Nature Chemical Biology Symposium 2009: Chemical Biology in Drug Discovery
Royal Sonesta Hotel
40 Edwin Land Boulevard
Cambridge, MA
Nature Chemical Biology Symposium 2009: Chemical Biology in Drug Discovery
Nature Publishing Group

Schedule of Presentations:

Saturday, September 19, 2009
08:00:00 Introduction
08:05:00 Nature Chemical Biology
08:10:00 What does chemical biology have to offer and what does drug development need? Paul Workman
08:35:00 Cell-based screening and target deconvolution
08:40:00 Session chair: Gerard Drewes
08:50:00 The gap between scientists' aspirations and society's expectations Stuart Schreiber
09:30:00 A combined chemical genetic/RNAi approach: New tools to study cell division Ulrike Eggert
10:10:00 Knowledge-based triaging of chemical biology screens Jeremy Jenkins
10:50:00 Genomic information in drug discovery Todd Golub
10:50:00 Coffee Break
11:10:00 Chemical genomic tools to understand drug action and gene function Guri Giaever
12:00:00 Systems biology from drug combinations Joseph Lehar
12:30:00 Lunch
12:35:00 Targeting pathways and systems
13:30:00 Session chair: Carolyn Cho
13:40:00 Chemical proteomics and the mechanism of action of kinase inhibitors Giulio Superti-Furga
15:00:00 The chemical biology of behavior and psychiatric disease Randall Peterson
15:40:00 Coffee Break
16:10:00 A systems biology approach to the discovery of novel pathways Cristiano Migliorini
16:50:00 Do system biologists need robot chemists? Andrew Hopkins
17:30:00 Reception and Poster Session
17:35:00 Announcements
Sunday, September 20, 2009
08:25:00 Expanding druggable chemical space
08:30:00 Session chair: Michael Hannus
08:40:00 Exploration of chemical space for drug discovery by database generation Jean-Louis Reymond
09:20:00 Thinking the undruggable: Peptides, peptidomimetics, and natural products Peter Wipf
10:00:00 Alkaloid biosynthesis in periwinkle Sarah O'Connor
10:40:00 Coffee Break
11:10:00 Natural product-based libraries for chemical biology and drug discovery Derek Tan
11:50:00 Figments, fragments, and the gobsmacking emptiness of chemical space Brian K Shoichet
12:30:00 Lunch
12:35:00 Expanding druggable targets
13:30:00 Session chair: Stephen Fesik
13:40:00 Chemical genetic dissection of protein and lipid kinase regulatory networks Kevan M Shokat
14:40:00 Oxygenase mediated epigenetic modifications - emerging targets for drug discovery Christopher Schofield
15:00:00 Targeting cancer pathways with small molecule kinase inhibitors Nathanael Gray
15:40:00 Coffee Break
16:10:00 Drug discovery harnessing RNA interference
16:50:00 Drugging the "undruggable" Gregory Verdine
3D Tissue Models
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