Exploring Next Generation Sequencing: Applications and Case Studies (Oct 17-18)
Renaissance Providence Hotel
5 Avenue of the Arts
Providence, RI
Exploring Next Generation Sequencing: Applications and Case Studies 
Cambridge Healthtech Institute

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Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007
07:30:00 Registration, Morning Coffee (07:30-08:30)
08:25:00 TECHnology Platform EXPO (08:25-12:00) Michael D. Rhodes, Michael Egholm, Leonard N. Bloksberg, Sadeg M. Faris, Meredith Yeager, Samuel Levy, Kevin Davies, John Leamon, Deepak Thakkar
08:25:00 TECHnology Platform EXPO: Chairperson’s Opening Remarks (08:25-08:35) Kevin Davies
08:35:00 TECHnology Platform EXPO: Why Length Matters in Next Generation Sequencing (08:35-09:20) Michael Egholm
09:20:00 TECHnology Platform EXPO: The SOLiD™ System - A Technology Enabling New Applications (09:20-09:50) Michael D. Rhodes
09:50:00 Technology Spotlight: SGI Solutions for Life Sciences: Accelerating the Pace of Research (09:50-10:05) Deepak Thakkar
10:05:00 TECHnology Platform EXPO: Coffee Break, Poster and Exhibit Viewing (10:05-10:30)
10:30:00 TECHnology Platform EXPO: What Will It Take to Sequence The Human Genome Error-Free, In Minutes, For Pennies?(10:30-10:50) Sadeg M. Faris
10:50:00 Technology Spotlight: Droplet-Based Microfluidics - An Enabling Platform Technology for Next-Generation Sequencing(10:50-11:05) John Leamon
11:05:00 Technology Spotlight: Next Generation Sequence Analysis with SLIM Search (11:05-11:20) Leonard N. Bloksberg
11:20:00 Roundtable Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities - Where are We Now? (11:20-12:00) Michael Egholm, Michael D. Rhodes, Kevin Davies, Samuel Levy, Meredith Yeager
12:00:00 Lunch on Your Own or (12:00-13:30)
13:30:00 Genome Resequencing for Mutation Screening (13:30-18:30) Raphael Bueno, George A. Calin, Kevin Ulmer, Meredith Yeager, Will Parsons, Alexander Gutin
13:30:00 Genome Resequencing for Mutation Screening: Chairperson’s Remarks (13:30-13:35)
13:35:00 Genome Resequencing for Mutation Screening: Sequencing is Dead. Long Live Sequencing! (13:35-14:20) Kevin Ulmer
14:20:00 Genome Resequencing for Mutation Screening: Genetic Testing for Cancer Predisposition - Opportunities Offered by Next Generation Sequencing (14:20-14:50) Alexander Gutin
14:50:00 Genome Resequencing for Mutation Screening: Toward a Non-Coding RNA Revolution in the Cancer Society (14:50-15:20) George A. Calin
15:20:00 Genome Resequencing for Mutation Screening: Refreshment Break, Poster and Exhibit Viewing (15:20-16:00)
16:00:00 Genome Resequencing for Mutation Screening: The Consensus Coding Sequences of Human Breast and Colorectal Cancers (16:00-16:30) Will Parsons
16:30:00 Genome Resequencing for Mutation Screening: Deep Genomic Analysis of Tumors for the Discovery of Sequence Variation: From the Surgical Suite to the Genome Sequencer (16:30-17:00) Raphael Bueno
17:00:00 Genome Resequencing for Mutation Screening: Common Variation at 8q24 and Prostate Cancer Risk (17:00-17:30) Meredith Yeager
17:30:00 Genome Resequencing for Mutation Screening: Networking Reception (17:30-18:30)
18:30:00 Close of Day I
Thursday, October 18, 2007
07:30:00 Breakfast Technology Workshop (07:30-08:30)
08:30:00 Structural Variation Analysis (08:30-10:30) Samuel Levy, Lars Feuk, Jan Korbel
08:30:00 Structural Variation Analysis: Chairperson’s Remarks (08:30-08:35)
08:35:00 Structural Variation Analysis: High-Resolution Analysis of Structural Variation in the Human Genome (08:35-09:05) Lars Feuk
09:05:00 Structural Variation Analysis: Charting and Sequencing Structural Variation Using High-Resolution Paired-End Mapping (HR-PEM) (09:05-09:35) Jan Korbel
09:35:00 Structural Variation Analysis: Identification of Complex DNA Variants in a Single Human (09:35-10:05) Samuel Levy
10:05:00 Structural Variation Analysis: Coffee Break, Poster and Exhibit Viewing (10:05-10:30)
10:30:00 Next-Next Generation Sequencing: Real-time DNA Sequencing (10:30-10:55) Susan H. Hardin
10:30:00 Next-Next Generation Sequencing (10:30-12:00) Jonathan Seidman, Susan H. Hardin, Steven Gordon, John S. Oliver
10:55:00 Next-Next Generation Sequencing: Low Cost Instrument for Next Generation Sequencing (10:55-11:20) Steven Gordon
11:20:00 Next-Next Generation Sequencing: Polony Multiplex Analysis of Gene Expression (PMAGE) and Mouse Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (11:20-11:45) Jonathan Seidman
11:45:00 Next-Next Generation Sequencing: Hybridization Assisted Nanopore Sequencing (11:45-12:00) John S. Oliver
12:00:00 Deep Sequencing: Lunch on Your Own or Luncheon Technology Workshop (12:00-13:30)
12:00:00 Deep Sequencing (12:00-15:30) Neil Gibson, Marilyn Lewis, E. Randall Lanier
13:30:00 Deep Sequencing: Chairperson’s Remarks (13:30-13:35)
13:35:00 Deep Sequencing: Deep Sequence Analysis of Clinically Relevant env Region Sequence Variants from HIV (13:35-14:05) Marilyn Lewis
14:05:00 Deep Sequencing: Deep Sequence of HIV RT Regions in Search of Drug Resistance Mutations in Patients Undergoing RT Inhibitor Treatment (14:05-14:35) E. Randall Lanier
14:35:00 Deep Sequencing: Sensitive Detection of Somatic Mutations Using Deep Sequencing and ARMS Allele Specific PCR (14:35-15:05) Neil Gibson
15:05:00 Deep Sequencing: Refreshment Break, Last Chance for Poster and Exhibit Viewing (15:05-15:30)
15:30:00 Bioinformatics: Whole-Genome Sequencing and Assembly with High-Throughput, Short-Read Technologies (15:30-16:00) Andreas Sundquist
15:30:00 Bioinformatics (15:30-17:30) Elliott H. Margulies, Gabor Marth, David A. Wheeler, Andreas Sundquist
16:00:00 Bioinformatics: Software Tools for Polymorphism Discovery in Next-Generation Sequencer Data (16:00-16:30) Gabor Marth
16:30:00 Bioinformatics: The High-Coverage Genome Sequence of a Single Human (16:30-17:00) David A. Wheeler
17:00:00 Bioinformatics: ENCODE Pilot Project and the Future of Comparative Sequence Analysis (17:00-17:30) Elliott H. Margulies
17:30:00 Close of Conference
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