Annual Update in Nephrology and Kidney/Pancreas Transplantation
Marriott City Center
30 South 7th Street
Minneapolis, MN
Annual Update in Nephrology and
Kidney/Pancreas Transplantation

Schedule of Presentations:

Friday, October 2, 2009
06:00:00 Adjusting the renal diet as CKD progresses Janelle Gonyea
07:00:00 breakfast
08:00:00 Welcome
08:10:00 best Articles of the Year: Hypertension Gary K. Schwartz
08:40:00 Dyslipidemia Management in CKD and eSRD (case-based) Pankaj Shah
09:20:00 Secondary Hypertension (case-based) Gary K. Schwartz, Sandra J. Taler
10:00:00 best Articles of the Year: Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Suzanne Norby
10:30:00 break
10:40:00 Dialysis emergencies (case-based) Kianoush Kashani
11:20:00 Acid base and electrolyte Management (case-based) Robert Albright
12:00:00 Lunch
13:15:00 Tales of Renal Toxins (case-based) Stephen Erickson
13:55:00 best Articles of the Year: Acute Kidney Injury Kianoush Kashani
14:25:00 Infectious Disease Update: Focus on Atypical Infections, Presence of a Foreign body, and the Immunosuppressed Host Andrew Badley
15:25:00 break
15:45:00 best Articles of the Year: Glomerular Disease FC Fervenza
16:15:00 Renal Pathology Roundtable (case based) FC Fervenza, Fernando Cosio, Joseph Grande
18:00:00 Dinner and Reception
Saturday, October 3, 2009
07:00:00 breakfast
08:00:00 Immunosuppression Overview Fernando Cosio
08:30:00 Cardiovascular Risk After Transplantation Hatem Amer
09:00:00 Obesity and Renal Transplantation: Results of an Interventional Approach (case-based) Julie Heimbach
09:40:00 break
09:55:00 Donor Issues in Transplantation Mark Stegall, Stephen Textor
10:20:00 Living Donor Follow-up: What We Know, What We Don’t Know Sandra J. Taler
10:50:00 Who Is the Ideal Donor and What About the Rest of Us? Mikel Prieto
11:05:00 Deceased Donors – Changes in the List and Their effect on Recipients Hatem Amer
11:30:00 Transplant Issues at Mayo Mark Stegall
12:00:00 Lunch and Dialogue:
12:05:00 Paired Kidney exchange, Donor Chains and Other Options to Increase Living Donor Kidney Transplantation Rates James Gloor
13:45:00 An Update on Renal bone Disease (case-based) James McCarthy
14:25:00 Update on Pancreas Transplantation Timothy Larson
14:55:00 Renal Replacement Therapy Decisions for the elderly (case-based) James McCarthy, LaTonya Hickson
15:35:00 break
15:55:00 Radiology for the Nephrologist Bernard King
17:00:00 Adjourn
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