Microtubules: Structure, Regulation and Functions

Heidelberg, Germany


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   DE-Heidelberg | 2 – 5 June

   Microtubules: structure, regulation and functions

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Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
10:00:00 Registration
12:30:00 Lunch (ATC Foyer)
14:00:00 Opening Remarks
14:15:00 Session - MTs in Cell Division 1
14:30:00 Molecular basis of feedback control at the kinetochore-microtubule interface Andrea Musacchio
15:00:00 The Chromosome-Microtubule Interface During Cell Division Arshad Desai
15:30:00 Typical kinetochore behavior in human cells Alexey Khodjakov
16:00:00 2 short talks
16:25:00 Session - MT Organisation 1
16:30:00 Regulation of microtubule formation in activated mast cells Pavel Dráber
16:45:00 Microtubule dynamics in Drosophila cells G Goshima
17:00:00 A model of microtubule organization in Xenopus meiotic spindles François Nedelec
17:30:00 2 short talks
18:05:00 Dinner (EMBL Canteen)
19:35:00 Keynote Lecture Timothy J Mitchison
20:35:00 Poster session
Thursday, June 3, 2010
09:00:00 Session - MT Structure
09:15:00 Microtubular arrays in Yeast: an Electron Tomography approach Claude Antony
09:30:00 Structural basis of the interaction between microtubules and +TIPs Isabelle Arnal
09:45:00 Cytosolic microtubule binding factors observed in vivo by cryo-electron tomography Andreas Hoenger
10:00:00 2 short talks
10:40:00 Coffee Break
11:10:00 Session - MTs in Differentiation & Development 1
11:15:00 Mitotic motor proteins regulate microtubule behaviors during the growth and navigation of the axon Peter W Baas
11:30:00 Investigating the role of the MT associated protein ASP in asymmetric cell division and neurogenesis Renata Basto
11:45:00 Microtubule capture mechanisms in migrating cells Gregg G Gundersen
12:00:00 1 short talk
12:40:00 Lunch (ATC Foyer)
14:10:00 Coffee Break and Poster Session (ATC Foyer)
15:40:00 Session - MT regulators 1
15:45:00 Toward a functional and molecular understanding of the tubulin tyrosination cycle Didier Job
16:00:00 Catalysis of the microtubule on-rate is the major parameter L. Wordeman
16:15:00 Enzymatic mechanism and functions of tubulin polyglutamylation and polyglycylation Carsten Janke
17:00:00 2 short talks
17:20:00 Free afternoon (Heidelberg Old Town)
Friday, June 4, 2010
09:00:00 Session MT + TIPs
09:15:00 Functional analysis of microtubule plus end binding proteins Anna Akhmanova
09:30:00 Phosphoregulation and function of CLASP proteins Torsten Wittmann
09:45:00 Molecular basis of EB-mediated microtubule tip tracking Oliver M Steinmetz
10:00:00 2 short talks
10:40:00 Coffee Break (ATC Foyer)
11:10:00 Session MTs in Cell Division 2
11:15:00 Microtubule and membrane dynamics during cytokinetic abscission Daniel Wolfram Gerlich
11:30:00 Mitotic spindle assembly and scaling in Xenopus egg extracts Rebecca W Heald
11:45:00 New Strategies for Uncovering How Chromosomes are Moved During Mitosis C. L. Asbury
12:00:00 1 short talk
12:40:00 Lunch (ATC Foyer)
14:10:00 Coffee and Poster Session (ATC Foyer)
15:40:00 Session MT Regulators 2
16:00:00 Regulation of microtubule (aster) dynamics by 'cortical' dynein M. Dogterom
16:15:00 Motorized self-organization of S. pombe microtubules Robert A. Cross
16:30:00 How mitotic kinesins and antiparallel bundlers determine microtubule organization and dynamics Thomas Surrey
16:50:00 1 short talk
17:10:00 Coffee Break (ATC Foyer)
17:40:00 Session MT Regulators 3
17:45:00 CLIP-170, GTP-tubulin and regulation of microtubule dynamic instability F. Perez
18:15:00 Mechanotransduction during mitosis: how external forces affect dividing cells Mathieu Lupien
18:30:00 Regulation of microtubule dynamics Jo Howard
19:00:00 2 short talks
19:20:00 BBQ and Party - (EMBL ATC Terrace)
Saturday, June 5, 2010
09:00:00 Session: MT Organisation 3
09:15:00 Mechanism of microtubule nucleation by gamma-tubulin complexes David A Agard
09:30:00 Organizing microtubule organizers Kenneth E. Sawin
09:45:00 Kinetics of microtubule assembly David Odde
10:00:00 2 short talks
10:40:00 Coffee Break (ATC Foyer)
11:10:00 Session MTs in Differentiation & Development 2
11:15:00 Microtubule mediated membrane organization and cell polarity Damian Brunner
11:30:00 Ciliary Targeting of Kinesin Motors Kristen Verhey
11:45:00 Microtubules and motors in oskar RNP transport Anne Ephrussi
12:00:00 1 short talk
12:40:00 Lunch (EMBL Canteen)
14:00:00 Hot-topic session Ronald D Vale
14:15:00 6 short talk
15:20:00 Coffee Break (ATC Foyer)
15:50:00 Session: MT Motors
16:00:00 Structure and mechanism of the microtubule motor dynein Stan A. Burgess
16:30:00 Structural basis for the coordinated processive movement of kinesin Michio Tomishige
17:00:00 Mechanism of the dynein motor protein Ronald D Vale
18:30:00 2 short talks
19:20:00 Closing, short feedback on conference, proposals for 2012 Conference
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