Targets in Context - Linking Targets to Diseases Agenda
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Targets in Context - Linking Targets to Diseases Agenda
Drug Discovery

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
07:30:00 Registration and Coffee
08:30:00 Conference Chair Opening Remarks Ulrik B Nielsen
08:35:00 Opening Address
08:40:00 Linking Targets to Disease: Lessons Learned and Future Directions Anuk Das
08:45:00 Genomics, Proteomics and Systems Biology Approaches to Finding the Right Target
09:05:00 Quantitative Proteomics/Metabolomics is a Tool for Investigating Drug Targets and Biological Phenomena Yoshiya Oda
09:30:00 Using Biomarkers to Link Druggable Nodes to Clinically Relevant Pathways Stephen Horrigan
09:55:00 Human Genetics and Disease Relevant Targets: Linking Clinical Outcomes to Targets Albert B. Seymour
10:20:00 Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibit & Poster Hall
11:00:00 Applied Systems Biology for Drug Response Profiling Ariel A. Cohen
11:25:00 Systems Biology of Receptor Kinase Signaling in Drosophila - A Reliable and Quick Reference for Translational Research Srinivasan Krishnamoorthy
11:50:00 Confirmation of JNJ-38877605 as a selective c-Met kinase inhibitor using quantitative chemical proteomics. Tim Perera
12:15:00 Networking Luncheon in Exhibit & Poster Hall
12:20:00 In Vivo and Computational Approaches
14:00:00 Understanding Disease Neurobiology to Generate Predictive Translational Models John H. Kehne
14:25:00 An Attempt to Translate In Vitro Responses into the Clinic Using Computationally Predicted Preclinical Data from ErbB Targeted Therapies Birgit Schoeberl
14:50:00 Computational Elucidation of Signaling Pathway Alterations in Disease States Karen Sachs
14:55:00 Conference Keynote
15:15:00 Michael Foley, Ph.D. Build-Couple-Pair Strategy for Diversity-Oriented Synthesis Yields a Unique Compound Collection for Probe Development and Drug Discovery Michael Foley
15:45:00 Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibit & Poster Hall
15:50:00 RNAi Approaches To Target Validation
16:50:00 Genome-Wide High-Content siRNA Screens Reveal Challenges and Limitations of Current siRNA Technology Eberhard Krausz
16:55:00 Focused siRNA Screens in Disease Based Assays: The Fast Track to a Target Alex Gaither
17:20:00 Close of Day One
18:00:00 Attendee Networking Dinner in Boston
18:05:00 Announcements
18:10:00 Preparation for next day
Thursday, August 6, 2009
08:40:00 Conference Chair Opening Remarks Michael D. Winther
08:40:00 High Content / High Throughput Screening & Assay Approaches
08:45:00 Ligands of Orphan GPCRs Identified from Inducible Expression of the Receptors and Cell-based Reporter Screen Paul Lee
09:10:00 Comparison of Whole-Cell, Label-Free Assays for GPCR Drug Discovery Matthew Peters
09:35:00 In Vivo Chemical Screening in Zebrafish Joanna Yeh
10:00:00 Label-Free Detection of Chemotactic and Other GPCR Responses Using EPIC Technology Marc Lamphier
10:30:00 Networking Refreshment Break
11:00:00 Capturing the Complexity of Cellular Systems John K. Westwick
11:25:00 Tissue Engineered Tumor Niches as Drug Testing Platforms Eric YH Park
11:30:00 Technology Workshop
11:50:00 Technology Presentation - Available for Sponsorship
12:15:00 Networking Luncheon with Attendee/Speaker Chat Sessions
12:20:00 Discussion topics include:
12:25:00 # Getting The Most Out Of Your Images - Current Tools and Limitations, and Future Development
12:35:00 # Safety & Toxicity Assay Challenges and Advances
12:40:00 # Trends Towards In Vitro and In Silico Models
12:50:00 # Label-Free Assays - Applications and Limitations
13:00:00 RNAi in Practice Ð Assays and Screening in Mammalian Cells Steven Haney
13:15:00 Case Studies to Illustrate Preclinical To Clinical Translation - Ensuring the Ultimate Clinical Success Of Your Targets
14:00:00 Innovation by Novel and Established Drug Targets Khusru Asadullah
14:25:00 Novel Small Molecule Sirtuin 1 Activators for the Treatment of Metabolic Disease and Diseases of Aging James L. Ellis
14:50:00 Modifying Lipid Biosynthesis to Treat Diabesity Michael D. Winther
15:15:00 Networking Refreshment Break
15:45:00 INK128 - A novel and highly selective mTORC1 and mTORC2 Kinase Inhibitor Yi Liu
16:15:00 Dissecting the Molecular Mediators of Inflammation-Induced Urinary Bladder Overactivity Kevin S. Thorneloe
16:45:00 Close of Conference
3D Tissue Models
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