Bridging Pharma and IT - Leveraging Information Technology to Improve Productivity (Sep30-Oct2)
Hyatt Harborside Hotel
101 Harborside Drive
Boston, MA
Bridging Pharma and IT - Leveraging Information Technology to Improve Productivity
Cambridge Healthtech Institute

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Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, September 30, 2007
12:00:00 Registration (12:00-12:30)
12:30:00 Pre-Conference Workshop: Bridging Business and IT to Implement Performance Metrics (12:30-4:00) Paul King, Mitchell Weisberg
Monday, October 1, 2007
08:30:00 Chairperson's Opening Remarks (08:30-08:45)
08:45:00 Keynote Session 1: Bridging Diagnostics Technologies with Pharma and Biotech (08:45-09:30) Keynote Session Tim M. Jaeger
09:30:00 BRIDGING DISCOVERY/DEVELOPMENT AND IT (09:30-15:30) Mark Ashwell, Vic Uebele, Julie Hughes, Lori Harmon, Simson Alex, Victor Lobanov, Daniel Ortwine, Robert Goulet, John Whittle
09:30:00 BRIDGING DISCOVERY/DEVELOPMENT AND IT: Developing of Enabling Informatics Technology in Support of the Development of Drug Candidates (09:30-10:15) Julie Hughes
09:30:00 BRIDGING CLINICAL AND IT: Developing a Knowledge Discovery Platform for Collaborative Research in Gastric Cancer (09:30-10:15) Alvin Eng, Lawrence Tham
09:30:00 BRIDGING CLINICAL AND IT (09:30-15:30) Alvin Eng, Goutham Edula, Heidi Rehm, Rob Studt, Lawrence Tham, Samuel (Sandy) Aronson, Haishan Jang, Bob O’Hara, Hubert Renauld
10:15:00 Networking Coffee Break & Exhibit Viewing (10:15-11:00)
11:00:00 BRIDGING DISCOVERY/DEVELOPMENT AND IT: Making the Most of Limited Resources - Creation of a Merck-wide Biologics Database (11:00-11:45) Lori Harmon, Vic Uebele
11:00:00 BRIDGING CLINICAL AND IT: Integrated Biomedical Image Data Management and Analytics (11:00-11:45) Goutham Edula
11:45:00 BRIDGING CLINICAL AND IT: IT Support for the Clinical Use of Genetics and Genomics – Could the Infrastructure in Place Today Be Strengthened through Collaborations with Pharma IT Departments? (11:45-12:30) Heidi Rehm, Samuel (Sandy) Aronson
11:45:00 BRIDGING DISCOVERY/DEVELOPMENT AND IT: Advancing Upload and Storage of Assay Data (11:45-12:30) Victor Lobanov
12:30:00 Luncheon Workshop (Sponsorship Available) or Lunch on Your Own (12:30-14:00)
14:00:00 BRIDGING DISCOVERY/DEVELOPMENT AND IT: An Integrated Desktop Computing Environment for Chemists (14:00-14:45) Daniel Ortwine, Robert Goulet
14:00:00 BRIDGING CLINICAL AND IT: Are We Playing Dice With Informatics Projects? (14:00-14:30) Bob O’Hara, Haishan Jang, Rob Studt
14:30:00 BRIDGING CLINICAL AND IT: Engineering Data Integration in a Clinical/University Framework: (14:30-15:30) Hubert Renauld
14:45:00 BRIDGING DISCOVERY/DEVELOPMENT AND IT: Evolving an Informatics Systems to Meet New Business Drivers (14:45-15:30) Mark Ashwell, John Whittle
15:30:00 Networking Refreshment Break & Exhibit Viewing (15:30-16:00)
16:00:00 Keynote Session 2: Creating the IT Infrastructure to Enable Adaptive Clinical Development (16:00-16:45) Keynote Session Jerald S. Schindler
16:45:00 Interactive Roundtable Discussions & Report Outs (16:45-17:45)
17:45:00 Networking Reception in the Exhibit Hall (17:45-19:00)
19:00:00 End of Day Two
Tuesday, October 2, 2007
08:00:00 Morning Coffee (08:00-08:30)
08:30:00 Chairperson's Opening Remarks (08:30-08:45)
08:45:00 Keynote Session 3: Doubling IT Innovation Spending: Laying the Foundation for IT-Enabled Business Process, Supply Chain, and Service Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry (08:45-09:45) Keynote Session Chris Asakiewicz
09:45:00 Networking Coffee Break & Exhibit Viewing (09:45-10:45)
10:45:00 BRIDGING DISCOVERY/DEVELOPMENT AND IT: One Company ~ 2 Worlds - Bridging Discovery and Development Information (10:45-11:30) Peter F. Thadeio, Melinda Rottas
10:45:00 BRIDGING CLINICAL AND IT (10:45-15:15) Dongzhou J. Liu, Michael N. Liebman
10:45:00 BRIDGING DISCOVERY/DEVELOPMENT AND IT (10:45-15:15) Kamalakar Gulukota, Melinda Rottas, Susie Stephens, Peter F. Thadeio
10:45:00 BRIDGING CLINICAL AND IT: Crossing the Chasm between Research and Clinical Practice (10:45-11:30) Michael N. Liebman
11:30:00 BRIDGING DISCOVERY/DEVELOPMENT AND IT: Technology Highlights (11:30-12:15)
11:30:00 BRIDGING CLINICAL AND IT: Practical Applications of Modeling and Simulation in Clinical Studies(11:30-12:30) Dongzhou J. Liu
12:15:00 BRIDGING DISCOVERY/DEVELOPMENT AND IT: Using Biological Sequence Search to Validate Research Decisions (12:15-12:30) Kamalakar Gulukota
12:30:00 Networking Luncheon & Exhibit Viewing (12:30-13:45)
13:45:00 BRIDGING CLINICAL AND IT: Technology Highlights (13:45-14:30)
13:45:00 BRIDGING DISCOVERY/DEVELOPMENT AND IT: Application of Translational Informatics in Tailored Therapeutics (13:45-14:30) Susie Stephens
14:30:00 BRIDGING DISCOVERY/DEVELOPMENT AND IT: Technology Highlights (14:30-15:15)
14:30:00 BRIDGING CLINICAL AND IT: Technology Highlights (14:30-15:15)
15:15:00 Keynote Session 4: Lessons Learned: Challenges Faced in Sharing Information Across the Organization (Panel) (15:15-16:00) Keynote Session Marc Wine, Donald T. Mon, Mitchell Weisberg
16:00:00 Wrap-Up/Take-Aways & Close of Conference
3D Tissue Models
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