3D Tissue Models
Drug Repositioning Summit: Finding New routes to success (Oct 10-11)
Loews Philadelphia Hotel
1200 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA
Drug Repositioning Summit Finding New routes to success
Cambridge Healthtech Institute

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
08:00:00 Pre-Conference Short Course Registration (08:00-09:00)
09:00:00 Pre-Conference Short Course: Filing a 505 (B)(2) Application and Strategies for Gaining Approval (09:00-12:00) Short course on Filing a 505 (B)(2) Application Kenneth V. Phelps
12:00:00 OVERVIEW SESSION (12:00-15:15) Edward Grieff, Donald E. Frail, Thomas Barnes, Christopher Lipinski
12:00:00 OVERVIEW SESSION: Conference Registration (12:00-13:00)
13:00:00 OVERVIEW SESSION: Chairperson’s Opening Remarks (13:00-13:15) Christopher Lipinski
13:15:00 OVERVIEW SESSION: Drug Repurposing via Phenotypic Screening (13:15-13:45) Christopher Lipinski
13:45:00 OVERVIEW SESSION: The Use of Integrative Pharmacology in Drug Repositioning (13:45-14:15) Thomas Barnes
14:15:00 OVERVIEW SESSION: Integration of “Indications Discovery” Efforts within Pfizer (14:15-14:45) Donald E. Frail
14:45:00 OVERVIEW SESSION: Product Life Cycle Management - Drug Repositioning (14:45-15:15) Edward Grieff
15:15:00 OVERVIEW SESSION: Poster Session, Exhibit Viewing and Refreshment Break (15:15-15:45)
15:45:00 TECHNICAL APPROACHES (15:45-17:50) Ramaiah Muthyala, Scott Turner, Ruben Abagyan, Michael J Keiser, Thomas Bames
15:45:00 TECHNICAL APPROACHES: Chairperson’s Remarks (15:45-15:50) Thomas Bames
15:50:00 TECHNICAL APPROACHES: Relating Protein Pharmacology by Ligand Chemistry (15:50-16:20) Michael J Keiser
16:20:00 TECHNICAL APPROACHES: In Silico Approach to Drug Repurposing (16:20-16:50) Ruben Abagyan
16:50:00 TECHNICAL APPROACHES: Indications Discovery Using In Vivo Pathways as Targets (16:50-17:20) Scott Turner
17:20:00 TECHNICAL APPROACHES: Orphan Drugs ­ Challenges, Strategies, and Opportunities (17:20-17:50) Ramaiah Muthyala
17:50:00 Networking Reception (17:50-19:00)
19:00:00 Close of Day One
Thursday, October 11, 2007
08:00:00 Morning Coffee (08:00-08:30)
08:30:00 REPROFILING DRUGS: Chairperson’s Remarks (08:30-08:40) Marcel van Duin
08:30:00 REPROFILING DRUGS (08:30-13:30) Thomas Barnes, Kevin Davies, Hans-Joachim Zeiler, Akinori Mochizuki, Richard B. Smith, Donald E. Frail, Michael S. Saporito, Marcel van Duin
08:40:00 REPROFILING DRUGS: Uncovering Unexploited Biology on Halted Drugs (08:40-09:15) Akinori Mochizuki
09:15:00 REPROFILING DRUGS: Repositioning at Organon - Just for Halted Drugs? (09:15-09:45) Marcel van Duin
09:45:00 REPROFILING DRUGS: CIPRO - The Creation of a New Blockbuster (09:45-10:15) Hans-Joachim Zeiler
10:15:00 REPROFILING DRUGS: Poster Session, Exhibit Viewing and Coffee Break (10:15-10:45)
10:45:00 REPROFILING DRUGS: Drug Repositioning Using a Multiplexed In Vivo Platform: Discovery of MLR-1023, A Repositioned Drug Candidate for Type II Diabetes (10:45-11:15) Michael S. Saporito
11:15:00 REPROFILING DRUGS: Panel Discussion - IP and Practical Issues of Drug Repositioning and Repurposing (11:15-12:00) Kevin Davies, Thomas Barnes, Donald E. Frail, Richard B. Smith
12:00:00 REPROFILING DRUGS: Luncheon Workshop (Sponsorship Available) or Lunch on Your Own (12:00-13:30)
13:30:00 SCREENING AGAINST MULTIPLE TARGETS: Chairperson’s Remarks (13:30-13:40)
13:30:00 SCREENING AGAINST MULTIPLE TARGETS (Shared Session with Compound Profiling) (13:30-17:15) Rebecca A. Taub, Jeremy S. Caldwell, David Grass, Laszlo Urban, Jill Heemskerk, Keith R. Olson
13:40:00 SCREENING AGAINST MULTIPLE TARGETS: Featured Presentation - Is Repositioning a Viable Option for Creating Differentiated Medicines? (13:40-14:15) Rebecca A. Taub
14:15:00 SCREENING AGAINST MULTIPLE TARGETS: Automated Robotic Molecular Profiling in Cells for New Therapeutic Directions (14:15-14:45) Jeremy S. Caldwell
14:45:00 SCREENING AGAINST MULTIPLE TARGETS: Poster Session, Exhibit Viewing and Refreshment Break (14:45-15:15)
15:15:00 SCREENING AGAINST MULTIPLE TARGETS: An Efficient Platform for Genetic Target and Compound Positioning (15:15-15:45) David Grass
15:45:00 SCREENING AGAINST MULTIPLE TARGETS: Broad-Scale In Vitro Pharmacology Profiling to Predict Clinical Adverse Effects and for ADME Profiling (15:45-16:15) Laszlo Urban
16:15:00 SCREENING AGAINST MULTIPLE TARGETS: Ceftriaxone and Results of Large Scale Screening Efforts (16:15-16:45) Jill Heemskerk
16:45:00 SCREENING AGAINST MULTIPLE TARGETS: A Universal Assay Technology for Re-addressing and Profiling of GPCR Targets with a Non-second Messenger Approach (16:45-17:15) Keith R. Olson
17:15:00 Close of Conference
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