3D Tissue Models
Phage Display to Develop Therapeutic Antibodies
Hannover Exhibition Grounds
Deutsche Messe, Messegelände
Hannover, GERMANY 30521
 Phage Display to Develop Therapeutic Antibodies
Cambridge Healthtech Institute

Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009
08:30:00 Conference Registration
08:55:00 Phage Display of Therapeutic Antibodies
09:00:00 Exhibit Viewing
09:00:00 Chairperson’s Remarks OPENING KEYNOTE SESSIONS
09:05:00 Combinatorial and Evolutionary Protein Engineering Andreas Plückthun
09:35:00 Bringing Nanobodies to the Clinic Debbie Law
10:05:00 Strategies for a Competitive Biologics Portfolio Georg Feger
10:35:00 Coffee Break Sponsored bySloning Biotechnology
11:00:00 Yeast Surface Display Karl Dane Wittrup
11:30:00 Microdroplets for Directed Evolution Florian Hollfelder
12:00:00 Combining Chemical Protein Synthesis and mRNA Display in a Mirror Image Approach to Generate D-Peptides as a New Generation of Drugs Peter Wagner
12:30:00 Lunch for Purchase in the Exhibit Hall and Exhibit Viewing
14:00:00 Chairperson’s Remarks
14:05:00 Synthetic PDZ Domains for Functional Genomics Sachdev Sidhu
14:35:00 Engineered Cystine Knot Miniproteins for Diagnostics and Therapy Harald Kolmar
15:05:00 Sponsored Presentation (Opportunity Available)
15:35:00 Refreshment Break
15:40:00 IMMUNOCONJUGATES FOR CANCER THERAPY: From Discovery to Clinic
16:00:00 Development of an EphA2 Antibody Drug Conjugate for the Treatment of Cancer Featured Presentaion Pamela A. Trail
16:30:00 Combining Radioimmunotherapy and Antivascular Agents: Using Human Ex Vivo Phage Display Selection to Derive Clinically Relevant Targeting Moieties Tim Meyer
17:00:00 Vascular Tumor Targeting: From the Bench to the Clinic Dario Neri
17:30:00 Move to Breakout Discussion Groups19: 00-21: 00
17:45:00 Interactive Breakout Discussion Groups
17:45:00 Antibody Fragments and Scaffolds Sachdev Sidhu
18:00:00 Delivery into Tumors Karl Dane Wittrup
18:15:00 Immunoconjugates for Cancer Therapy Dario Neri
18:30:00 Increasing Efficiency of Libraries and Selection Andreas Plückthun
19:00:00 CHI Reception (Opportunity Available)
19:15:00 Engineering Approaches to Minimize Aggregation and/or Immunogenicity David Lowe
Wednesday, October 7, 2009
09:00:00 Exhibit Viewing
09:00:00 Chairperson’s Remarks
09:05:00 Engineering of Therapeutic Antibodies for Optimal Affinity and Biophysical Properties Christilyn Graff
09:10:00 Engineering Improvements In Properties
09:35:00 Thermostability Engineering of a Soluble T-Cell Receptor Using Phage Display Geir Åge Løset
10:05:00 Sponsored Presentation (Opportunity Available)
10:20:00 Sponsored Presentation Attana
10:35:00 Coffee Break Sponsored by Attana
11:00:00 Phage Display and Engineering of Membrane Proteins Gregory A Weiss
11:30:00 Comprehensive Identification of Tumor-Associated Antigens via Isolation of Human Monoclonal Antibodies that May be Therapeutic Yoshikazu Kurosawa
12:00:00 Apoptosis-Inducing ICAM-1 Antibody has Broad and Potent Anti-Myeloma Activity in Vivo Björn Frendéus
12:30:00 Lunch for Purchase in the Exhibit Hall and Exhibit Viewing
13:45:00 Close of Phage Display of Therapeutic Antibodies conference
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