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Schedule of Presentations:

Saturday, February 28, 2009
07:50:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks: Jack Roberts, Jeffrey S Abrams, Anthony A Romeo
08:00:00 How I Evaluate and Treat Throwing Athletes James R. Andrews
08:10:00 Optimizing Arthroscopic Bankart Surgery: A Reproducible Technique Richard K.N Ryu
08:20:00 Engaging Hill Sachs Lesion: I Prefer Soft Tissue Procedures Stephen J Snyder
08:30:00 Engaging Hill Sachs Lesion: Why I Prefer Bone Grafting in Most Cases Stephen S Burkhart
08:40:00 Arthroscopic Latarjet Can Treat the Chronic Recurrent Dislocator Ettore Taverna
08:50:00 Spotlight Technique Video: Capsular Plication for Multidirectional and Posterior Instability Alan S. Curtis,
09:00:00 SLAP Tears: When to Debride, Repair or Tenodese Robert T Burks
09:10:00 Pro: Include in All/Most Arthrosocpic Stabilizations Felix H. Savoie, III
09:20:00 Con: Should Not Be Routinely Included in Stabilizations Matthew T Provencher
09:30:00 Arthroscopic AC Joint Stabilization Eugene M Wolf
09:40:00 Eugene
09:45:00 Break
10:00:00 Biceps Problems: Tenotomy, Tenodesis Above and Below the Groove Richard J Hawkins
10:10:00 Partial Thickness Rotator Cuff Tears: Transtendon and Full Thickness Repair Approaches Richard L Angelo
10:20:00 Choosing Single or Double Row Repairs Robert A Pedowitz
10:30:00 Spotlight Technique Video: Arthroscopic Repair of Subscapularis Tears Ian K. Y Lo
10:40:00 Mobilization and Repair of Large and Massive Cuff Tears Jeffrey S Abrams
10:50:00 Arthroscopic Suprascapular Nerve Release: Indications and Technique Laurent Lafosse
11:00:00 Technique Video: Current Role of Biologic Augmentation and Patches to Repair Massive Cuff Tears Joseph P Burns
11:05:00 Innovations in Medicine: The Manipulation of Healing: Progress in Tissue Repair Steven P Arnoczky
11:25:00 Discussion Victor M. Ilizaliturri, Jr
11:35:00 Getting Started in Hip Arthroscopy: Patient Selection, Set-up and Operative Pearls J.W Thomas Byrd
11:45:00 Spotlight Video Technique: Arthroscopic Treatment to Femoral Acetabular Impingement Marc J Philippon
11:55:00 Discussion
12:00:00 Lunch
13:00:00 Patellofemoral Proximal and Distal Realignment: Decision Making and Technical Pearls Donald C Fithian
13:10:00 Medial Patellofemoral Ligament Reconstruction: Indications and Results John P Fulkerson
13:20:00 Case Presentations and Panel Discussion: Patellofemoral Surgery Donald C Fithian, John P Fulkerson, Anthony A Schepsis
13:40:00 When to Resect and When to Repair: Clinical Lessons and Indications Russell F Warren
13:50:00 How to Approach the Biologically Challenged Complex Meniscus Tear Frank R Noyes
14:00:00 Spotlight Technique Video: Meniscal Transplantation: Brian J. Cole
14:10:00 Case Presentations and Panel Discussion: Meniscal Surgery Brian J. Cole, Frank R Noyes, Russell F Warren, Peter R Kurzweil
14:35:00 Arthroscopy and Diffuse Osteoarthritis: Where are we at in 2009? Jack Roberts
14:45:00 Decision Making and Strategies for Primary Treatment of Focal Lesions Nicholas A Sgaglione
14:55:00 Revision Articular Cartilage Biosurgery: Current Concepts Thomas R Carter
15:05:00 Role of Osteotomy in Articular Cartilage Preservation Robert E Hunter
15:15:00 Case Presentation and Panel Discussion: Articular Cartilage Surgery Jack Roberts, Thomas R Carter, Robert E Hunter, Nicholas A Sgaglione
15:40:00 Break
15:55:00 Single or Double Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery: Clinical Choices? John C Richmond
16:05:00 Spotlight Technique Video: Double Bundle ACL Reconstruction Freddie H Fu
16:15:00 PCL Surgery: Inlay Graft, Single or Double Bundle Repairs Mark Miller
16:25:00 Multifilament Disruption Following a Knee Dislocation: Timing and Results Gregory C Fanelli
16:35:00 Case Presentations and Panel Discussion: Ligament Reconstruction Freddie H Fu, Jack Roberts, Gregory C Fanelli, John C Richmond, Mark Miller
17:00:00 Adjourn
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