From Chronic Inflammation to Cancer
Hotel Voronez
Kriskovskeho 47
Brno, Czech Republic
Keywords: From Chronic Inflammation, to Cancer

Schedule of Presentations:

Friday, June 4, 2010
08:15:00 Welcome Petr Díte
08:20:00 Session I Chronic inflammation Petr Díte, Fabio Farinati
08:30:00 Inflammation and immunity in the tumor microenvironment Jörg Emmrich
09:00:00 Oxidative stress and iNO induction in carcinogenesis Fabio Farinati
09:30:00 Role of COX in pathogenesis and prevention in the development of GI tumors Nadir Arber
10:00:00 Chronic inflammation and gene polymorphism C. Richard Boland
10:30:00 Coffee break with poster session
10:45:00 Session II Liver malignancies Ladislav Kuzela, Ferenc Szalay
11:00:00 Chronic hepatitis – Risk factor for hepatic carcinoma J. Lata
11:30:00 The diagnostic and therapeutic approach for primary solid liver tumors in adults Maciej Pech
12:00:00 Biliary tract cancers – Pathogenesis and risk factors Giuliano Ramadori
12:30:00 Endoscopic therapy of biliary tract malignancies Tomasz Marek
13:00:00 Lunch break with poster session
13:30:00 Session III Gastric cancer Zsolt Tulassay, Guenter J. Krejs
14:00:00 Epidemiology Guenter J. Krejs
14:30:00 Molecular pathogenesis of H . pylori infection –The role of bacterial virulence factors Bela Molnar
15:00:00 H . pylori infection and gastric cancer Peter Malfertheiner
15:30:00 Multimodal therapy of gastric cancer Dorothea Wagner
16:00:00 Coffee break with poster session
16:15:00 Session IV Colorectal cancer Jaroslaw Regula, M. Zavoral
16:30:00 IBD as a risk factor for colorectal cancer Milan Lukas
17:00:00 The use of molecular markers in diagnosis of colorectal cancer screening Christoph Gasche
17:30:00 New endoscopic approaches in colorectal cancer diagnosis Helmut Messmann
18:00:00 Multimodal therapy of colorectal cancer Jan Zaloudík
18:30:00 End of afternoon session
Saturday, June 5, 2010
08:00:00 Session V Esophageal cancer Heinz Hammer, Peter Malfertheiner
09:00:00 Etiology and risk factors for esophageal carcinoma Lars Lundell
09:30:00 Esophageal cancerogenesis Kenneth E. L. McColl
10:00:00 New diagnostic endoscopic approaches of esophageal cancer Ralf Kiesslich
10:30:00 Multimodal treatment of esophageal cancer Johannes Zacherl
11:00:00 Coffee break with poster session
11:15:00 Session VI State-of-the-art-lecture Dr. Herbert Falk memorial lecture Petr Díte
11:30:00 Advances in screening for gut malignancies Glenn Oclassen
12:10:00 Lunch break with poster session
13:10:00 Presentation of Poster Prizes Petr Díte
13:10:00 Session VII Pancreatic cancer Marco J. Bruno, Helmut Friess
13:15:00 Pancreatic cancer – Epidemiology Patrick Maisonneuve
13:45:00 Chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer Santhi Swaroop Vege
14:15:00 Is early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer fiction? Marco J. Bruno
14:45:00 Coffee break with poster session
15:15:00 What’s new in therapy of pancreatic cancer J . Moessner
15:45:00 Adjuvant therapy of pancreatic cancer Paula Ghaneh
16:15:00 End of meeting
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