5th National Conference Orthopaedics and Sports Injuries
Institute of Physics
76 Portland Place
London, UK
5th National Conference Orthopaedics and Sports Injuries
Institute of Physics

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, November 26, 2009
08:00:00 Registration and refreshments
08:55:00 Welcome & introduction
09:00:00 Prevention of injuries: the importance of screening Sergio Gomez-Cuesta
09:25:00 The EIS experience of injury prevention in elite olympic sport Rod Jaques
09:50:00 Predicting and preventing sudden cardiac death Gregory Whyte
10:15:00 Evaluating physical load, recovery strategies and lifestyle to improve sporting performance Simon Shepard
10:40:00 Refreshments
11:05:00 Overtraining: effects on the immune system Lettie Bishop
11:30:00 Exercise induced asthma: diagnosis and management Les Ansley
11:55:00 Imaging sports injuries: who, when and which?
12:20:00 The management of groin disruption in sportsmen O J A Gilmore
12:45:00 Lunch
13:40:00 On-field assessment and management of concussion Mike Rossiter
14:05:00 Acute management of head and neck injuries
14:30:00 Boxing and long-term brain injury Mike Loosemore
14:55:00 Refreshments
15:20:00 Diagnosis and management of ‘stingers’ in contact sports James Leggate
15:45:00 Understanding cervical spine injuries in rugby Simon Kemp
16:10:00 New developments in lumbar disc replacement
16:35:00 Nerve entrapment in sport
Friday, November 27, 2009
09:00:00 Rotator cuff injuries in athletes Lennard Funk
09:25:00 Glenohumeral and acromioclavicular instability: medical versus surgical management Carlos Cobiella
09:50:00 Resuming sports after total shoulder athroplasty Natasha Price
10:15:00 Causes and treatment of elbow tendinopathy Brian Cohen
10:40:00 Refreshments
11:05:00 CHAIR: Marcus Bankes
11:05:00 Hand and wrist injuries in collision sports Mike Hayton
11:30:00 The importance of recognising structural abnormalities of the hip Johan Witt
11:55:00 Treatment options for hip injuries Damian Griffin
12:20:00 Hip impingement and labral tears: diagnosis and management Richard Villar
12:45:00 Lunch
13:40:00 Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Philip Turner
14:05:00 Meniscal injuries, preservation and transplant Rahul Patel
14:30:00 Mechanotherapy for knee rehabilitation Karen Hambly
14:55:00 Refreshments
15:15:00 Management of ankle impingement Timothy Clough
15:40:00 Lower leg stress fractures: conservative versus surgical treatment James Calder
16:05:00 Management of achilles tendon ruptures
16:30:00 5th metatarsal fractures: do they all need fixing? John Hodgkinson
16:55:00 Closing comments
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