4th Annual Cell Based Assays
NH Jolly St Ermin's
Caxton Street, SW1H 0QW
London, UK
Keywords: 4th Annual Cell Based Assays, Informa Life Sciences, NH Jolly St Ermin's, Caxton Street, SW1H 0QW

Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
08:30:00 Coffee & registration
09:00:00 Opening remarks from the Chairperson Marc Bickle
09:10:00 Modelling Tumour Microenvironment by High-Content Analysis of Complex Cell Models Beverley Isherwood
09:40:00 Refinement of a 3D model to effectively simulate squamous cell carcinoma invasion Erik Sahai
10:10:00 Functional genomics and compound screening in 3D organoid cultures Leo Price
10:40:00 Morning coffee
11:10:00 Tumor invasion modes in 3D extracellular matrices iinn viittroo and iinn viivoo Katarina Wolf,
11:40:00 Discussion session: The limitation of assay technologies to be applied to 3D model formats
12:00:00 Can high-content screening help better predict toxicity? Marc Bickle
12:30:00 NEUROSpeed: A comprehensive solution for targeting CNS preclinical studies using purified primary brain cells Fabio Bianco
13:00:00 Lunch and networking time
14:10:00 Investigating the use of PBMC in drug discovery to identify immunomodulators that induce type I IFN secretion Sandra Tuyaerts
14:40:00 Human organo-typic co-culture models for analysing effects of drug candidates onto the immune system Thomas Joos
15:10:00 Are we ready to use human Embryonic Stem Cells in drug discovery? Paul D. Andrews
15:40:00 Afternoon tea
16:10:00 Comparison of disease relevant cells with more conventional cell lines: should we all now be moving towards more complex formats? Panel Discussion:
16:40:00 Isogenic mesenchymal progenitor cell clones for iinn viittroo and iinn viivoo screening of gene function, drugs and biomaterial interactions Clemens W.G.M. Lowik,
17:10:00 Creating a Platform Technology for Cell-based Assays Monitoring Protein-Protein Interactions Keith R. Olson
17:40:00 b-arrestin recruitment assays for screening of G protein-coupled receptors Miranda M.C. van der Lee
18:10:00 Closing remarks from the Chairperson Marc Bickle
Wednesday, June 17, 2009
08:50:00 Opening remarks from the Chairperson Darren Cawkill
09:00:00 Tackling the challenges of ion channels: developing assays to bridge the gap between experiments and patients Dermot O' Callaghan
09:30:00 Characterisation of potassium channel activity using a medium-throughput Rb efflux assay: Case study of compounds with BK channel opening properties Kim Lawson
10:00:00 Big isn't always beautiful: effective hit identification using subset screening for ion channels Helen Boyd
10:30:00 Morning coffee
11:00:00 Discussion session
11:20:00 Cell assay strategies for nuclear hormone receptors - the evolution of assay formats to improve quality and throughput Graeme Walker
11:50:00 Introducing new terbium-based applications using second generation HTRF® technology Thomas Roux
12:20:00 Lunch
13:40:00 Applying cellular label-free technologies in HTS and in 7TM receptor characterisation analysis Ralph J. Garippa
14:10:00 Label free and conventional assay development in primary cells: What can we learn from bladder smooth muscle?
14:25:00 Spotlight session
14:55:00 Afternoon tea
15:20:00 Identification of DKK1 inhibitors with a cellular protein-protein interaction assay Case study: Magdalena Otrocka
15:50:00 Profiling drug mode of action through high content assays; application of multiparametric data analysis and statistical tools Peter Caie
16:20:00 High-content RNAi screening for functional genomics in endocytosis: Insights into RNAi technology Martin Stöter
16:50:00 Closing remarks from the Chairperson Darren Cawkill
17:00:00 End of conference
3D Tissue Models
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