5th Canadian Conference on Dementia (CCD)
The Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto
1 Harbour Square
Toronto, Ontario , Canada M5J 1A6
5th Canadian Conference on Dementia (CCD)
The Canadian Conference on Dementia (CCD)

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, October 1, 2009
07:15:00 Opening Reception
17:00:00 Opening Remarks
17:15:00 Normal Aging, Genetic Testing for APOE, and Imaging for Amyloid Margaret Lock
17:45:00 What have we learned about dementia from world populations? Mary Ganguli
18:15:00 “I’m Still Here”
Friday, October 2, 2009
07:00:00 Breakfast
08:00:00 Brain Fitness: From Pop Culture to Evidence-Based Medicine Jeff Kaye, Tiffany Chow
08:05:00 Nutrition Carol Greenwood
08:30:00 Cognitive Training Sylvie Belleville
09:00:00 Physical Exercise Louis Bherer
09:30:00 Social Networks Jeff Kaye
10:00:00 Coffee Break
10:30:00 Concurrent Workshops
11:35:00 Concurrent Workshops
12:35:00 Lunch and Posters
13:45:00 The National Dementia Strategy for England: Sube Banerjee, Howard Chertkow, Kenneth Rockwood
14:50:00 The Genetics and Neuropathology of FTD Dennis Dickson
15:20:00 Clinical Impact of Latest Genetics and Neuropath News in FTD Tiffany Chow
15:50:00 Coffee Break
16:15:00 Assessing Response to Cholinesterase Inhibitors in Clinical Practice Kenneth Rockwood
16:45:00 Debate: Mass Screening for Dementia Pierre Tariot, Christopher Patterson
18:00:00 Transfers to the CN Tower
Saturday, October 3, 2009
07:00:00 Breakfast
08:00:00 A-Beta Therapeurics for AD Ekaterina Rogaeva
08:30:00 The Neuropathology of Dementia Dennis Dickson
09:00:00 Debate: New Research Criteria for Alzheimer’s Disease Should be Adopted Steven T. DeKosky, Serge Gauthier
10:00:00 Coffee Break
10:30:00 Parallel Sessions
10:30:00 Sleep Disorders and Cognitive Impairment Brian Murray
10:45:00 Driving and Dementia Gary Naglie
11:00:00 Parallel Sessions
11:00:00 Traumatic Brain Injury and Dementia Mark Rapoport
11:15:00 Pseudodementia: Fact or fiction? Ron Keren
11:30:00 Parallel Sessions
11:45:00 Dementia and Palliative Care Laurie Mallery
12:00:00 Brain Imaging and the Prediction of AD Jeff Kaye
12:00:00 Lunch
13:00:00 New & Notable: Poster Review Session
13:45:00 Interactions of Alzheimer’s and Cerebrovascular Disease Sandra E. Black
13:45:00 Parallel Sessions
14:00:00 Neurological Paraneoplastic Syndromes Sultan Darvesh
14:15:00 Parallel Sessions
14:15:00 Parallel Sessions
14:20:00 Amyloid Angiopathy Eric Smith
14:30:00 Dementia, Language, and Communication: Anomia and Beyond in AD and PPA Howard Chertkow, Elizabeth Rochon
14:45:00 Amyloid PET Steven T. DeKosky
14:45:00 Parallel Sessions
15:00:00 Dementia, Language, and Communication (Continued) Howard Chertkow, Elizabeth Rochon
15:15:00 Coffee Break
15:30:00 Update on AD Research Pierre Tariot
16:00:00 Clinicopathological Vignettes Sandra E. Black, Juan Bilbao, David Munoz
3D Tissue Models
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