Cell Signalling and Novel Cancer Therapeutics
:The Royal Society of Medicine,
1 Wimpole Street, W1G 0AE
London, mm
As we elucidate cancer biology, it has become increasingly clear that growth factor or cytokine receptors and/or their intracellular second messengers can provide attractive new targets for novel cancer therapeutics. Indeed, a vast new array of small molecule inhibitors that target growth factor or cytokine receptors and/or their intracellular signalling pathways are in pre-clinical and clinical development. Understanding the target biology, how these agents act and how they will integrate into clinical practice is vital for both scientists and clinicians working in translational cancer research. Consequently, this meeting will bring together scientists and clinicians who are either working on or are interested in learning about cell signalling in cancer therapeutics. Key speakers from across North America and Europe who work in both university and pharmaceutical backgrounds will provide the latest information in this hot area of new science. Our two day international meeting will have sessions focused on receptors, mTOR / S6 kinase, BRaf/MEK/Erk, JAK/STAT, PI3K/apoptosis and Src/migration signalling. Each session will have a biology component followed by a clinical translation talk. Students, post-doctoral fellows and research clinicians are encouraged to submit abstracts which will be selected for either oral or poster sessions with a prize awarded for the best oral and poster presentations.

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Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, November 29, 2007
08:30:00 Registration, tea and coffee
09:30:00 Targeting VEGF and VEGFR Sue Burchill
10:00:00 EGFR and differences between antagonists John Kuriyan
10:30:00 EGFR antagonists - response in the clinic Frances Shepherd
11:00:00 Tea and coffee break
11:30:00 mTOR/S6Ks George V Thomas
12:00:00 mTOR/S6Ks as clinical targets Michael Seckl
12:00:00 mTOR signalling and oncogenesis John Blenis
13:00:00 Lunch
14:00:00 4 (15 minute talks) to be selected from submitted abstracts
15:00:00 Poster Session with Tea and Coffee
16:00:00 JAK/STAT signalling: canonical and novel signalling pathways Ana Costa Pereira
16:30:00 STAT1: tumour suppressor oncogene? Veronica Sexl
17:00:00 The role of STAT3 in oncogenesis Heike Hermanns
17:30:00 JAK2 mutations and human haematological malignancies Tony Green
18:00:00 Drinks Reception
19:00:00 Conference dinner (for those who have pre-booked)
Friday, November 30, 2007
08:30:00 Registration, tea and coffee
09:00:00 MAPK network topology shapes Erk response in PC-12 cell fate decision Philippe Bastiaens
09:30:00 B-Raf biology - novel antagonists Richard M Marais
10:00:00 Role of translational biology in MEK inhibitor development Judith Sebolt Leopold
10:30:00 Tea and coffee break
11:00:00 PI 3-kinase signalling pathways in cancer Julian Downward
11:30:00 Bcl-2 family inhibitors for the treatment of cancer Stephen Fesik
12:00:00 PI3 kinase and Hsp90 inhibitors Paul Workman
12:30:00 P53 and novel therapies Karen Vousden
13:00:00 Lunch
14:00:00 Src biology - a target for new cancer therapies Margaret Frame
14:30:00 Rho GTPases, actomyosin contractility and cell migration Chris Marshall
15:00:00 Title (to be confirmed) George Daniel Demetri
15:30:00 Key note Lecture - A systems biology approach to drug development and implementation Gordon Mills
16:00:00 Close of meeting, tea and coffee served
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