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Histone modification patterns and gene expression
Transcription, chromatin dynamics and post-translational modifications
Chromatin assembly and gene expression
Chromatin remodeling, chaperones and their partners
m Chromosome, nuclear organization and DNA metabolism

Schedule of Presentations:

Saturday, July 7, 2007
12:00:00 New Presentation
12:00:00 New Presentation
12:00:00 New Presentation
16:00:00 Conference Registration, Bedford Ballroom
19:00:00 Dinner, Cirque Cafe
Sunday, July 8, 2007
07:30:00 Breakfast
09:00:00 Factor and histone covalent modifications in genome regulation Shelly Berger
09:25:00 Genomic analysis of chromatin modifications and chromatin binding functions Tony Kouzarides
09:50:00 Sir2 deacetylates histone H3 lysine 56 to regulate telomeric heterochromatin structure in yeast Michael Grunstein
10:15:00 A role for the HDAC Rpd3 in boundary formation at telomeres in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Ann Ehrenhofer Murray
10:25:00 A chromatin landmark and transcription initiation at most promoters in human cells Richard A. Young
10:25:00 A chromatin landmark and transcription initiation at most promoters in human cells Richard A. Young
10:30:00 FASEB Sponsored Coffee Break
10:50:00 Activation of the yeast HIS3 gene results in a highly dynamic chromatin structure David Clark
11:00:00 Static and dynamic views of chromatin structure in yeast Oliver J. Rando
12:00:00 New Presentation
12:05:00 Chromatin remodeling by Brg1 regulates gene expression and chromatin structure during T cell differentiation Mike Pazin
12:20:00 Lunch
16:00:00 Poster Session 1 (even numbered posters)
18:00:00 Dinner at Cirque Cafe
19:00:00 Combinatorial action of the Rco1 PHD domain and the Eaf3 chromodomain directs the Rpd3S complex to deacetylate transcribed chromatin Jerry L Workman
19:25:00 The chicken-and-egg relationship between transcription and chromatin structure Kevin Struhl
19:50:00 Histone demethylation by the JmjC domain-containing proteins Yi Zhang
20:15:00 Break
20:45:00 Distribution and silencing potential of promoter DNA methylation in mammalian genomes Dirk Schubeler
21:10:00 In vivo functions of histone modifying enzymes Sharon Dent
21:35:00 Histone chaperones with a_ role in (hetero) chromatin assembly and integrity
Monday, July 9, 2007
07:30:00 Breakfast
09:00:00 Distinct functions for H3K36me2 and H3K36me3 in transcription Jane Mellor
09:25:00 Analysis of the SAGA, Swi/Snf, and RSC complexes from S. pombe Fred Winston
09:50:00 Mec1/Tel1 phosphorylation of the INO80 chromatin remodeling complex influences DNA damage checkpoint responses Xuetong Shen
10:05:00 Biochemistry of histone variant deposition in S. cerevisiae Carl Wu
10:30:00 FASEB Sponsored Coffee Break
11:00:00 “Probing the dynamics of transcription and chromatin at specific genes in vivo John Lis
11:25:00 Regulation of differentiation and cancer by histone lysine methyl transferases and demethylases Kristian Helin
11:50:00 The nature of the polar barrier to transcription by RNA polymerase II Vasily M. Studitsky
12:05:00 “Regulation of Myc-induced cell growth by the novel histone H3K4 demethylase Lid” Julie Secombe
12:20:00 Lunch
16:00:00 Poster Session 2 (even numbered posters)
18:00:00 Dinner at Cirque Cafe
19:00:00 Genome wide interaction of nuclear receptors with chromatin Gordon L. Hager
19:25:00 Possible roles in silencing for piRNAs Bob Kingston
19:50:00 Global functions of Isw2 chromatin remodeling factor in vivo Toshio Tsukiyama
20:15:00 Break
20:45:00 A molecular understanding of epigenetics Danny Reinberg
21:10:00 Mechanisms of ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complexes Geeta Narlikar
21:35:00 Mechanistic insights into chromatin disassembly Jessica Tyler
22:00:00 Acetylation of lysine 56 of histone H3 catalyzed by Rtt109 and regulated by Asf1 Is required for replisome integrity Zhiguo Zhang
Tuesday, July 10, 2007
07:30:00 Breakfast
09:00:00 The reconstitution of SIR-complexed nucleosomes in vitro Susan M. Gasser
09:25:00 Mechanism of barrier insulation Gary Felsenfeld
09:50:00 Long-range communication between the silencers of HMR Rohinton Kamakaka
10:05:00 Polycomb Group proteins and the cell nucleus Giacomo Cavalli
10:30:00 FASEB Sponsored Coffee Break
11:00:00 Transcription factories and nuclear organization of the genome Peter Fraser
11:25:00 H2A.Z: A new component of the centromere David Tremethick
11:50:00 TAP-ing into the p53-proteome Michelle Barton
12:05:00 Heterochromatin is refractory to g-H2AX modification in yeast and mammals Jung Ae Kim
12:20:00 Lunch
16:00:00 Poster Session 3 (odd numbered posters)
18:00:00 Dinner
19:00:00 Genetics and Genomics of DNA methylation in Arabidopsis Steve Jacobsen
19:25:00 Targeting Heterochromatin Formation and Gene Silencing in Drosophila Sarah Elgin
19:50:00 Cell cycle control of centromeric repeat transcription Ee Sin Chen
20:15:00 Break
20:45:00 Dicer, miRNAs and T cell development Matthias Merkenschlager
21:10:00 Cenp-A chromatin at fission yeast centromeres Robin Allshire
21:35:00 Complex interactions at the X-inactivation center Jeanie Lee
22:00:00 Functional separation of the requirements for establishment and maintenance of centromeric heterochromatin Janet Partridge
Wednesday, July 11, 2007
07:30:00 Breakfast
09:00:00 Control of X-chromosome repression and recombination Barbara Meyer
09:25:00 Targeting of Drosophila dosage compensation complex to the male X chromosome Peter Becker
09:50:00 Nuclear dynamics and chromatin changes during X-chromosome inactivation Edith Heard
10:15:00 FASEB Sponsored Coffee Break
10:45:00 The H3K9 methylation and RNAi pathways regulate nuclear architecture and genome stability in Drosoph Gary Karpen
11:10:00 Telomeres control the formation of the meiotic spindle Julie Coons
11:35:00 An evolutionary relationship between heterochromatic and genespecific repression: the duplicated deacetylases Sir2p and Hst1p Laura Rusche
11:50:00 A modular ARS element inhibits DNA replication through a SIR2- dependent mechanism
12:00:00 Histone H3-K56 acetylation is catalyzed by histone chaperonedependent complexes Paul Kaufman
12:15:00 Lunch
16:00:00 Poster Session 4 (odd numbered posters)
18:00:00 Dinner
19:00:00 Epigenetic patterns generated by histone replacement Steve Henikoff
19:25:00 Genetic analysis of the MYST family histone acetyltransferase Esa1 Michelle Southard Smith
19:50:00 Structural analysis of the ISW1a chromatin remodeling complex Timothy J. Richmond
20:15:00 Break
20:45:00 Nucleosomes and their chaperones Karolin Luger
21:35:00 Chromatin remodeling facilitates correct transcriptional orientation Iestyn Whitehouse
21:50:00 Isolation and characterization of linker histone H1c-associated complex Woojin An
Thursday, July 12, 2007
07:30:00 Breakfast
09:00:00 Focal heterochromatin is the chromatin signature of imprinted genes Denise Barlow
09:25:00 Mechanisms and functions of epigenetic reprogramming in mammalian development Wolf Reik
09:50:00 Tsix, the transcript antisense to Xist, has complex remodeling activities Claire Rougeulle
10:15:00 FASEB Sponsored Coffee Break
10:45:00 Molecular basis of post-meiotic male genome reprogramming Saadi Khochbin
11:10:00 Short talk to be selected from poster presentations
11:20:00 Short talk to be selected from poster presentations
11:40:00 Closing remarks
12:00:00 Box Lunches Available
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