2009 Heart-Brain Summit
Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers
301 E. North Water Street
Chicago, IL
Keywords: 2009 Heart-Brain Summit

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, October 15, 2009
06:00:00 Check-in
07:00:00 Registration / Continental Breakfast / Exhibits / Posters
08:15:00 Opening Remarks Marc S. Penn
08:20:00 Session I: Depression and Heart Disease Leopoldo Pozuelo, Angelos Halaris
08:30:00 Heart Failure Marc Silver
08:50:00 AHA Science Advisory Thomas J Bigger
09:10:00 NHLBI Recommendations Karina Davidson
09:30:00 What the Guidelines Do Not Tell You Robert M. Carney
09:50:00 Panel Discussion
10:20:00 Refreshment Break/Exhibits/Posters
10:25:00 Session II: Clinical Trials in Traditional and Complementary Heart-Brain Medicine Kamal Chemali, Stephen Oppenheimer
10:50:00 What We Need to Learn About Depression and Heart Disease Peter G. Kaufmann
11:10:00 Innovations in Complementary and Alternative Medicine John R. Glowa
11:30:00 Debate: Do We Need Mortality-Morbidity Trials Aiming at Targeting the Prognostic Impact of Depression Among CAD Patients? Redford Williams, Roy C. Ziegelstein, James B. Young, François Lespérance
12:10:00 Introduction: J. Javier Provencio
12:10:00 Pioneer Lecture Nicholas D. Schiff,
12:15:00 Session III: Heart-Brain Medicine Publications: The Year in Review Mark E. Dunlap
13:30:00 Neuroscience David Goldstein
13:35:00 Cardiovascular Carl J. Pepine
13:45:00 Behavioral Medicine Kenneth E. Freedland
13:50:00 Biomedical Engineering Peter Katona
14:15:00 Session IV: Young Investigator Presentations and Competition Paul Citron
14:30:00 Abstract Presentations (10 minutes each)
15:10:00 Refreshment Break / Exhibits / Posters
15:15:00 Session V: Novel Findings in Heart-Brain Medicine Robert D. Foreman
15:30:00 Bruce D. Trapp, PhD Bruce D. Trapp
15:50:00 Lara Jehi, MD Lara Jehi
16:10:00 Kevin J. Tracey, MD Kevin J. Tracey
16:50:00 Panel Discussion
17:05:00 End of the day
17:10:00 Adjourn
Friday, October 16, 2009
06:00:00 Check-in
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast / Exhibits / Posters
07:05:00 Session VI: Biofeedback in the Treatment of Disease Christine S. Moravec, Michael McKee
08:00:00 Session Introduction & Goals Christine S. Moravec
08:10:00 Biofeedback in Heart Failure Michael McKee
08:35:00 Biofeedback in Epilepsy M. Barry Sterman
09:00:00 Biofeedback in Hypertension and Diabetes Angele McGrady
09:25:00 Biofeedback in Headache Frank Andrasik
09:50:00 Wrap-Up & Final Points Michael McKee
10:00:00 Presentation of Young Investigator Award Paul Citron
10:15:00 Refreshment Break / Exhibits / Posters
10:20:00 Session VII: Device-Based Therapies Paul Citron, Mark E. Dunlap
10:30:00 Baroreflex Activation Therapy Irving H Zucker
10:50:00 DBS for Depression Donald Malone
11:10:00 Devices for Seizure Disorders Brian Litt
11:30:00 Wrap-up Marc S. Penn
11:35:00 Mark E. Dunlap Mark E. Dunlap
12:00:00 End of the conference
12:00:00 Adjourn
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