3D Tissue Models
CNRS - Conférences du Vivant “Arf Family GTPases�
Il Ciocco
Lucca (Barga), mm
1. “Organization and Regulation of the Secretory Pathway�
2. Future meetings focusing on Arf family GTPases
3. Technical aspects of biochemical assays of Arf GEFs, GAPs, effectors
4. Cell-based assays of Arf GAPs, GEFs, and effectors
5. Signaling and traffic at the plasma membrane.

Schedule of Presentations:

Friday, June 22, 2007
16:00:00 Conference Registration
18:00:00 FASEB Opening Reception
19:30:00 Dinner
20:30:00 Welcome and Keynote Speaker
Saturday, June 23, 2007
07:30:00 Breakfast
09:00:00 Arf Activation Complexes that Couple Signal Input to Downstream Effectors Catherine Jackson
09:40:00 Interaction of SNAREs with Arf GAPs precedes recruitment of Sec18p/NSF Anne Spang
10:20:00 Arf1 and Arf4 control the architecture of the ERGIC Houchaima Ben Tekaya
10:40:00 Coffee/Cappuccino Break and Meeting Photo
11:45:00 Analysis of the role of Arf GAPs in Golgi to ER traffic Dan Cassel
12:25:00 Multiple and stepwise interactions between coatomer and Arf1-GTP Sun Zhe
12:45:00 Lunch
16:30:00 Arf GEFs at the Golgi: GBF1, not BIGs, is required for Golgi assembly and Paul Melancon
17:10:00 Interactions between conserved domains within homodimers in GBF1 and BIG GEFs Jacqueline Cherfils
17:50:00 Structural Determinants of Localization and Molecular Complex Formation by BIG1 and BIG2 J Moss
18:30:00 Distinct and redundant functions of BIG1 and BIG2 in TGN and recycling endosomes Hye Won Shin
18:50:00 The large Arf GEF GNOM requires complex interactions of conserved domains for in vivo Nadine Anders
19:30:00 Dinner
20:30:00 Posters and drinks
Sunday, June 24, 2007
07:30:00 Breakfast
09:00:00 Arfs and Arls: roles in membrane traffic, mitochondria, and microtubule dynamics Richard A Kahn
09:40:00 Role of Arl1 in regulating Golgi targeting of GRIP Golgin-97 and Golgin-245 and in regulating Wanjin Hong
10:40:00 Coffee/Macchiato Break
11:00:00 The Arf-like GTPases as organelle-specific landmarks Sean Munro
11:40:00 Gcs1 provides Arf GAP and Arl GAP function to regulate vesicular transport and cell Gerald Johnston
12:20:00 Arf4D recruits cytohesin2/ARNO to modulate actin remodeling Fang Jen S Lee
12:40:00 Lunch
16:30:00 Arf6 constitutes a signaling pathway involved in the invasive phenotypes of primary tumors of the human breast Hisataka Sabe
17:10:00 A role for ARF6 in tumor cell invasion Cryslin D Souza Schorey
17:50:00 Implications of a novel Arf GAP, SMAP, in membrane traffic Masanobu Satake
18:30:00 Arf6 modulation of the SDF-CXCR4 axis in metastatic breast cancer cells Catherine Moore
18:50:00 The tre17/USP6 oncogene promotes secretion of matrix metalloprotease-9 (MMP9) Margaret M Chou
19:30:00 Dinner
20:30:00 Posters and drinks
Monday, June 25, 2007
07:30:00 Breakfast
09:00:00 Involvement of Arf Metabolism in Poliovirus RNA Replication Ellie Ehrenfeld
09:40:00 The enterovirus 3A protein blocks Arf1-mediated COP-I assembly by inhibiting GBF1 F.J. van Kuppevelt
10:20:00 Dissecting the role of Arf1 in facilitating Coxsackievirus RNA replication Nicolas Vitale
10:40:00 Coffee/Café Mocha Break
11:00:00 The RalF family of ARF exchange factors Craig R. Roy
11:40:00 Targeting protein-protein complexes by small molecules: structure-based discovery of LM11, an inhibitor of Arf activation by Sec7 domains Ivan de Curtis
12:20:00 LM11: a novel inhibitor of ARNO-dependent MDCK cell migration Helene Barelli
12:40:00 Lunch
14:00:00 Excursion to Barga for those signed up (box lunches will be available)
19:30:00 Dinner
20:30:00 ArfGAP1 and the Golgin GMAP-210 sense lipid packing defects in curved membranes through a similar mechanism Bruno Antonny
21:10:00 AP-3-dependent sorting is regulated by an inositol phospholipid kinase V. Faundez
21:50:00 PI 3-kinase-dependent membrane recruitment of centaurinα2 is essential for its effect on Arf6- mediated actin cytoskeleton reorganization Venkateswarlu Kanamarlapudi
22:10:00 The PH domain of the Arf6-specific GEF EFA6 localizes to the plasma membrane by interacting with PIP2 and f-actin Michel Franco
22:25:00 Closing
Tuesday, June 26, 2007
07:30:00 Breakfast
09:00:00 New Insights into Arf Functioning at the Golgi Complex and Plasma Membrane JULIE G DONALDSON
09:40:00 Regulation of integrin traffic by the Arf6 GEF BRAG2 Jim Casanova
10:20:00 Regulation of neuroendocrine exocytosis by the Arf6 GAP Git1 Nicolas Vitale
10:40:00 Coffee/Café Mocha Break
11:00:00 JIP proteins define a new class are new Arf6 effectors Phillipe Chavrier
11:40:00 Regulation and Function of the GIT1 Complex in Cell Motility Ivan de Curtis
12:20:00 Fbx8 makes Arf6 refractory to function via ubiquitination Hajime Yano,
12:40:00 Lunch
19:30:00 Dinner
20:30:00 A checkpoint for ARF6 and RalA GTPases in calcium-regulated exocytosis: Phospholipase Dand the production of phosphatidic acid at the fusion site Marie France Bader
21:10:00 Activation of ARF6 and Rac1 following G protein-coupled receptor stimulation Audrey Claing
21:50:00 Rab11-FIP3 and FIP4 interact with Arf6 and the Exocyst to control membrane traffic in cytokinesis Gwyn w Gould
22:30:00 A protein complex recruited by the rhodopsin C-terminal VxPx motif through Arf4 coordinates ciliary targeting and cellular morphogenesis D D Deretic
22:50:00 Scaffold protein function in crosstalk between Arf6 and Rac1 Lorraine C Santy
Wednesday, June 27, 2007
12:00:00 Open Forum
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