3D Tissue Models
Specialized Protein Expression Systems
Royal Sonesta Hotel
5 Cambridge Parkway
Cambridge, MA
 Specialized Protein Expression Systems
 Cambridge Healthtech Institute

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, August 24, 2009
13:25:00 Choosing the Best Vector or Host for the Job
13:30:00 Opening Chairperson’s Remarks Fubao Wang
13:40:00 Opening Keynote PRESENTATION Biopharmaceutical Expression Systems: Opportunities for Innovators, CMOs and Product Developers Eric Langer
14:20:00 Expression of Recombinant Haemophilus influenzae IgA1 Protease Shinong Long
14:55:00 Large-Scale Production of Functional Proteins in Insect Larvaee Elena S. Kovaleva
15:25:00 Networking Refreshment Break with Exhibit and Poster Viewing
16:05:00 Moderated Small-Group Breakout Discussions
16:15:00 Solving Protein Expression Problems using High Throughput Screens Geoffrey S. Waldo
16:20:00 How Budgets Impact Your Science Eric Langer
16:25:00 Protein Expression for Crystallization: Solving Problems in the Process Joseph D Ng
16:30:00 Making Inclusion Bodies Work for You Peter Sondermann,
17:15:00 Roundtable Report Out –
17:30:00 Reception in the Exhibit Hall (Sponsorship Available)
18:30:00 End of Day
Tuesday, August 25, 2009
07:30:00 Morning Coffee (Sponsorship Opportunity Available)
07:35:00 Novel Hosts
08:25:00 Chairperson’s Remarks Stefan R. Schmidt
08:30:00 Plant-Produced Human Cholinesterases and Plant Cholinesterase(s) Tsafrir S. Mor
09:00:00 Micro-Algae as a Platform for the Production of Therapeutic Proteins Steve P. Mayfield
09:30:00 Development of a Fully Automated, Versatile Culture System for Novel Cell Species Cultivation Jacques Bellalou
10:00:00 Sponsored Presentation
10:15:00 Networking Coffee Break with Exhibit and Poster Viewing
11:00:00 In vivo Encapsulation of Recombinant Proteins as Universal Production Platform Stefan R. Schmidt
11:30:00 Expression, Refolding and Purification of a Human Therapeutic Protein for Clinical Use Peter Sondemann
12:00:00 Baculovirus Generated Proteins for Structure-Based Drug Design: Lessons Learned James Groarke
12:30:00 Lunch on Your Own (Lunch Presentation Opportunity Available)
13:55:00 Chairperson’s Remarks
14:00:00 New Fluorescent Protein Scaffolding Geoffrey S. Waldo
14:30:00 Cell-Free Expression of Membrane Proteins for Functional and Structural Studies Frank Bernhard
15:00:00 Recombinant Proteins Produced by PCR-based Gene Synthesis for Macromolecular Crystallization Joseph D Ng
15:30:00 Networking Refreshment Break with Exhibit and Poster Viewing
16:00:00 Non-Viral Production of Human Interleukin-7 as a Soluble Recombinant Protein in Insect Cells Satya Prakash
16:30:00 Exploring the Myth of Glycosylation for Crystallization Paul Ramage
17:00:00 Novel Eukaryotic Expression System Based on Protozoan Host Leishmania tarentolae Reinhard Breitling
17:15:00 Development of Next Generation Hansenula polymorpha Strains for the Production of IFNalpha-2a Manfred Suckow
17:30:00 End of Optimizing Cell Culture Technology and Specialized Protein Expression Systems Conferences
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