The Joint Meeting of the 4th ISC International Conference on Cancer Therapeutics and The 7th Princess Margaret Hospital Conference: New Developments in Cancer Management

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, November 15, 2007
08:00:00 Welcome from UHN Robert Bell
08:05:00 Welcome from PMH Mary K. Gospodarowicz
08:10:00 Welcome from ISC Ronald Feld
08:20:00 Predictive biomarkers in targeted therapy: Lessons learned Ming-Sound Tsao
09:00:00 Questions
09:10:00 Session I: Targeted Therapies I Edward A. Sausville, Ming-Sound Tsao
09:10:00 Coffee break
09:30:00 How a targeted antiangiogenic drug may amplify the efficacy of conventional chemotherapy Robert S. Kerbel
09:50:00 Questions
09:55:00 Going beneath the surface: Novel agents for downstream signaling targets David W. Hedley
10:15:00 Questions
10:20:00 Targeted therapies for CNS malignancies Warren P. Mason
10:40:00 Questions
10:45:00 Epigenetic therapy: HDAC inhibition Edward A. Sausville
11:05:00 Questions
11:15:00 Lunch
11:15:00 Session II: Lung Cancer Ronald L. Burkes, Giuseppe Giaccone
13:15:00 Targeted therapy in NSCLC
13:35:00 Questions
13:40:00 East meets West: Global perspectives on TKIs Tony S. Mok
14:00:00 Questions
14:05:00 The role of platinum in the treatment of elderly patients with NSCLC Nagahiro Saijo
14:25:00 Questions
14:30:00 Surgical debate: Is there a role for surgery in stage IIIA NSCLC? Gail E. Darling, Giuseppe Giaccone
15:10:00 Questions
15:20:00 Break
15:20:00 Session III: Gastrointestinal malignancies Eric X. Chen
15:40:00 Targeted therapy for colorectal cancer Enrico Mini
16:00:00 Questions
16:05:00 Targeted therapy of pancreas Malcolm J Moore
16:25:00 Questions
16:30:00 Resection of liver mets Steven Gallinger
16:50:00 Questions
16:55:00 Liver radiotherapy Laura A. Dawson
17:15:00 Questions
17:20:00 Adjournment (Abstract reception and/or poster discussions)
Friday, November 16, 2007
08:00:00 Session IV: Medical Imaging and Intervention Martin E. O’Malley
08:00:00 Welcome to day two Ronald Feld
08:05:00 Role of PET in the management of malignant disease Marc Freeman
08:25:00 Questions
08:30:00 PET/CT for GI tumors Ur Metser
08:50:00 Questions
08:55:00 Radiofrequency ablation of tumors: Current status John R. Kachura
09:15:00 Questions
09:25:00 Break
09:25:00 Session V: Genitourinary Neil Fleshner, Srikala Sridhar
09:45:00 Image guided therapy in prostate cancer John Trachtenberg
10:05:00 Questions
10:10:00 New targeted therapies in renal cell carcinoma Robert J. Motzer
10:35:00 Questions
10:35:00 Targeted radiotherapy in urologic cancer Cynthia Ménard
10:55:00 Session VI: Targeted Therapies II Mary K. Gospodarowicz
10:55:00 Questions
11:05:00 Measuring residual DNA damage in situ as a clinical biomarker of molecular target inhibition in radiotherapy and chemotherapy trials Robert G Bristow
11:25:00 Questions
11:30:00 Challenges in the design of early phase clinical trials evaluating combinations of radiotherapy and molecularly targeted therapies Anthony Brade
11:50:00 Questions
12:00:00 Lunch
12:00:00 Session VII: Malignant Hematology Hans A. Messner, Michael Crump
14:00:00 Update on chelation therapy Karen W.L. Yee
14:20:00 Questions
14:25:00 Management of patients with CML: Beyond imatinib Jeffrey H. Lipton
14:45:00 Questions
14:50:00 Management of the elderly with acute myeloid leukemia Joseph Brandwein
15:10:00 Questions
15:15:00 Targeted therapy for lymphoma Michael Crump
15:35:00 Questions
15:45:00 Session VIII: Targeted Therapies III Richard Gralla
15:45:00 Break
16:05:00 Future of targeted therapy in cancer Tak Mak
16:25:00 Questions
16:30:00 Pharmacoeconomics of targeted therapies William K. Evans
16:50:00 Questions
16:55:00 Targeted therapy in the elderly Lillian L. Siu
17:15:00 Questions
17:25:00 Adjournment
Saturday, November 17, 2007
08:30:00 Welcome to day three Ronald Feld
08:30:00 Session IX: Targeted Therapies IV Enrico Mini
08:35:00 Pharmacogenomic markers in lung cancer Geoffrey Liu
08:55:00 Questions
09:00:00 Pharmacogenomic markers in colorectal cancer: current achievements and future prospects Enrico Mini
09:20:00 Questions
09:30:00 Session X: Breast Cancer David Warr, Natasha Leighl
09:30:00 Break
09:50:00 Targeted therapy: Targeting tumors or targeting patients? Christine Simmons
10:10:00 Questions
10:15:00 Can we target triple negative breast cancer? Rebecca Dent
10:35:00 Questions
10:40:00 Choosing adjuvant therapy in the molecular era Kathy I. Pritchard
11:00:00 Questions
11:10:00 Session XI: Supportive Care: Managing Toxicities of Targeted Agents Janice Wright, Richard Gralla
11:10:00 Lunch
11:45:00 Toxicities of molecularly targeted therapies Richard Gralla
12:05:00 Questions
12:10:00 A clinical approach to the assessment of common toxicities of targeted therapy Mary F. Quinn
12:30:00 Questions
12:35:00 Safety and efficacy of rituximab abbreviated infusion Tracy Nagy
12:55:00 Questions
13:00:00 Session XII: Challenging Cases Joseph Mikhael, Ronald Feld
13:00:00 Break
13:30:00 Lymphoma: Maintenance therapy Vishal Kukreti
13:30:00 Bladder cancer: Adjuvant versus neoadjuvant therapies Srikala Sridhar
13:30:00 Locally advanced lung cancer: Combined modality therapy Andrea Bezjak, Natasha Leighl
14:45:00 Closing Remarks
15:00:00 Adjournment
3D Tissue Models
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