3D Tissue Models
Mechanism of Action
Hyatt Harborside Hotel
101 Harborside Drive
Boston, MA
Keywords: Mechanism of Action, Cambridge Healthtech Institute

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, October 15, 2009
07:30:00 Biophysical Methods for Studying Mechanism of Action
09:00:00 Drug-Target Residence Time: An Alternative Approach to Compound Optimization Robert A. Copeland
09:15:00 Novel High-Throughput Ubiquitination Methodology: Application in Drug Discovery Targeting Ubiquitin Regulatory Pathway Charitha Madiraju
09:30:00 Cellular Methodologies for Understanding Mechanism of Action
10:30:00 Achillesā€™ Heel Vulnerabilities and Bortezomib-Sensitizing Targets in Multiple Myeloma Identified by Genome-scale RNAi Studies Rodger E. Tiedemann
Friday, October 16, 2009
09:00:00 Impact of Drug-Enzyme Target Residence Time on the Development of Novel Cancer Therapeutics
10:00:00 Systematic Combination Screening for Multi-Target Mechanisms Margaret Lee
10:40:00 Case Studies in Applying Mechanism of Action for Drug Discovery and Development
10:40:00 Mechanism of Action and Cytoprotection: New Uses for Acetaminophen Gary F. F. Merrill
11:00:00 Utilization of the TheratraceĀ® in vivo Profiling Platform for Uncovering New Biological Function for Molecular Targets Michael S. Saporito
11:55:00 Studying Cell Signal Transduction Pathways by Visualizing Protein Interactions and Phosphorylation in situ using Fixed Cells and Tissues through the in situ Proximity Ligation Assay Simon Fredriksson
12:00:00 Determining Mechanism of Action in a Novel Antibody Hassan Issafras
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