Disease: Percutaneous Release Charles J Eaton
14:50:00 Chemical Fasciectomy; Are we getting closer? Lawrence C Hurst
15:00:00 The Arthroscopic Treatment of Thumb Basal Joint Arthritis Scott P Steinmann
15:15:00 BREAK
15:35:00 Arthroscopic Ganglionectomy Arnold Peter C. Weiss
15:50:00 Arthroplasty: Which device is best? Richard A Berger
16:05:00 Perspectives on Total Wrist Replacement Brian D Adams
16:15:00 Radial Head Replacement; Have we arrived? Mark E Baratz
16:30:00 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Where are we now? Robert M Szabo
16:45:00 Revision Carpal Tunnel Surgery: Treating the Scar and Neuroma Joseph F Slade, III
17:00:00 The Treatment of Neurogenic Pain Pedro K Beredjiklian
17:10:00 Defend your Cubital Tunnel Operation Neil F Jones, Roy A Meals, John M Bednar, Reimer Hoffmann
17:45:00 Conclusion and Closing Remarks A Lee Osterman
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