The Keys to IBD 2010: Treatment, Diagnosis and Pathophysiology
InterContinental Hotel
100 Chopin Plaza
Miami, FL
The Keys to IBD 2010: Treatment, Diagnosis and Pathophysiology

Schedule of Presentations:

Friday, March 26, 2010
08:00:00 Opening remarks William Sandborn
08:05:00 Session I Impact of new keys in pathophysiology on IBD treatment R. Balfour Sartor, Judy H. Cho
08:15:00 New insights into IBD genetics – What have we learned and where do we go from here? S Schreiber
08:40:00 T-cell subpopulations in IBD: What do they tell us? Warren Strober
09:05:00 Cytokines and chemokines in IBD: What are the most interesting targets and why? Markus F. Neurath
09:30:00 State-of-the-art lecture I Richard S. Blumberg
10:00:00 Coffee break with poster session
10:05:00 Session II New keys to diagnostic procedures: Laboratory markers Dermot McGovern
10:25:00 New insights into IBD epidemiology –Are there any lessons for treatment? Charles N. Bernstein
10:50:00 Smoking, physical activity, nutrition and lifestyle: Environmental factors and their impact on IBD Jacques Cosnes
11:15:00 New serologic markers for diagnosis Iris Dotan
11:40:00 Can serologic markers help determine prognosis and guide therapy? Marla C. Dubinsky
12:05:00 What about molecular predictors of prognosis and therapy: Are they the future? Mark Silverberg
12:30:00 Lunch break with poster session
13:00:00 Session III New keys to diagnostic procedures: MRI, CT and endoscopy Edward V. Loftus, Julián Panés
13:30:00 CT enterography: Is it the current sate-of-the-art for small bowel diagnostics? David Bruining
13:55:00 MRI enterography: Is it the future of small bowel diagnostics? Stefan Feuerbach
14:40:00 Capsule endoscopy and double balloon: When do we really need it? Hans Herfarth
14:45:00 Chromoendoscopy: What is its true value for UC surveillance? Ralf Kiesslich
15:10:00 Coffee break with poster session
15:10:00 Session IV General treatment considerations David B. Sachar, William Sandborn
15:40:00 What is “early IBD” – How does the time from diagnosis and the presence or absence of complications and previous Bonheiden surgery influence the response to therapy? Geert D‘Haens
16:05:00 What is “accelerated step up” treatment – What are the time parameters for advancing conventional therapy? Remo Panaccione
16:30:00 What is “supportive therapy” – What concomitant diagnoses must be considered and treated? David Binion
16:55:00 What is the patient’s perspective – How important are patient reported outcomes, quality of life and disability? Nancy Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet
17:20:00 State-of-the-art lecture II Jürgen Schölmerich
17:50:00 End of afternoon session
Saturday, March 27, 2010
07:00:00 Session V New keys to the treatment of ulcerative colitis Wolfgang Kruis, Bret A. Lashner
08:00:00 Does treatment schedule matter? Once daily versus three times daily 5-ASA Sunanda V. Kane
08:25:00 New keys to maintenance treatment P. D. Higgins
09:15:00 Role of biologics in UC: What is the time point in disease development to use them? Stephen B. Hanauer
09:40:00 When is the best time for colectomy? Robert R. Cima
10:00:00 Cofee break with poster session
10:05:00 Session VI New keys to immunosuppression James F. Markowitz, Gerhard Rogler
10:30:00 Surveillance strategies in IBD patients –A dermatologist’s sight Claas Ulrich
10:55:00 Hepatoxicity of IBD therapy – A hepatologist’s sight James H. Lewis
11:20:00 Epstein Barr virus and lymphoma in HIV immunocompromised patients David M. Weinstock
11:45:00 Vaccines and IBD: A vaccinologists‘ perspective Camille Nelson
12:10:00 State-of-the-art Lecture III William Sandborn
12:40:00 Lunch break with poster session
13:30:00 Session VII New keys to CD therapy I Volker Gross, Brian G. Feagan
14:00:00 What options do we have for induction therapy? Corey A. Siegel
14:25:00 What options do we have for maintenance therapy? Eduard F. Stange
14:50:00 How rapid should a remission be achieved? Kim Isaacs
15:15:00 Are there options for patients that failed to respond to biologics? Subrata Ghosh
15:40:00 Does it make sense to avoid surgery in CD patients? Feza H. Remzi
16:05:00 Coffee break with poster session
16:30:00 Presentation of Poster Prizes Gerhard Rogler, William Sandborn
16:35:00 Session VIII New keys to CD therapy II Lloyd Mayer, Gary R. Lichtenstein
16:40:00 Fistula treatment: The unresolved challenge Stephan Vavricka
17:05:00 Drug monitoring of azathioprine and infliximab: Is it useful and when? Maria T. Abreu
17:30:00 Pouchitis and pouch dysfunction Bo Shen
17:55:00 Prebiotics and helminths: The “natural” solution? Joel V. Weinstock
18:20:00 End of meeting
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