Second Annual Biomarkers Europe Nov (05-06)
InterContinental Wien
1037 Vienna, Austria
Second Annual Biomarkers Europe 
Cambridge Healthtech Institute

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, November 5, 2007
08:00:00 Registration for Pre-Conference Tutorial (08:00-08:30)
08:30:00 Pre-Conference Tutorial (08:30-12:00)
08:30:00 Pre-Conference Tutorial: FIT-FOR-PURPOSE BIOMARKER ASSAY (08:30-12:00) PRE CONFERENCE TUTORIAL John L. Allinson, Viswanath Devanarayan
12:00:00 Conference Registration (12:00-13:00)
13:00:00 Welcoming Remarks from Conference Director (13:00-13:10) Julia Boguslavsky
13:10:00 BIOMARKERS IN PERSONALIZED MEDICINE: Chairperson’s Opening Remarks (13:10-13:15)
13:15:00 BIOMARKERS IN PERSONALIZED MEDICINE: Genome-Wide Pharmacogenetic Investigation of Adverse Events: A Case Study (13:15-13:45) Ruth E. March
13:45:00 BIOMARKERS IN PERSONALIZED MEDICINE: Personalized Healthcare and Biomarker Strategies for Cancer Therapeutics (13:45-14:15) Stefan Scherer
14:10:00 BIOMARKERS IN PERSONALIZED MEDICINE (13:10-17:00) Chris Harbron, Hans Winkler, Stefan Scherer, Ruth E. March, Amin Rostami-Hodjegan, Sabine Küsters
14:15:00 BIOMARKERS IN PERSONALIZED MEDICINE: Key Features in Evaluating Potential Clinical Biomarkers (14:15-14:30) Sabine Küsters
14:30:00 BIOMARKERS IN PERSONALIZED MEDICINE: Discovery and Evaluation of Predictive Response Gene Expression Signatures (14:30-15:00) Hans Winkler
15:00:00 BIOMARKERS IN PERSONALIZED MEDICINE: Refreshment Break with Poster and Exhibit Viewing (15:00-16:00)
16:00:00 BIOMARKERS IN PERSONALIZED MEDICINE: Quantifying the Additional Benefits of Proteomics in Patient Selection (16:00-16:30) Chris Harbron
16:30:00 BIOMARKERS IN PERSONALIZED MEDICINE: Personalized Medicine and the Role of Pharmacogenetics in ADME: Understanding Potentials and Obstacles (16:30-17:00) Amin Rostami-Hodjegan
17:00:00 Opening Remarks: Overview of Caprion (17:00-17:10) Daniel Chelsky
17:00:00 BIOMARKERS IN PERSONALIZED MEDICINE: Networking Reception in the Exhibit Hall (17:00-18:00 )
Tuesday, November 6, 2007
07:30:00 Morning Coffee (07:30-08:00)
08:00:00 BIOMARKERS FOR EARLY CLINICAL TRIALS: Chairperson’s Opening Remarks (08:00-08:05)
08:00:00 BIOMARKERS FOR EARLY CLINICAL TRIALS (08:00-12:15) Alain J. van Gool, Mark Fidock, Karthik Venkatakrishnan, Michael Lahn, Vincenzo Libri, Georg Wensing
08:05:00 BIOMARKERS FOR EARLY CLINICAL TRIALS: Biomarkers in Early Oncology Clinical Trials (08:05-08:35) Michael Lahn
08:35:00 BIOMARKERS FOR EARLY CLINICAL TRIALS: Biomarkers as Key Drivers of a Question-Based Pharmaceutical R&D Process (08:35-09:05) Alain J. van Gool
09:05:00 BIOMARKERS FOR EARLY CLINICAL TRIALS: Biomarkers in Early Clinical Trials for Dementia (09:05-09:35) Vincenzo Libri
09:35:00 BIOMARKERS FOR EARLY CLINICAL TRIALS: Coffee Break with Poster and Exhibit Viewing (09:35-10:30)
10:30:00 BIOMARKERS FOR EARLY CLINICAL TRIALS: Lost in Translation (10:30-11:00) Mark Fidock
11:00:00 BIOMARKERS FOR EARLY CLINICAL TRIALS: The Application of Biomarkers in Early (Phase I) Clinical Development (11:00-11:30) Georg Wensing
11:30:00 BIOMARKERS FOR EARLY CLINICAL TRIALS: Biomarker-Based Quantitative Risk Assessment for CYP3A Induction DDI in Early Clinical Development (11:30-12:00) Karthik Venkatakrishnan
12:15:00 LUNCHEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS SHOWCASE: Biomarker Discovery by Antibody Mediated Proteomics (12:15-12:30 ) William Hempel
12:30:00 LUNCHEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS SHOWCASE: Additional Sponsorship Available (12:30-13:45)
14:00:00 BIOMARKERS FOR SAFETY ASSESSMENT: Biomarkers of Nephrotoxicity in Toxicology and the Clinic (14:00-14:30) Graham Betton
14:00:00 BIOMARKERS FOR SAFETY ASSESSMENT (14:00-15:45) Joachim Stangier, Graham Betton
14:30:00 BIOMARKERS FOR SAFETY ASSESSMENT: The Use of the Safety Biomarker aPTT in a Phase II Clinical Study with a Novel Direct Thrombin Inhibitor in Pa-tients with Atrial Fibrillation (14:30-15:00) Joachim Stangier
15:00:00 BIOMARKERS FOR SAFETY ASSESSMENT: Refreshment Break with Poster and Exhibit Viewing (15:00-15:45)
15:45:00 BIOMARKER QUALIFICATION AND VALIDATION: Biomarker Validation: Why, Which, and How? (15:45-16:15) Charles Benson
15:45:00 BIOMARKER QUALIFICATION AND VALIDATION (15:45-17:45) David E. Slavin, Charles Benson, Viswanath Devanarayan
16:15:00 BIOMARKER QUALIFICATION AND VALIDATION: Important Considerations in the Discovery and Qualification of Biomarkers for Clinical Use (16:15-16:45) Viswanath Devanarayan
16:45:00 BIOMARKER QUALIFICATION AND VALIDATION: A Cost Effectiveness Approach to the Qualification and Acceptance of Biomarkers (16:45-17:15) David E. Slavin
17:15:00 BIOMARKER QUALIFICATION AND VALIDATION: Panel Discussion with the Speakers: When is a Biomarker “Validated”? (17:15-17:45)
17:45:00 Close of Conference
3D Tissue Models
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