Audiology Amplification Update IX
Hoilday Inn Fisherman's Wharf Hotel
1300 Columbus Avenue
San Francisco, CA
Audiology Amplification Update IX
University of California, San Francisco

Schedule of Presentations:

Friday, October 16, 2009
07:00:00 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2009 | Day 2
07:30:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast
07:30:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast | Day 2
07:55:00 Welcome (R. Sweetow)
07:55:00 Welcome | Day 2 Robert W. Sweetow
08:00:00 Updates on New technology (Manufacturer Representatives)’
08:00:00 Updates on New Technology (Manufacturer Representatives)
09:00:00 Syndromes and Hearing Loss | Day 2 Anna K. Meyer
09:00:00 Update on Hearing Aid Technology with a Focus on Open Fitting (Ruth Bentler, Ph.D.) Ruth Bentler
10:00:00 Moving from the Hearing Aid Evaluation to the Communication Needs Assessment, Part 2 | Day 2. Robert W. Sweetow
10:30:00 Break (exhibits open)
10:30:00 Break (exhibits open) | Day 2
11:00:00 Hearing Aids and the Brain: What's the connection? | Day 2 Kelly L. Tremblay
11:00:00 Moving from the Hearing Aid Evaluation to the Communication Needs Assessment, Part 1. Robert W. Sweetow
12:00:00 Question and Answer Panel (R. Bentler, R. Sweetow Robert W. Sweetow
12:30:00 Question and Answer Panel | Day 2 Kelly L. Tremblay, Robert W. Sweetow
12:45:00 Lunch on your own (Exhibits Open)
13:15:00 lunch (exhibits open) | Day 2
14:15:00 Current Status of Assistive Listening Devices Jennifer Henderson Sabes
14:45:00 Auditory rehabilitation beyond hearing aids | Day 2
14:45:00 Music-Induced Hearing Loss: Prevention, Intervention, and the Role of Hearing Aids Brian J. Fligor
16:15:00 Aural rehabilitation discussion | Day 2 Gabrielle Saunders, Jennifer Henderson Sabes, Kelly L. Tremblay
16:15:00 Break (exhibits open)
16:45:00 Question and Answer Panel on Music, Cell Phones, and Hearing Devices Jennifer Henderson Sabes
17:00:00 Panel on Current Hearing Aid Dispensing Issues | Day 2
17:30:00 Adjourn | Day 2
17:30:00 Adjourn
17:45:00 Cocktail Reception
17:45:00 Cocktail Reception | Day 2
3D Tissue Models
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