Sixth International Conference - Revitalizing Cancer Care: Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Programs and Whole Systems Research
The New York Academy of Medicine
1216 Fifth Avenue (at 103rd Street)
New York, New York
Sixth International Conference - Revitalizing Cancer Care: Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Programs and Whole Systems Research

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, November 12, 2009
06:00:00 check in
07:30:00 Breakfast provided/Exhibits
07:30:00 Adjourn
08:00:00 Introduction/Welcome Kara Kelly, Debra L. Barton, Stephen M. Sagar
08:30:00 Keynote Lecture:The Power of Comprehensive Lifestyle Changes Dean Ornish
09:20:00 Keynote Lecture: Whole Systems Research in Integrative Oncology: What is It? Why Do We Need It? Marja Verhoef, Lorenzo Cohen
10:00:00 Refreshment Break; Exhibits
10:05:00 Session 1: Ayurveda Debra L. Barton
10:30:00 Theory/Practice Sivaranna Prasad Vinjamury
11:00:00 Research Overview Anand Dhruva
11:30:00 Abstracts
11:50:00 Critical Review/Summary of Level of Evidence/Research Direction Debra L. Barton
11:55:00 General Discussion/Comments
12:00:00 Lunchtime Lecture: Anticancer! David Servan-Schreiber, Stephen M. Sagar
12:45:00 Session 2: Naturopathy Heather Greenlee
13:00:00 Theory/Practice Dan Labriola
13:30:00 Research Overview Dugald Seely
14:00:00 Abstracts
14:20:00 Critical Review/Summary of Level of Evidence/Research Direction Heather Greenlee
14:25:00 General Discussion/Comments
14:30:00 Concurrent Sessions 1 & 2
14:35:00 1) Preferred Abstracts (6) Gwen Wyatt, Elizabeth Dean-Clower
15:10:00 2) Integrative Oncology Education and Training Across Disciplines ( a,b,c,d and e) Suzanne B. Hanser
15:15:00 a. Integrative Oncology Residency/Fellowship Training Donald Abrams
15:20:00 b. Naturopathy Timothy Birdsall
15:30:00 c. Music Therapy Suzanne B. Hanser
15:40:00 d. Massage Therapy Sat-Siri Sumler
15:50:00 e. Traditional Chinese Medicine Katherine Taromina
16:00:00 Refreshment Break; Exhibits
16:30:00 Best of SIO Preferred Abstracts (6) Kara Kelly
18:00:00 Poster Session/Reception
19:35:00 end of day 1
Friday, November 13, 2009
07:00:00 Registration; Continental Breakfast; Exhibits
07:05:00 Concurrent Sessions 1 & 2
07:15:00 1) Meet the Experts; Networking Breakfast Session
07:20:00 2) Breakfast Satellite Session Targeting Angiogenesis: Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Approaches | a Donald Abrams
07:30:00 Update on Pharmaceutical Inhibition of Tumor Angiogenesis | b Julia Glade Bender
07:45:00 Natural Health Products as Inhibitors of Tumor Angiogenesis | c Stephen M. Sagar
08:00:00 SIO Business Meeting
08:30:00 Keynote Lecture: Pursuing Placebo: From Noise to Signal Ted Kaptchuk, Peter Johnstone
09:05:00 Session 3: Traditional Chinese Medicine Simon Yeung
09:15:00 Theory/Practice Jonathan Daniel
09:45:00 Research Overview Helene Langevin
10:15:00 Abstracts
10:15:00 Critical Review/Summary of Level of Evidence/Research Direction Simon Yeung
10:40:00 General Discussion/Comments
10:45:00 Refreshment Break; Exhibits
11:15:00 Concurrent Sessions 1 & 2
11:20:00 1) Preferred Abstracts (5) Basic Steven Melnick, Peiying Yang
12:00:00 2) Preferred Abstracts (5) Clinical Norleena Gullett, Janice Post-White
12:30:00 Lunch Satellite Session: Ginseng for Supportive Care in Cancer Treatment Susan Sencer, Kevin High, Debra L. Barton
13:00:00 Session 4: Homeopathy Michelle Kohn
13:30:00 Theory/Practice Moshe Frenkel
14:00:00 Critical Overview of Homeopathy in Cancer Research Wayne Jonas
14:30:00 Abstracts
14:50:00 Critical Review/Summary of Level of Evidence/Research Direction Susan Bauer
14:55:00 General Discussion/Comments
15:00:00 Refreshment Break; Exhibits
15:30:00 Integrative Healthcare: Towards a Science of Personalized Medicine Wendy B. Smith, Jeffrey Dusek, Benjamin Kligler, Brian D. Lawenda
16:30:00 Whole Systems Into Practice: Summary and Future Visions David I Rosenthal, Marja Verhoef, Dan Labriola, Jonathan Daniel, Moshe Frenkel, David Servan-Schreiber, Stephen M. Sagar
17:15:00 Closing Session Donald Abrams
17:30:00 Adjourn
17:35:00 end of day 2
3D Tissue Models
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