3D Tissue Models
Eighth International Congress on Targeted Therapies in Cancer
Renaissance Mayflower Hotel
1127 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington DC, 20036
Eighth International Congress on Targeted Therapies in Cancer
Physicians' Education Resource (PER)

Schedule of Presentations:

Friday, August 21, 2009
07:30:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast
08:00:00 Welcome, Introduction, and Presession Survey
08:05:00 Keynote Lecture
08:10:00 Personalizing Therapy for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Greg Finak
08:40:00 Question-and-Answer Session
08:45:00 Targeting the Tumor Microenvironment
08:45:00 Overview of Tumor Hypoxia Elizabeth A. Repasky
09:10:00 Question-and-Answer Session
09:15:00 HIF1α Inhibitors Roberto Pili
09:40:00 Question-and-Answer Session
09:45:00 Blocking Fibroblast Growth Factor Activity Anthony Tolcher
10:10:00 Question-and-Answer Session
10:15:00 Break
10:30:00 c-Met Inhibitors Patricia LoRusso
10:55:00 Question-and-Answer Session
11:00:00 Targeting Neuropilin TBA
11:25:00 Question-and-Answer Session
11:30:00 Vascular Disrupting Agents Alex A Adjei
11:55:00 Question-and-Answer Session
12:00:00 Postsession Questions and Panel Discussion
12:20:00 Lunch
12:25:00 Emerging Approaches in Cancer Therapy
13:20:00 Presession Questions
13:30:00 The Cancer Genome Project Robert J. Penny
13:55:00 Question-and-Answer Session
14:00:00 Potential of MicroRNAs in Cancer Therapy Sai Yendamuri
14:25:00 Question-and-Answer Session
14:30:00 Biomarkers to Predict Toxicity Alex A Adjei
14:55:00 Question-and-Answer Session
15:00:00 Postsession Questions and Panel Discussion
15:20:00 Adjourn
15:30:00 Workshop - Drug Discovery Platforms and Novel Agents (This session is open to industry speakers; Non-CME) Peter Van Vlasselaer, Wen Wee Ma, Stephan W. Morris, Grace K. Dy, Louis M Weiner
17:00:00 End of the day
Saturday, August 22, 2009
07:30:00 Continental Breakfast
08:00:00 Presession Questions
08:05:00 Targeting the Stem Cell Craig T Jordan, Adolfo Ferrando, Patricia LoRusso, David M. Jablons
10:00:00 Question-and-Answer Session
10:05:00 Panel Discussion
10:20:00 Break
10:35:00 Novel Drug Development Strategies Alex A Adjei, Drew Torigian
11:30:00 Question-and-Answer Session
11:35:00 Postsession Questions and Panel Discussion
11:50:00 Lunch
11:55:00 mTOR and Related Targets
12:50:00 Presession Questions
13:20:00 Question-and-Answer Session
13:25:00 Inhibitors of AKT Ramesh K. Ramanathan
13:50:00 Question-and-Answer Session
13:55:00 Development of PI3K Inhibitors Howard A. Burris
14:20:00 Question-and-Answer Session
14:25:00 Targeting mTOR and VEGF Signaling in RCC Robert J. Motzer
14:55:00 Question-and-Answer Session
15:00:00 Panel Discussion
15:15:00 Break
15:20:00 Terminating the Cancer Cell (Cycle) Anas Younes, Gary K. Schwartz
16:55:00 Question-and-Answer Session
17:00:00 Postsession Questions and Panel Discussion
17:15:00 Adjourn
17:15:00 End of the day
Sunday, August 23, 2009
07:30:00 Continental Breakfast
08:00:00 Presession Questions
08:05:00 Next-Generation Antibody Designs
08:10:00 Antitumor Strategies With Immunoconjugates Howard A. Burris
08:35:00 Question-and-Answer Session
08:40:00 Development of Peptibodies James B. Bussel
09:05:00 Question-and-Answer Session
09:10:00 BiTes Anas Younes
09:35:00 Question-and-Answer Session
09:40:00 Alternative Approaches to Enhancing the Effects of Antibodies TBA
10:05:00 Question-and-Answer Session
10:10:00 Postsession Questions and Panel Discussion
10:30:00 Adjourn
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