Macrophages and Inflammation
Institut d'Estudis Catalans
C. del Carme, 47 08001 Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain


   Fundaci�n BBVA

   Organised by the Institute for Research in Biomedicine ( IRB
   Barcelona) with the collaboration of the BBVA Foundation

   BBVA Foundation- IRB Barcelona



   25-27 October 2010

   Macrophages and inflammation Antonio Celada ( IRB Barcelona) and
   Alberto Mantovani (University of Milan, Italy)

   For more information and registration see

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, October 25, 2010
08:30:00 Registration
09:00:00 Welcome Joan J Guinovart
09:25:00 Session I
09:30:00 Session I : By Siamon Gordon Siamon Gordon
10:15:00 Session I : By Frederic Geissmann Frederic Geissmann
11:00:00 Coffee break and poster session
11:30:00 Session I : By Jorge Moscat Jorge Moscat
12:15:00 Session I : By Jenny Pan-Yun Ting Jenny P. Ting
13:00:00 Lunch (FrescCo, C/ Carme, 16)
15:00:00 Session I : By Paul L. Fox Paul L. Fox
15:45:00 Session I : By Christopher K. Glass Christopher K. Glass
16:30:00 Coffee break and poster session
17:00:00 Session I : By Gerald Krystal Gerald Krystal
17:45:00 Session I : By Marco Colonna Marco Colonna
18:30:00 Oral Communication
18:45:00 Oral Communication
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
08:55:00 Session II
09:00:00 Session II : By Derek W. Gilroy Derek W. Gilroy
09:45:00 Session II : By David M. Mosser David M. Mosser
10:30:00 Session II : By Veit Hornung Veit Hornung
11:15:00 Coffee break and poster session
11:45:00 Session II : By Argyrios N. Theofilopoulos Argyrios N. Theofilopoulos
12:30:00 Session II : By Emil Unanue Emil Unanue
13:15:00 Lunch (Restaurant FrescCo, C/ Carme, 16)
15:30:00 Session II : By Diane Mathis Diane Mathis
16:15:00 Session II : By Klaus Ley Klaus Ley
17:00:00 Coffee break and poster session
17:30:00 Session II : By Ira Tabas Ira Tabas
18:15:00 Oral Communication
18:30:00 Oral Communication
18:45:00 Oral Communication
Wednesday, October 27, 2010
08:55:00 Session III
09:00:00 Session III : By Michael Karin Michael Karin
09:45:00 Session III : By Jeffrey W. Pollard Jeffrey W. Pollard
10:30:00 Session III : By Dimitry I. Gabrilovich Dimitry I. Gabrilovich
11:15:00 Coffee break and poster session
11:45:00 Session III : By Thomas A. Wynn Thomas A. Wynn
12:30:00 General discussion and concluding remarks
3D Tissue Models
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