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Blue, Green & Gold: the future of water, finance and the environment
Zurich Marriott Hotel
# Neumuehlequai 42
Zurich, Switzerland
Blue, Green & Gold: the future of water, finance and the environment
IDA & Global Water Intelligence
Zurich Marriott Hotel

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, April 27, 2009
07:15:00 Check-In
09:00:00 Conference Welcome Christopher Gasson, Lisa Henthorne
09:15:00 Key Note Session Dr Ian Goldin: Water and the future Ian Goldin
09:30:00 Emmanuelle Aoustin: Veolia Environnement Emmanuelle Aoustin
10:00:00 Unquenchable – America’s water crisis Robert Glennon
10:40:00 coffee break
11:10:00 Networking Round Tables
13:00:00 lunch
14:30:00 Where is the cost of desasalination going? Lisa Henthorne
14:40:00 How much does desalinated water cost today? John Tonner
14:55:00 Is desalination getting too green? Susan Trousdale
15:00:00 Making solar power a reality for desalination Claus Mertes
15:05:00 The outlook for thermal desalination Zamzam Al-Rakaf
15:15:00 The Red Tide in the Persian Gulf Mohammed Kiaei
16:30:00 Susustainabable wawater resources policy forumum Jorge Arroyo, HE Mohammed Al-Saud, Robert Glennon, Timothy Brick, Khoo Teng Chye
17:00:00 End of Day -1
Tuesday, April 28, 2009
09:30:00 Key note Session Don Correll
10:10:00 The End of Wastewater Michael Braungart
10:40:00 Coffee Break
11:10:00 am Water Technology Id ol, sp onsored by norit
11:15:00 Membrane desalination using the natural pressure differential that occurs deep in the ocean to drive the process. Michael Motherway
11:30:00 A desalination technology using forward osmosis to draw fresh water out of seawater Rob McGinnis
11:30:00 Nature has a system to take water from salt water. Aquaporin has replicated the system using bio-engineering. Peter Holme Jensen
11:45:00 A system for irrigating the desert using seawater, relying on evaporation through a novel plastic material. Mark Tonkin
11:50:00 A new membrane bioreactor system for water reuse which is non-fouling. Mark Shannon
12:15:00 A zero liquid discharge system which recovers value from desalination brine Tom Davis
13:00:00 Lunch
14:45:00 Kicks tarting Project Finance in the Midd le East Ahmed Al-Mudaiheem, Ravi Suri, Paddy Padmanathan, Shankar Krishnamoorthy, Mansoor Durrani
16:00:00 Tea Break
16:30:00 The Sus tainab le Water Alliance Deba te: Can social provision of wa ter be a bus iness ? Gary White, Marcello Palazzi, David Boys
17:30:00 Conference wrap followed by farewell drinks in the Time Squa re lobby
18:00:00 End of Day -2
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