Synaptic Inhibition in Health and Disease conference
Hermann Hall Conference Center
Illinois Institute of Technology campus 3300 South Federal Street
Chicago, IL
Synaptic Inhibition in Health and Disease conference

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, October 15, 2009
08:15:00 Registration
09:05:00 GABA-A receptor subtype-specificity of drug action: a paradigm leading to novel therapeutic strategies Uwe Rudolph
09:35:00 Regulation of inhibitory synaptic transmission by motor proteins and adaptors Josef Kittler
10:05:00 Modest forebrain specific GABAergic deficits cause HPA axis hyperactivity associated with development of anxious depressive disorders and antidepressant behavioral and endocrine sensitivity to desipramine but not fluoxetine Bernhard Luscher
10:20:00 Coffee break
10:45:00 The role of collybistin and gephyrin in GABA-A receptor clustering Kirsten Harvey
11:20:00 Inhibitory synaptic plasticity
11:50:00 Regulation of GABA-A Receptor Trafficking by Protein Kinase C epsilon and NSF Robert Messing
12:05:00 Lunch
13:05:00 Synaptic and extrasynaptic GABAA receptors in the thalamus Neil Harrison
13:35:00 GABAa Receptors: Identification of modulatory sites Richard Olsen
14:05:00 Ethanol regulation of GABA-A a1 receptor surface expression is dependent upon PKA and PKC activation in cultured cerebral cortical neurons A. Leslie Morrow
14:20:00 Neurosteroid regulation of GABAA receptors in health and disease Jamie Maguire
14:50:00 Coffee break
15:20:00 Molecular regulation of GABAA receptor subunit expression Amy Brooks-Kayal
15:50:00 GABAA and GABAB receptor signaling in epileptic thalamic networks John Huguenard
16:20:00 A mutation of GABRG2 linked to generalized epilepsy with febrile seizures alters the membrane dynamics of GABA receptors Sabine Lévi
16:50:00 Poster session/reception
19:00:00 End of reception
Friday, October 16, 2009
09:00:00 Welcome back
09:05:00 Alterations in GABAA receptor biogenesis and function in idiopathic generalized epilepsies Robert Macdonald
09:35:00 GABAA receptor trafficking in Epilepsy Jaideep Kapur
10:05:00 Poster session/coffee break
12:00:00 Regulation of GABAB receptor signaling Beni Bettler
12:30:00 The role of astrocytic GABAB receptors and their functional modulation by purinergic receptors Miho Terunuma
12:45:00 Molecular mechanisms controlling the availability of metabotropic GABAB receptors in central neurons Andres Couve
13:00:00 Heterologous desensitization of the GABAB receptor response in POMC neurons by 17beta-estradiol and Serotonin Jian Qiu
13:30:00 Closing remarks
3D Tissue Models
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