Sixth International Colorectal Cancer Congress
The Fairmont Turnbery Isle
19999 West Country Club Rd.
Aventura, FL

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, October 11, 2007
13:30:00 Registration
14:00:00 Welcome and Introduction Edward Chu
14:10:00 Optimizing Chemotherapy for Newly Diagnosed Disease Richard M Goldberg
14:30:00 Oral vs. Intravenous Fluoropyrimidines: Are They Equivalent? Jean-Yves Douillard
14:50:00 Sequential vs. Combination Chemotherapy
15:10:00 Continuous vs. Intermittent Treatment Axel Grothey
15:30:00 Roundtable Discussion: Should There Be Planned Chemoholidays? Richard M Goldberg, Edward Chu, Jean-Yves Douillard, Axel Grothey
16:00:00 Break
16:15:00 Overview of Adjuvant Therapy Options Daniel Haller
16:35:00 Using Gene Expression Profiling for Adjuvant Therapy Selection Michael OConnell
16:55:00 How Long Do We Need to Treat Patients in the Adjuvant Setting? Richard M Goldberg, Daniel Haller, Michael OConnell, Edward Chu, Axel Grothey
17:25:00 Role of Genetics in the Pathogenesis of Colorectal Cancer Henry T Lynch
17:45:00 Chemoprevention in Colorectal Cancer
18:05:00 Screening and Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer
18:25:00 What’s New in Virtual Colonoscopy? Joseph Ferrucci
18:45:00 Adjourn
Friday, October 12, 2007
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast
08:00:00 Current Clinical Data on Anti-EGFR Antibodies
08:30:00 Optimal Dosing and Scheduling of Anti-EGFR Therapy Howard S. Hochster
08:50:00 Molecular Predictors of Response to EGFR Inhibitors in Colorectal Cancer
09:10:00 How to Manage Skin Toxicities Associated With EGFR Inhibitors Mario Lacouture
09:30:00 Moving EGFR Inhibitors to the Front-line and Further: Are We Ready Yet? Howard S. Hochster, Edward Chu, Axel Grothey
10:10:00 Break
10:25:00 EORTC Jean-Yves Douillard
10:40:00 German Cooperative Group Trials Udo Vanhoefer
10:55:00 Cancer and Leukemia Group B Richard M Goldberg
11:10:00 North Central Cancer Treatment Group Steven R. Alberts
11:25:00 Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group Daniel Haller
11:40:00 Southwestern Oncology Group
11:55:00 National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project Group Michael OConnell
12:10:00 Panel Discussion
12:30:00 Afternoon Break
16:00:00 Inhibition of the Insulin-Like Growth Factor Pathway
16:20:00 Inhibition of Hepatocyte Growth Factor and the c-Met Receptor John J. Wright
16:40:00 Role of uPAR in Colorectal Cancer Lee M Ellis
17:00:00 Src Kinase Inhibitors
17:20:00 PI3K Inhibitors John J. Wright
17:40:00 Induction of the Apoptosis Pathway
18:00:00 Adjourn
Saturday, October 13, 2007
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast
08:00:00 Ongoing Clinical Trials of Antiangiogenic Agents Axel Grothey
08:20:00 Novel Combinations of VEGF/VEGFR and mTOR Inhibitors Herbert Hurwitz
08:40:00 Clinical Data on Optimal Dosing With Anti-VEGF Antibodies Bruce Giantonio
09:00:00 How to Use Angiogenesis Inhibitors Safely: Practical Issues Herbert Hurwitz
09:20:00 Unexpected Findings in Angiogenesis Research Lee M Ellis
09:40:00 Should Anti-VEGF Therapy Continue Beyond Progession? Lee M Ellis, Bruce Giantonio, Herbert Hurwitz, Axel Grothey
10:10:00 Break
10:25:00 Neoadjuvant Therapy Options and Duration: To Best Response or Resectability? Steven R. Alberts
10:45:00 Perioperative Systemic Therapy for Resectable Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases: Where Do We Go From Here?
11:05:00 Advances in Surgical Resection of Liver Metastases Charles Cha
11:25:00 Panel Discussion
11:45:00 Biomarker-Driven Trial Designs Daniel Sargent
12:05:00 Have We Maxed Out the Effect of PFS in First-line Therapy? Edward Chu, Daniel Sargent, Axel Grothey
12:30:00 Afternoon Break
12:30:00 Panel Discussion
16:00:00 Novel VEGFR Inhibitors in Colorectal Cancer Alex A Adjei
16:20:00 Nonclassical Angiogenesis Pathways Jan Kitajewski
16:40:00 Angiopoietin Inhibitors Chris H. Takimoto
17:00:00 Vascular Disrupting Agents Patricia LoRusso
17:20:00 Integrins
17:40:00 Discussion
18:00:00 Adjourn
Sunday, October 14, 2007
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast
08:00:00 Optimizing Radiotherapy for Rectal Cancer Bruce Minsky
08:20:00 Long-term Effects of Radiation William A. Blackstock
08:40:00 Surgical Advances in Rectal Cancer Nancy Baxter
09:00:00 Multidisciplinary Management for Timing of Rectal Surgery Nancy Baxter, Bruce Minsky, William A. Blackstock, Axel Grothey
09:30:00 Break
09:45:00 Proteomic Approaches for Gene Expression Profiling and Biomarker Analysis Emanuel F Petricoin
10:05:00 Role of UGT1A1 as a Determinant of Irinotecan Toxicity Federico Innocenti
10:25:00 Pharmacogenomic Profiling Howard McLeod
10:45:00 Predictive Biomarkers of Response or Toxicity Heinz J Lenz
11:05:00 Panel Discussion
11:30:00 Closing Remarks/Adjourn
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