11th EMBL/EMBO Joint Conference on Science and Society
European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
Meyerhofstraße 1
Heidelberg, Germany 69117
11th EMBL/EMBO Joint Conference on Science and Society
European Molecular Biology Organization

Schedule of Presentations:

Friday, November 6, 2009
08:00:00 Registration
09:00:00 Tomorrow's Table: organic farming, genetics, and the future of food Keynote lecture Pamela Ronald
10:25:00 Session I: Plant breeding and the maintenance of diversity Klaus Hahlbrock
10:30:00 Tentative title: Historical overview Marc van Montagu
11:15:00 Global Agriculture and the Conservation of Crop Genetic Diversity Peter Crane
12:00:00 Welcome address Hermann Bujard
12:00:00 Coffee break
13:00:00 Session II: Breeding and the molecular genetics that support it Pamela Ronald
13:00:00 Tentative title: Gene banks, genomics and the approaches that enhance conventional breeding
13:45:00 The Wheat Genome Project: Laying the foundation for a paradigm shift in wheat breeding Catherine Feuillet
14:30:00 Coffee break
15:00:00 China Rice Functional Genomics Programme (CRFGP): Resource and Progresses Xue Hong-Wei
15:45:00 Panel discussion Dani Zamir, Simon Berry
17:15:00 Evening lecture Prem Bindraban
18:30:00 Conference Dinner
20:00:00 After-dinner lecture David Baulcombe
20:45:00 Drinks
Saturday, November 7, 2009
08:55:00 Session III: Enhancing plants by GM Giles Oldroyd
09:00:00 Golden rice on a mission Peter Beyer
09:45:00 Economic consequences of Golden Rice and other Genetically Modified Crops Matin Qaim
10:30:00 Coffee break
11:00:00 Release of transgenic crop in centers of origin: The case of transgenic corn in Mexico Luis Herrera-Estrella
11:45:00 Panel discussion Harry Kuiper, Marcus Koch
12:45:00 Lunch
12:50:00 Session IV: Public perception and risk assessment Holger Breithaupt
13:45:00 Tentative title: Agricultural and environmental risk assessment Hans-Jörg Buhk
14:30:00 Perceptions, precaution and participation: reconciling science and society in progress of agricultural biotechnology Andy Stirling
15:15:00 The Importance of Being Curious and Responsible Fritz Kuhn
15:45:00 Coffee break
16:15:00 Panel discussion Joyce Tait, Ania Lichtarowicz
17:15:00 Feeding the Planet – Environmental Protection through Sustainable Agriculture Closing lecture Klaus Hahlbrock
17:45:00 Closing remarks Iain Mattaj
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