Emerging Themes in Infection Biology

Nice, France


   EMBO 2010 Courses & Workshops


   FR-Nice | 1 – 4 June

   Emerging themes in infection biology

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Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
17:05:00 The enigma of Diverse Host Responses to HIV/SIV infection Françoise Barré-Sinoussi
18:00:00 Vaccines: a health insurance of the 21st century Rino Rappuoli
19:00:00 dinner/welcome party around "posters" with drinks
Wednesday, June 2, 2010
08:30:00 Session 1 : Entry of pathogens into cells
09:00:00 Play nice or play mean : how Toxoplasma injects polymorphic proteins that determine the character of its dance with the host John Boothroyd
09:30:00 Virus entry : Hosting and assisting Ari Helenius
10:15:00 Coffee break
11:00:00 Mechanisms of Host Cell Invasion by Candida albicans Scott Filler
11:30:00 Common themes in the design and function of bacterial effectors Jorge Galan
12:00:00 Two short talks selected from the abstracts
13:00:00 Lunch
14:00:00 Session 2 : In vitro and in vivo imaging
14:05:00 Mechanisms of spread of herpesvirus infection in peripheral nervous system neurons Lynn W. Enquist
14:30:00 Correlating the successive bacterial invasion steps into epithelial cells with the induced host immune responses in single cells in real time Jost Enninga
15:00:00 Exploitation of the actin cytoskeleton by bacterial and viral pathogens M D Welch
15:30:00 The silent path of the Plasmodium Sporozoite in the mammalian host Robert Ménard
16:00:00 Dynamic In Situ Visualization of Immune System Interactions with Pathogens Using Intravital 2-photon Microscopy Ron Germain
16:30:00 Coffee Break
17:00:00 Session 3 : Signaling
17:05:00 New insights into replication of the hepatitis C virus and dits interaction with the host cell R. Bartenschlager
17:30:00 Manipulation of host cell processes by bacterial Ankyrin repeat proteins Craig R. Roy
18:00:00 Cellular responses to pore-forming toxins Gisou Van der Goot
18:30:00 New insights into Shigella-gut epithelium interaction Chihiro Sasakawa
19:00:00 Sensing and responses of Salmonella to host cell signals David Holden
19:30:00 Two short talks
20:00:00 Dinner
Thursday, June 3, 2010
08:30:00 Session 4 : Epigenetics, small RNAS
09:00:00 Title to be announced (Host miRNAs and infection) Olivier Voinnet
09:30:00 Viruses, microRNAs and RNA interference Bryan Cullen
10:00:00 Exploring the ‘histone code’ and the small RNA-based processes in the life cycle of the protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii Mohamed Ali Hakimi
10:30:00 Cofee Break
10:45:00 Regulation of gene transcription in malaria parasites through spatial organization Artur Scherf
11:00:00 Two short talks
12:00:00 Lunch at Saint Paul de Vence and/or Free afternoon / visit at Fondation Maeght
18:00:00 Session 5 : Innate immunity
18:05:00 Paradoxical roles of Retinoic acid in protective immunity Yasmine Belkaid
18:30:00 Neutrophil Extracellular Traps Arturo Zychlinsky
19:00:00 New Tools to Study Virus Entry and Assembly: Sortagging Flu Hidde Ploegh
19:30:00 RIG-I like Receptors : sensing and responding to RNA virus infection John Hiscott
20:00:00 Dinner
Friday, June 4, 2010
09:00:00 Session 6 : Chronic infections and cancer
09:05:00 Title to be announced (the immune response during infection and cancer) Sebastian Amigorena
09:30:00 Host-pathogen interactions during chronic Salmonella infections Denise M Monack,
10:00:00 Novel and Vulnerable Pathways of DNA Metabolism in Mycobacteria Valerie Mizrahi
10:30:00 Using murine models to understand the relationship between soil-transmitted helminths and their mammalian hosts Nicola L. Harris
11:30:00 Coffee Break
12:00:00 Four short talks (tba)
12:30:00 Lunch
14:00:00 Session 7
14:05:00 Poster Prize ceremony
15:05:00 Perspectives of the Role on Infections in Human Cancers Harald zur Hausen
15:30:00 Closing remarks
16:00:00 Departure
3D Tissue Models
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