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Chemical Biology 2010

Heidelberg, Germany


   EMBO 2010 Courses & Workshops

   Conference Series

   DE-Heidelberg | 22 – 25 September

   Chemical Biology 2010

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   February / 1 August

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   Contact: courses_workshops@embo.org

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
13:00:00 registration opening
14:55:00 session: drug design John P Overington
15:00:00 opening words Iain Mattaj
15:15:00 Lecture by Andrew Hopkins Andrew Hopkins
15:50:00 Lecture by Chas Bountra Chas Bountra
16:25:00 Lecture by Jon Mason Jonathan Mason
17:00:00 Fingerfood
17:55:00 session: distinguished Edward Lemke
18:00:00 Lecture by Peter Schultz Peter G. Schultz
19:00:00 free evening
Thursday, September 23, 2010
08:55:00 session: chemical genetics and high throughput methods
09:00:00 Lecture by Craig Crews Craig M Crews
09:35:00 Lecture by Michael Gelb Michael H Gelb
10:10:00 coffee break
10:40:00 Lecture by Gavin MacBeath Gavin MacBeath
11:15:00 Lecture by Dirk Trauner Dirk Trauner
11:50:00 short talk
12:05:00 lunch
13:55:00 session: chemical protein engineering
14:00:00 Lecture by Andreas Plückthun Andreas Plückthun
14:35:00 Lecture by Ronald Raines Ronald T. Raines
15:10:00 Lecture by Don Hilvert Don Hilvert
15:45:00 coffee break
16:15:00 3 short talks
17:05:00 Poster session including Snacks
17:55:00 session: distinguished Maja Koehn
18:00:00 Lecture by Kevan Shokat K M Shokat
19:00:00 free evening
Friday, September 24, 2010
08:55:00 session: nucleic acid chemical biology
09:00:00 Lecture by Jackie Barton Jacqueline Barton
09:35:00 Lecture by Jose Mascarenas José Mascareñas
10:10:00 coffee break
10:40:00 Lecture by Peter Dervan Peter Dervan
11:15:00 3 short talks
12:05:00 lunch
13:55:00 session: carbohydrate chemical biology Thisbe Lindhorst
14:00:00 Lecture by Ben Davis Ben Davis
14:35:00 Lecture by Laura Kiessling Laura L. Kiessling
15:10:00 Lecture by Horst Kunz Horst Kunz
15:45:00 coffee break
16:15:00 3 short talks
17:00:00 Poster session including Snacks
17:55:00 session: distinguished Carsten Schultz
18:00:00 Lecture by Roger Goody Roger Goody
19:30:00 Dinner
Saturday, September 25, 2010
08:55:00 session: molecular imaging and switching tools Carsten Schultz
09:00:00 Lecture by Matthew Bogyo Matthew Bogyo
09:35:00 Lecture by Horst Vogel Horst Vogel
10:10:00 coffee break
10:40:00 Lecture by Kazuya Kikuchi Kazuya Kikuchi
11:15:00 Lecture by Alice Ting Alice Ting
11:50:00 short talk
12:05:00 closing remarks
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