Ion Channel Regulation
Snowmass Village, Colorado
9650 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD

Schedule of Presentations:

Saturday, June 9, 2007
16:00:00 Conference Registration
18:00:00 FASEB Opening Reception
19:00:00 Regulation by the phospholipid PIP2 Donald Hilgemann
19:00:00 Ion channels and lipids: closest neighbors
19:35:00 Lipids and mechanosensation CHING KUNG
20:10:00 Break
20:30:00 Mechanical properties of lipid bilayer and gating cycle
20:55:00 Membrane curvature and mechanosensitive properties of TRPC6 Maria Spassova
Sunday, June 10, 2007
07:30:00 Breakfast
09:00:00 Introduction Richard W. Tsien
09:35:00 Regulation of spontaneous firing in mammalian central neurons Bruce Bean
10:10:00 Open-channel block by the cytoplasmic tail of sodium channel Indira Raman
10:45:00 Group photo and FASEB Sponsored Coffee Break
11:15:00 Plasticity of dendritic function Jeffrey A Magee
12:05:00 Lunch
16:00:00 Poster Session 1.1
18:00:00 Dinner
19:00:00 Introduction Victoria Bolotina
19:15:00 Ion Channel Regulation Bertil Hille
20:30:00 Break
20:45:00 Regulation of neuronal Nav and KCNQ channel expression by ubiquitination David Adams
22:00:00 End of Presentation
Monday, June 11, 2007
07:30:00 Breakfast
09:00:00 New players in the game James W Putney
09:35:00 CRACM1 (Orai1) - channel pore and much more Reinhold Penner
10:10:00 FASEB Sponsored Coffee Break
10:30:00 Molecular choreography of store-operated Ca2+ entry Richard Lewis
11:05:00 Functional consequences of activation of CRAC channels Anant Parekh
11:40:00 Short talk to be chosen from Posters
12:00:00 Lunch
13:30:00 Mechanism of coincidence detection by a temperature-sensitive TRP channel David Julius
14:05:00 Molecular Logic of Thermosensation Diana Bautista
14:40:00 Emerging role of TRPM channels. Andrea Fleig
15:15:00 TRPM8: regulation, localization and novel role in human prostate cancer Natalia Prevarskaya
16:00:00 Poster Session 1.2
18:00:00 Dinner
19:00:00 homeostasis in the early secretory pathway Blanche Schwappach
19:35:00 14-3-3 and K+ channel trafficking Ita O'Kelly
20:10:00 Break
20:25:00 Sodium channels as macromolecular complexes: implications for Lori L Isom
21:00:00 Phosphorylopathies and hormonal regulation of ion channels through reversible protein phosphorylation
Tuesday, June 12, 2007
07:30:00 Breakfast
09:00:00 Calmodulation John P Adelman
09:35:00 Calmodulin and excitation-contraction coupling Susan L Hamilton
10:10:00 FASEB Sponsored Coffee Break
10:30:00 Molecular Mechanisms of TRP Channel Modulation Sharona E. Gordon
11:05:00 Decalmodulation of voltage-gated Ca2+ channels. Amy Lee
11:40:00 Short talk to be chosen from Posters
12:00:00 Lunch
13:30:00 Find your way in Ion Channel Regulation Field
16:00:00 Poster Session 2.1
18:00:00 Dinner
19:00:00 of an ion channel regulatory protein complex in neuronal electrical activity and behavior Irwin B Levitan
19:35:00 Channel/protein kinase: dual regulation of TRPM channel Andrew M Scharenberg
20:10:00 Break
20:25:00 Alternative splicing of voltage-gated Ca channels Diane Lipscombe
21:00:00 Channels as transporters Robert Vandenberg
21:35:00 Short talk to be chosen from Posters
22:00:00 Close of conference
Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Thursday, June 14, 2007
3D Tissue Models
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