Translational Cancer Medicine 2010 (USA)

San Francisco, California


   American Association for Cancer Research

   Upcoming Conferences at the Forefront of Cancer Research

   July 11-14, 2010

   Translational Cancer Medicine 2010 ( USA )

   Chairpersons: George D. Demetri, William S. Dalton, Susan Band
   Horwitz, and Joseph R. Nevins
   San Francisco, CA

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   conferences and program updates.

Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, July 11, 2010
15:15:00 Session 1: Novel Strategies for Target Identification and Validation
15:30:00 Comprehensive genomic approaches to identify cancer targets William C Hahn
16:00:00 Novel strategies for drug development in oncology D. Gary Gilliland
16:30:00 Drugging “undruggable” transcriptional targets Gregory L Verdine
17:15:00 Keynote Lecture
17:30:00 Understanding and managing early-stage cancers Ronald A. DePinho
18:00:00 Opening Reception
Monday, July 12, 2010
08:00:00 Session 2: Developing Rational Strategies for Combination Therapy
08:30:00 Modeling drug sensitivity and resistance in human tumor-derived cell lines Jeffrey Settleman
08:45:00 Predictors of RAS/RAF dependence David B. Solit
09:00:00 Rational integration of HDAC inhibitors into cancer therapy Pamela N. Munster
09:30:00 Targeting redundancy in RAS-PI3K signaling in NSCLC Hayley M. McDaid
10:30:00 Session 3: Implementing Genomics/Genetics in Day-to-Day Clinical Practice
10:45:00 Variables for individualizing systemic therapy in patients with lung cancer Gerold Bepler
11:00:00 Utilization of genomic signatures to guide therapeutic decisions Joseph R. Nevins
11:30:00 Personalized cancer diagnostics Christopher L. Corless
12:00:00 Genetic testing from breast and ovarian cancer: From risk assessment to therapeutic targeting Susan M. Domchek
12:30:00 Mentoring Lunches for Early-Career Investigators
14:00:00 Session 4: Novel Trial Design and Companion Diagnostics
14:15:00 Gene-based trial matching Timothy J. Yeatman
14:30:00 Toward personalized therapy for advanced non-small cell lung cancer: The M. D. Anderson BATTLE Programs Roy S. Herbst
15:00:00 The biomarker roadmap: How to integrate biomarker and compound discovery for early clinical decision making Pearl S. Huang
15:30:00 Clinical trials for predictive oncology Richard M Simon
16:00:00 Oral Presentations from Proffered Abstracts
17:00:00 Poster Session A
Tuesday, July 13, 2010
08:00:00 Session 5: New Models for Cancer and Cancer Biology
08:30:00 Spontaneous cancer in dogs: Opportunities for preclinical investigation of novel therapeutics Cheryl A. London
08:45:00 Evolutionary dynamics in cancer therapy Robert A. Gatenby
09:00:00 Modeling cancer medicine David A Tuveson
09:30:00 HIFs, hypoxia, and tumor progression M. Celeste Simon
10:30:00 Session 6: New Indications for Old Drugs
10:45:00 A novel proton-coupled transporter delivers pemetrexed and other antifolates to tumors in an anaerobic environment David Goldman
11:00:00 Altered nutrient requirements in cells with activated mTOR complex 1 John Blenis
11:30:00 Genomic approaches to drug discovery Kimberly Stegmaier
12:00:00 Molecular determinants of response in breast cancer using an in vitro system Joe W Gray
12:30:00 Mentoring Lunches for Early-Career Investigators
14:00:00 Session 7: Integration of Cancer Omics Data
14:15:00 Title to be announced Levi A Garraway
14:30:00 Functionalizing the cancer genome Lynda Chin
15:00:00 Title to be announced David N. Hayes
15:30:00 Why current ways of working together as patients, clinicians, and scientists could ultimately fail Stephen H Friend
16:00:00 Poster Session B
Wednesday, July 14, 2010
08:00:00 Session 8: Invasion and Circulating Tumor Cells
08:30:00 Identification of subpopulations of circulating tumor cells by single cell molecular analyses Stefanie S. Jeffrey
09:00:00 Pancreatic cancer stem cells and metastasis William H. Matsui
10:00:00 Title to be announced Shyamala Maheswaran
10:30:00 Session 9: Elucidating Drug Resistance in Cancer Drug Development
11:00:00 Is Taxol resistance related to tubulin isotypes? Susan Band Horwitz
11:30:00 Title to be announced George Daniel Demetri
12:00:00 Insights into the biology of EGFR T790M-mediated resistance to EGFR TKIs in lung cancer William Pao
12:30:00 Departure
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