UCSF Vascular Symposium 2010
Omni San Francisco Hotel
500 California Street
San Francisco, California
Keywords: UCSF Vascular Symposium 2010

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, April 15, 2010
06:00:00 check-in
07:00:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast
08:00:00 Welcome Michael S. Conte
08:10:00 CRITICAL LIMB ISCHEMIA Michael S. Conte, Peter Schneider
08:15:00 BASIL Trial Long Term Follow-up: What Have We Learned? Andrew Bradbury
08:30:00 Bypass May be Better but There is a Cost: The Data on Post Bypass Morbidity Christopher Owens
08:45:00 Does the Emperor Have Clothes? DES in the SFA, Politeal and Tibials Peter Schneider
09:15:00 Update: Clinical Trials of Devices and Biologics in Critical Limb Ischemia Joseph H. Rapp
09:30:00 Case Presentations
10:00:00 Break
10:30:00 PERIPHERAL VASCULAR DISEASE Jade S. Hiramoto, Andrew Bradbury
10:45:00 Arguments For and Against Early Intervention for Claudication Michael S. Conte
11:00:00 Endoluminal Grafting versus Nitnol Stents in the SFA: the VIBRANT Trial Patrick Geraghty
11:15:00 POBA, Stenting, Atherectomy, Laser: A Reasoned Approach to New Technologies Peter Schneider
11:30:00 Case Presentations
12:00:00 Binkley Lecture Michael Belkin
12:30:00 Lunch on Your Own
14:00:00 CTA and MRA: New Techniques Improve Image Reliability David Saloner
14:15:00 Techniques to Facilitate Exposure for Spine Surgery William Quinones-Baldrich
14:30:00 The Preoperative Patient with Coronary DES or BMS. What is the Real Risk of Stopping Plavix Yerem Yeghiazarian
14:45:00 Beyond PTFE and Dacron: New Alternatives for Bypass Grafts Elliot Chaikof
14:50:00 Panel Discussion
15:00:00 Break
15:30:00 VENOUS DISEASE Jade S. Hiramoto, Rajabarata Sarkar
15:45:00 Diagnosis and Treatment of Venous Pathologies Congenital and Acquired Rajabarata Sarkar
16:00:00 Internal Jugular and Upper Extremity DVT: Treatment and Risk of Pulmonary Embolism Fred A. Weaver
16:15:00 Percutaneous Treatment of Extensive Acute LE DVT. In 2010 Anticoagulation Alone is Inadequate Darren B. Schneider
16:30:00 Saphenous Ablations Made Safe and Simple Marlene Grenon
16:30:00 Case Presentations
17:00:00 Foundation for Accelerated Research Resident Poster
Friday, April 16, 2010
07:30:00 Continental Breakfast
08:00:00 ABDOMINAL AORTIC ANEURYSMS Darren B. Schneider, Michael Belkin
08:10:00 A Critical Appraisal of Ultrasound for Follow up After Endovascular AAA Repair Fred A. Weaver
08:30:00 Late Failure of Endografts, Causes and Techniques for Salvage Patrick Geraghty
08:45:00 Repair of Small AAA: Current Guidelines Elliot Chaikof
09:00:00 Is Neck Dilation the Achilles’ Heel of Endovascular Aneurysm Repair Jade S. Hiramoto
09:15:00 Case Presentation
09:30:00 Break
10:00:00 COMPLEX AORTIC DISEASES Timothy A.M. Chuter, Elliot Chaikof
10:15:00 Believe it or Not, There is Still a Place for Open Repair of Aortic Aneurysms Michael S. Conte
10:30:00 Assessing the Options for Managing Thoraco-Abdominal Aneurysms Linda M. Reilly
10:45:00 Adjunctive Maneuvers to Extend the Application of Endovascular Aortic Stent Grafts Timothy A.M. Chuter
10:55:00 Current Management of Type A Aortic Dissections Scott Merrick
11:00:00 Current Management of Type B Aortic Dissections Darren B. Schneider
11:10:00 Case Presentations
11:45:00 Lunch
13:00:00 WOUND HEALING Christopher Owens, Aristidis Veves
13:15:00 What is the Hype and What is the Science of Wound Debridement? Aristidis Veves
13:30:00 Xenografts, Heterografts: Which One When? David Young
13:45:00 New Technologies to Stimulate Cells to Proliferate and Wounds to Heal Aristidis Veves
13:50:00 Endovenous Ablation of Perforating Veins to Speed Ulcer Healing Rajabarata Sarkar
14:00:00 Case Presentations
14:30:00 Break
15:00:00 VASCULAR MEDICINE Michael S. Conte, Peter Ganz
15:15:00 Results of VIGOR: Exercise, Diet and Life Style Program with Close Follow-up for PAD Roberta K. Oka
15:30:00 Preserving Life and Limb: Optimizing the Medical Management in PVD Peter Ganz
15:45:00 Update on the Indications and Efficacy of Renal Artery Stenting Jade S. Hiramoto
16:00:00 Claudicants Have a Myopathy: What Can We Do About It. Iraklis Pipinos
16:15:00 Not All Statins are Created Equal: A Review and Recommendations Christopher Owens
16:45:00 Panel Discussion
Saturday, April 17, 2010
08:00:00 Continental Breakfast
08:30:00 DIALYSIS ACCESS Charles M. Eichler, Scott Berman
09:00:00 The Correct Choice of Access Site is Critical in Optimizing Durability Charles M. Eichler
09:30:00 Antiplatelet Therapy and Other Approaches to Improve Fistula Patency Scott Berman
09:30:00 Central Vein Stenoses and Occlusions: Treatment for Preservation of Dialysis Access Robert K. Kerlan
10:00:00 Rescue of the Failing and Failed Dialysis Access Graft Cases Scott Berman
10:00:00 Break
10:30:00 EXTRACRANIAL CAROTID DISEASE Lillian Reilly, Wesley Moore
11:00:00 Results of the CREST. Where We Are and What is Left To Do Wesley Moore
11:20:00 Intensive Medical Treatment of Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis; Can Surgery or Intervention Match This? Joseph H. Rapp
11:30:00 But, Can CAS be Made Safer? Flow Reversal and Newer Stents Iraklis Pipinos
11:30:00 What is the Appropriate Role for CAS and CEA in the Post CREST Practice? Charles M. Eichler
11:45:00 Panel Discussion
12:00:00 Adjourn
12:10:00 Evaluations
12:15:00 Attendance Verification Records
12:30:00 end of the conference
3D Tissue Models
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