New Frontiers in Cancer Drug Development
World Trade Center Boston
200 Seaport Boulevard
Boston, MA 02210
New Frontiers in Cancer Drug Development
Drug Discovery

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
07:30:00 Registration and Coffee
08:30:00 Conference Chair Opening Remarks Lyuba Varticovski
08:35:00 Understanding and Exploiting the Role of Cancer Stem Cells in Drug Development
08:40:00 Targeting Cancer Stem Cells Timothy Hoey
09:15:00 Selection and Expansion of Stem-like Cells from Solid Tumors Based on Growth and Survival Properties: Cell Surface Antigens Useful as Drug Targets Jenny P. Mather
09:50:00 Developing Drug Candidates Directed to Cancer Stem Cell Targets: Preclinical and Clinical Update Ivan Bergstein
10:20:00 Networking Refreshment Break in Poster & Exhibit Hall
11:00:00 Targeting the Hedgehog Pathway in Cancer Treatment Chia Portera
11:05:00 Strategic Discussion Group
11:30:00 Conference Keynote
11:30:00 Cancer Stem Cells Lyuba Varticovski, Timothy Hoey, Jenny P. Mather, Ivan Bergstein, Chia Portera
12:00:00 George D. Demetri, M.D. From Empiric to Specific: How Can We Translate Science into Cancer Treatments and Get it Right More Reliably?
12:30:00 Networking Luncheon in Exhibit & Poster Hall
13:00:00 New Approaches for Targeting Cancer
13:45:00 The Lin28 Oncogene and Pluripotency Factor is a Potential Target in Cancer Stem Cells Hao Zhu
14:10:00 A New Paradigm for Translational Cancer Research: Targeting Endocrine Factors and Real Human Tumors Sandra S. McAllister
14:35:00 AMG 386, an Anti-Angiogenic Agent Targeting the Angiopoietin-Tie2 Pathway Jon Oliner
15:00:00 Targeting Chromatin Modifying Enzymes as an Epigenetic Therapy for Cancer Patrick Trojer
15:05:00 Technology Workshop
15:25:00 MDS Pharma Services Genotype-correlated Phenotypic Drug Discovery- OncoPanel™ Usha Warrior
15:50:00 Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibit & Poster Hall
15:55:00 POINT/COUNTERPOINT: Innovation Starvation in Oncology Drug Development: Implications for R&D Strategies
16:00:00 POINT: The industry is changing and the current approach to first-in-class innovation in oncology isn't working.
16:30:00 Is There Evidence that First-in-class Innovation in Oncology is Dwindling? John Herrmann
16:35:00 COUNTERPOINT: Novel target discovery platforms are feeding innovation in oncology
16:55:00 FunctionFIRST: A Novel Antibody/Target Discovery Platform Daniel S. Pereira
17:20:00 Discussion
17:45:00 Close of Day One
18:00:00 Attendee Networking Dinner
Thursday, August 6, 2009
08:30:00 Conference Chair Opening Remarks Helen Chen
08:35:00 Combination of Molecularly Targeted Agents: Opportunities and Challenges Helen Chen
08:35:00 Combination Cancer Therapies and Multi-Targeting Strategies for Novel Therapeutics
08:40:00 Featured Presentation
09:05:00 The Evolving Treatment Paradigm in Multiple Myeloma Kenneth C Anderson
09:35:00 A Novel Approach to Combination Therapy through Cancer Network Disruption: Curis' Multi-Targeted Inhibitor Platform Daniel Passeri
10:05:00 Interplay Between EGFR-TKI Resistance Mechanisms, EMT Biology and a Rationale for Multi-Targeting David M. Epstein
10:35:00 Networking Refreshment Break
11:05:00 The Use of Genetically Engineered Mouse Lung Cancer Models to Assess Effectiveness of Targeted Therapeutic Combinations Kwok-Kin Wong
11:35:00 Strategic Discussion Group
11:35:00 Bevacizumab in Patients with Previously Treated Glioblastoma Asha Das
12:05:00 Are Targeted Therapies Better than Non-Targeted Therapies?
12:45:00 Networking Luncheon with Attendee/Speaker Chat Sessions
12:50:00 Extrapolating Preclinical Models to the Clinic Murray O. Robinson, Kevin P. Foley
13:00:00 Strategies to Exploit Epigenetic Mechanisms for Drug Discovery Patrick Trojer
13:15:00 Functional Definition of a Companion Diagnostic: Strategies for Fit-for-Purpose Development John C Bloom
13:30:00 Combinations of Novel and Conventional Cancer Agents: Challenges and Opportunities Kenneth C Anderson, Helen Chen
13:40:00 Translational Medicine: Predictive and Pharmacodynamic Biomarkers in Cancer Drug Development Nicholas C. Dracopoli
13:50:00 Biomarker Clinical Utility: How Can Qualification of a Biomarker's Clinical Utility Be Determined? Prospective or Retrospective or a Combination? Scott D Patterson
13:55:00 Increasing Success in Oncology Drug Development
14:00:00 Turning Cancer Sequencing Data into Therapeutic Targets Heidi Greulich
14:30:00 Effective Use of Animal Models during Preclinical Development of a Vascular Disrupting Agent Kevin P. Foley
15:00:00 Networking Refreshment Break
15:30:00 Targeting the JAK/STAT Pathway in Solid Tumors with the JAK2 Inhibitor AZD1480
16:00:00 The Pharmacology Audit Trail: Connecting Discovery Research and Clinical Science in Oncology Drug Development Chris H. Takimoto
16:15:00 Strategic Discussion Group
16:30:00 Increasing Success in Oncology Drug Development Vojo Vukovic
17:00:00 Close of Conference
3D Tissue Models
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