Srial II: Advances and Challenges Toward Major Diseases: Extension on New Hope Nov (07-13)
Grand New World Hotel Xi'an,China
172 Lian hu road, Xi'an,China
Xi'an, 710002
Srial II: Advances and Challenges Toward Major Diseases: Extension on New Hope 
Xi'an Pioneering Park Development Center

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Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, November 7, 2007
09:00:00 Opening Ceremony (09:00 -09:30)
09:30:00 Session 1: Fascinating Insights in Chemistry, Biology and Medicine by NMR (09:30 -10:00) Dr. Richard R. Ernst
09:30:00 Session 1: Keynote Forum (09:30 -12:00) Dr. Chao Chen, Dr. Richard R. Ernst, Dr. William A. Haseltine, Dr. Bharatt M. Chowrira
10:00:00 Session 1: Embracing Cross-Border Alliances to Expand and Advance Drug Discovery Activities (10:00-10:30) Dr. Bharatt M. Chowrira
10:30:00 Session 1:TBD (10:30-11:00) Dr. William A. Haseltine
11:00:00 Session 1: A HTP Yeast System for Studying the Effects of the Human CYP SNPs on Drug Metabolism and Toxicity (11:00-11:30) Dr. Chao Chen
11:30:00 Session 1: Speech Opportunity Available (11:30-12:00)
12:00:00 New Presentation
13:30:00 Session 2: Anti-Cancer/Tumors Drug Discovery & Development and Current Status of the Innovative Therapeutics (Part I) (13:30-17:30) Dr. R jean Lapointe, Dr. Kailash . C Chadha, Dr. Raymond Bergan, Dr. Xiaodong Cheng, Dr. Rodrigue Rossignol, Dr. Irmgard Irminger-Finger, Dr. Xiaohong Zhang, Dr. Moshe Szyf, Dr. Edward Seto, Uri Nir
13:30:00 Session 3: CNS Drug Discovery & Development (13:30-17:05) Amardeep Kumar, Dr. Yuqing Li, Dr. Hee-Jeong Im Sampen, Dr. Horacio Gonzalez-Velez, Dr. Elly SW Ngan, Dr. Sverker Sikstrom, Dr. Beka Solomon, Dr. Kunihiro Tsuchida, Dr. Jacques Tremblay P. Tremblay, Dr. William Jia
13:30:00 Session 3: Myoblast Transplantation: A Potential Treatment for Several Recessive Muscular Dystrophies (13:30-13:50) Dr. Jacques Tremblay P. Tremblay
13:30:00 Session 2: Inhibiting Human Prostate Cancer Metastasis by Targeting the p38 MAP Kinase-HSP27 Pathway. (13:30-13:50) Dr. Raymond Bergan
13:30:00 Session 4: (Part One) Anti-Infectious Drug Discovery & Development (I) (Part Two) RNAi & Gene: Applications in Drug Discovery and Therapeutics (13:30-17:05) Dr. Victoria V. Lunyak, Jingfang Ju, Dr. Brian Johnston, Dr. Maurizio Pellecchia, Dr. Amram Mor, Dr. Yiping Han, Dr. Nayef Jarrous, Dr. Bharatt M. Chowrira, Dmitry Samarsky
13:30:00 Session 4: Rational Design and Anti-toxin Agents Against Pathogenic Bacteria (13:30-14:00) Dr. Maurizio Pellecchia
13:50:00 Session 3: S111- a Post Absorption/metabolism TCM Drug, Its Anti-depression Effect and a Transcriptomic Study (13:50-14:10) Dr. William Jia
13:50:00 session 2: Functions, Mechanisms of Action, and Regulation of Histone Deacetylases (13:50-14:10) Dr. Edward Seto
14:00:00 Session 4: Design of Antimicrobial Agents based on Acyl-Lysine Oligomers that Mimic Host Defense Peptides (14:00-14:30) Dr. Amram Mor
14:10:00 session 2: Physiological Role of Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA): Modulator of Angiogenic Growth Factors Expression (14:10-14:30) Dr. Kailash . C Chadha
14:10:00 Session 3: Serendipitous Clinical Observation and It's Implication for the Development of Innovative CNS Drugs (14:10-14:30) Amardeep Kumar
14:30:00 session 2: Identification of Selective Anti-pancreatic Cancer Inhibitors Using Synthetic Lethal Chemical Screening (14:30-14:50) Dr. Xiaodong Cheng
14:30:00 Session 3: Discovery and Development of Myostatin Inhibitors to Prevent Muscle Atrophy Caused by Neuromuscular Disorders (14:30-14:50) Dr. Kunihiro Tsuchida
14:30:00 Session 4: Therapeutic Discovery for Treating Preterm Birth (14:30-15:00) Dr. Yiping Han
14:50:00 Session 3: Prokineticin Signaling: A Potential Therapeutic Target for Neuroblastoma (14:50-15:10) Dr. Elly SW Ngan
14:50:00 session 2: Survival of Tumors: Investigation of Mitochondrial Function, Structure and Composition in Human Lung Cancer (14:50-15:10) Dr. Rodrigue Rossignol
15:00:00 Session 4: RNAi-Based Therapeutics- The Promise and Challenges (15:00-15:20) Dr. Bharatt M. Chowrira
15:10:00 session 2: TEA BREAK (15:10-15:25)
15:10:00 Session 3: TEA BREAK (15:10-15:25)
15:20:00 Session 4: RNAi-Based Therapeutics- The Promise and Challenges (15:20-15:40) Dmitry Samarsky
15:25:00 Session 3: Spine Disc Degeneration and Regeneration Animal Model Using Fluoroscope Guidance and Smart Hydrogel (15:25-15:45) Dr. Hee-Jeong Im Sampen
15:25:00 session 2: Tumor Suppressor BARD1 Expression in Cancer: Biomarker of Cancer and Target for Treatment (15:25-15:45) Dr. Irmgard Irminger-Finger
15:40:00 Session 4: Optimization of shRNA Features for Targeting Hepatitis c Virus (15:40-16:00) Dr. Brian Johnston
15:45:00 Session 3: Pathophysiology and Experimental Therapeutics of Dystonia (15:45-16:05) Dr. Yuqing Li
15:45:00 session 2: Targeting Cancer by Immunotherapy: Current Challenges (15:45-16:05) Dr. R jean Lapointe
16:00:00 Session 4: Inactivation of the catalytic ribonucleoprotein human RNase P and its role in transcription of small noncoding RNA genes (16:00-16:20) Dr. Nayef Jarrous
16:05:00 session 2: Targeting Cancer by Immunotherapy: Current Challenges (16:05-16:25) Dr. Moshe Szyf
16:05:00 Session 3: Auditory Noise Improves Cognitive Performance in ADHD Children: Neurocomputational Modeling of Dopamine and Implication for Treatment (16:05-16:25) Dr. Sverker Sikstrom
16:20:00 Session 4: Diving into the DNA Dumpster: SINE B2 Repeat Transcription is Responsible for the Organization of the Growth Hormone Gene Locus in Mouse Development (16:20-16:40) Dr. Victoria V. Lunyak
16:25:00 Session 3: Brain Tumour Diagnosis and Prognosis through Intelligent Software Agents (16:25-16:45) Dr. Horacio Gonzalez-Velez
16:25:00 session 2: A Novel Target for Breast and Prostate Cancer Intervention (16:25-16:45) Uri Nir
16:40:00 Session 4: miRNAs as Potential Biomarkers in Colorectal Cancer (16:40-17:05) Jingfang Ju
16:45:00 session 2: Deacetylation of cortactin by SIRT1 promotes ovarian and breast cancer cell migration (16:45-17:05) Dr. Xiaohong Zhang
16:45:00 Session 3: Therapeutic Approach in Alzheimer's Disease (16:45-17:05) Dr. Beka Solomon
20:10:00 Session 4: Plenary Lecture by Nobel Prize Laureate:The Ubiquitin Proteolytic System: From Basic Mechanisms through Human Diseases and onto Drug Targeting (20:10-20:40) Dr. Aaron Ciechanover
Thursday, November 8, 2007
09:00:00 Session 7: Tumor Targeting with an AB.Fab (09:00-09:20) Mark S. Dennis
09:00:00 Session 6: New & Emerging Biomarkers & Drug Targets (09:00-12:00) Dr. Gan Wang, Satoshi Sakamoto, Dr. Glenn McConkey, Anh Tuan Phan, Masayuki Noguchi, Dr. Gregory . M Hockel, Harish C. Joshi, Armando Bartolazzi, Aaron Bensimon
09:00:00 Session 5: Protective Effect of Fructose 1, 6-Bisphosphate on Hepatic Injury (09:00-09:20) Dr. Jarbas Rodrigues de Oliveira
09:00:00 Session 6: Biomarkers and Drug Development: Practical US Experience (09:00-09:20) Dr. Gregory . M Hockel
09:00:00 Session 5: Liver Disease Drug Discovery & Development and Innovative Therapeutics (09:00-12:10) Dr. Mark Pines, Dr. Sandeep Mukherjee, Dr. Claudia PMS de Oliveira, Dr. David H Vanthiel, Dr. Jarbas Rodrigues de Oliveira, Dr. Eckart Matthes, Dr. Magdalene M George, Dr. Bangyan Stiles
09:00:00 Session 7: Anti-Cancer/Tumors Drug Discovery & Development and Current Status of the Innovative Therapeutics (Part II) (09:00-12:00) Jianyu Rao, M Asif Chaudry, Mark S. Dennis, Noriko Gotoh, Hwyda Arafat, James S. Norris, Graham Baldwin, Yeu Su, Austin Meng Guo
09:20:00 Session 7: Chelating Agents as Treatments for Colon Cancer? The Gastrin-Iron Story (09:20-09:40) Graham Baldwin
09:20:00 Session 5: Inhibition of Activation of the Liver and Pancreas Stellate Cells as A Novel Strategy for Fibrosis Treatment, Effect of Halofuginone (09:20-09:40) Dr. Mark Pines
09:20:00 Session 6: IXPC gene silencing as an important biomarker in lung and bladder cancer progression (09:20-09:40) Dr. Gan Wang
09:40:00 Session 5: Advances in the Treatment of Hepatitis C and B Virus Infections with Novel Molecules. (09:40-10:00) Dr. David H Vanthiel
09:40:00 Session 6: Targeting Parasitic Diseases and Design of Novel Inhibitors as Antimalarial Agents (09:40-10:00) Dr. Glenn McConkey
09:40:00 Session 7: Immunotherapy for Gastrointestinal Malignancy: Current Experience and Future Challenges (09:40-10:00) M Asif Chaudry
10:00:00 Session 5: B-L-2′, 3′-Didehydro-2′, 3′-dideoxy-N4-hydroxycytidine: A New Strong and Selective Inhibitor of Hepatitis B Virus Replication. (10:00-10:20) Dr. Eckart Matthes
10:00:00 Session 7: A Novel Tumor Suppressor that Inhibits EGFR Signaling (10:00-10:20) Noriko Gotoh
10:00:00 Session 6: Novel Mictotubule-drugs as Anti-cancer, Non-toxic, Orally Available Agents (10:00-10:20) Harish C. Joshi
10:20:00 Session 5: Treatment of Hepatitis C after Liver Transplantation-Is There Hope? (10:20-10:40) Dr. Sandeep Mukherjee
10:20:00 Session 7: Thymosin β4: A Novel Therapeutic Target for Colorectal Cancer (10:20-10:40) Yeu Su
10:20:00 Session 6: Development of Functional Magnetic Nanobeads for Drug Target Screening (10:20-10:40) Satoshi Sakamoto
10:40:00 Session 6: Galectin-3 thyrotest in the preoperative characterization of thyroid nodules (10:40-11:00) Armando Bartolazzi
10:40:00 Session 5: Discovery of New Therapeutic Targets Using Liver Pten Deletion Animal Model (10:40-11:00) Dr. Bangyan Stiles
10:40:00 Session 7: Cancer Chemoprevention and Biomarkers (10:40-11:00) Jianyu Rao
11:00:00 Session 5: New Approaches to the Management of ThrombocytopEnia and the Syndrome of Heparin- Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT)(11:00-11:20) Dr. Magdalene M George
11:00:00 Session 7: Sensitizing cells to Radiation and Chemotherapy using Sphingolipid Modifiers (11:00-11:20) James S. Norris
11:00:00 Session 6: G-quadruplex Structures of Nucleic Acids as Potential Targets for Drug Design (11:00-11:20) Anh Tuan Phan
11:20:00 Session 7: N-hydroxy-N-(4-butyl-2-methylphenol) Formamidine (HET0016), a Novel Anti-angiogenic and Anti-tumoral Drug (11:20-11:40) Austin Meng Guo
11:20:00 Session 5: Advances in Treatment of Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis: Molecular Approach and Possibly Drugs Targets (11:20-11:40) Dr. Claudia PMS de Oliveira
11:20:00 Session 6: PI3K-AKT Network as a Therapeutic Target For Human Diseases (11:20-11:40) Masayuki Noguchi
11:40:00 Session 5: PANEL DISCUSSION (11:40-12:00)
11:40:00 Session 6: The Replication Combing Assay: A sensitive and quantitative assay for monitoring the efficacy of drugs on DNA replication (11:40-12:00) Aaron Bensimon
11:40:00 Session 7: Antihypertensives as Novel Antineoplastics: The Use of Angiotensin Blockade Therapies in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma (11:40-12:00) Hwyda Arafat
13:30:00 Session 8: Inflammatory Disease and Severe Autoimmune Disease Drug Discovery & Development (13:30-17-30) Bent Jakobsen, Blanca Camoretti-Mercado, Matthew J. Sweet, Bjarne Bogen, Reinhard . E Voll, Hiroki Yoshida, Zhikang Peng,, Teruna . J Siahaan, Norelle L. Daly
13:30:00 Session 9: Innovative Metabolic Diseases Drug Discovery & Development (13:30-17:05) Donna Seto-Young, G. Schwartsmann, Kazuyoshi Tsutsui, Kazuaki Nishio, Subrata Chakrabarti, Ruojing Yang, Shunlin Ren, David B Haslam, Marie-Paule GONTHIER, Gary J. Grover
13:30:00 Session 10: Stem Cell Research & Tissue Engineering to New Therapeutics (13:30-17:05) SEOK JUNG KIM, Haval Shirwan, Wayne. A Phillips, Rgis ROCHE, Nissim Benvenisty, Xianmin Zeng
13:30:00 seesion 8: A Novel Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases Using Bi-functional Peptide Inhibitors: Blocking the Immunological Synapse Formation (13:30-13:50) Teruna . J Siahaan
13:30:00 Session 9: RNA Interference for Target Identification and Validation (13:30-13:50) Ruojing Yang
13:30:00 Session 10: Human Embryonic Stem Cells in Genetic Research (13:30-14:00) Nissim Benvenisty
13:50:00 seesion 8: The Proteasome Inhibitor Bortezomib for Treatment of Lupus-like Disease in Mouse Models (13:50-14:10) Reinhard . E Voll
13:50:00 Session 9: Role of a Novel Nuclear Oxysterol in Lipid Metabolism, Potential Usage in the Therapy of Hyperlipidemia (13:50-14:10) Shunlin Ren
14:00:00 Session 10: In the Heart of the Adipose Tissue (14:00-14:30) Rgis ROCHE
14:10:00 seesion 8: Cytokine Peptide-based Virus-like Particle Vaccines in the Down-regulation of Allergic and Autoimmune Responses (14:10-14:30) Zhikang Peng,
14:10:00 Session 9: Gastrin-releasing Peptide Receptor (GRPR) Signaling Pathway as a Potential Molecular Target for Cancer, Inflammatory and Neurological Disorders (14:10-14:30) G. Schwartsmann
14:30:00 Session 9: The Role of Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor-gamma (PPAR-gamma) in Human Ovarian Regulation (14:30-14:50) Donna Seto-Young
14:30:00 seesion 8: Potential Therapeutic Applications of Cyclotides (14:30-14:50) Norelle L. Daly
14:30:00 Session 10: An EX Vivo Model of Human Oesophageal Epithelium (14:30-15:00) Wayne. A Phillips
14:50:00 seesion 8: IL-27 Signaling as a Target for Autoimmune Disease Treatment (14:50-15:10) Hiroki Yoshida
14:50:00 Session 9: Gonadotropin-Inhibitory Hormone (GnIH): Discovery, Mode of Action, Functional, Significance and Prospective Application to Reproductive Dysfunction (14:50-15:10) Kazuyoshi Tsutsui
15:00:00 Session 10: TEA BREAK (15:00-15:25)
15:10:00 seesion 8: TEA BREAK (15:10-15:25)
15:10:00 Session 9: TEA BREAK (15:10-15:25)
15:25:00 Session 10: Therapeutic Potentials of Dopaminergic Neurons Derived from Human Embryonic Stem Cells (15:25-15:55) Xianmin Zeng
15:25:00 Session 8: The Airway Smooth Muscle as a Target for Asthma Therapy (15:25-15:45) Blanca Camoretti-Mercado
15:25:00 Session 9: Effects of Insulin Resistance on Coronary In-stent Restenosis (15:25-15:45) Kazuaki Nishio
15:45:00 Session 8: Increased Immunogenicity of Vaccines by Targeting Antigen Presenting Cells (15:45-16:05) Bjarne Bogen
15:45:00 Session 9: Understanding Endothelial Cell Signaling to Identify Potential Future Treatment Strategies for Vascular Diseases in Diabetes (15:45-16:05) Subrata Chakrabarti
15:55:00 Session 10: ProtEx™ Technology as a Practical Alternative to Gene Therapy for Immunomodulation (15:55-16:25) Haval Shirwan
16:05:00 Session 9: Evaluating Current and Future Anti-obesity Pharmacotherapy in the Context of Historical Controversies (16:05-16:25) David W Haslam
16:05:00 Session 8: Targeting Histone Deacetylases in Acute and Chronic Inflammatory Disease (16:05-16:25) Matthew J. Sweet
16:25:00 Session 10: Clinical Applications Using Cultured Autologous Osteoblasts. (16:25-16:55) SEOK JUNG KIM
16:25:00 Session 8: A Novel Inhibitor of CD8 T-cells: YourDex (r) (16:25-16:45) Bent Jakobsen
16:25:00 Session 9: The Endocannabinoid System: a Therapeutic Target for Reducing Obesity and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors? (16:25-16:45) Marie-Paule GONTHIER
16:45:00 Session 9: PANEL DISCUSSION (16:45-17:05)
16:45:00 Session 8: PANEL DISCUSSION (16:45-17:05)
16:55:00 Session 10: PANEL DISCUSSION (16:55-17:05)
Friday, November 9, 2007
09:00:00 Session 13: (Part One) Development of Novel Drug Delivery Systems (Part Two) Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening (09:00-12:00) Sek-Wen Hui, Paolo Carloni, Steve Brocchini, Gang Zheng, Xiaoke Yang, Amnon Hoffman, Xiaojun Zhao, Takashi Takahashi, Sanjeev Kumar Singh
09:00:00 Session 11: Anti-Infectious Drug Discovery & Development (II) (09:00-12:20) Xiaojian Yao, Li Huang, Ada Yonath, Stanley J. Watowich, Yu Chen, Joachim Hauber, Kozo Ochi, Irene Bosch
09:00:00 Session 12: Better Drugs by Mastering Medicinal Chemistry (09:00-12:05) Snehasikta Swarnakar, Georges Math, Vladimir Sulimov, Weishuo Fang, Jean Francois Bonfanti
09:00:00 Session 12: Keynote speaker:New Thrombin Inhibitors: Molecular Design and Experimental Discovery (09:00-09:30) Vladimir Sulimov
09:00:00 Session 11: Antibiotics targeting ribosomes vs. smart pathogens (09:00-09:20) Ada Yonath
09:00:00 Session 13: (Part One):Delivery of Drugs and Genes by Physical Methods (09:00-09:20) Sek-Wen Hui
09:20:00 Session 11: Novel approach for screening new antibiotics by activating dormant genes in bacteria (09:20-09:40) Kozo Ochi
09:20:00 Session 13: (Part One):Lipoprotein-like Nanocarriers for In Vivo Cancer Imaging and Treatment (09:20-09:40) Gang Zheng
09:30:00 Session 12: Optimization of Antitumor Effects of Taxol Analogues through Modulating Their Interactions with b-Tubulin and P-glycoprotein (09:30-10:00) Weishuo Fang
09:40:00 Session 11: Global Grid-computing Initiative to Discover Novel Dengue and Hepatitis C Antivirals (09:40-10:00) Stanley J. Watowich
09:40:00 Session 13: (Part One):Controlled release Gastro-Retentive Dosage forms for optimizing therapy of Narrow Absorption Window Drugs (09:40-10:00) Amnon Hoffman
10:00:00 Session 11: Development and Characterization of A Safe and Efficient Avian Influenza H5N1 Virus Entry System for Virological and Antiviral studies (10:00-10:20) Xiaojian Yao
10:00:00 Session 13: (Part One):Self-assembling Peptides as a Drug Carrier (10:00-10:20) Xiaojun Zhao
10:00:00 Session 12: Cancer Immunotherapy Rebirth (10:00-10:30) Georges Math
10:20:00 Session 13: (Part One): Binding Characterization of the IL-13 Signaling Complex and Development of a Ternary TR-FRET Assay (10:20-10:40) Xiaoke Yang
10:20:00 Session 11: New RNA-binding Peptidomimetic Structures that Repress HIV Viral Replication by Specifically Inhibiting Transcriptional Activation(10:20-10:40) Yu Chen
10:30:00 Session 12: TEA BREAK (10:30-10:45)
10:40:00 Session 13:(Part Two )Solid and Solution-Phase Synthesis for Natural and Unnatural Product Library (10:40-11:00) Takashi Takahashi
10:40:00 Session 11: Small Molecules with Novel Mechanisms of Action and Potent Anti-HIV-1 Activity Against Multiple Genetic Subtypes of HIV-1 (10:40-11:00) Li Huang
10:45:00 Session 12: A Multidisciplinary Approach leading to the Discovery of a novel RSV Fusion Inhibitor (10:45-11:15) Jean Francois Bonfanti
11:00:00 Session 11: Experimental Therapies for HIV Infection (11:00-11:20) Joachim Hauber
11:00:00 Session 13:(Part Two )In Sillico Screening of Drugs Targeting the Prion Proteins (11:00-11:20) Paolo Carloni
11:15:00 Session 12: Targeting Matrix Metalloproteinases for prevention of Gastric Inflammation (11:15-11:45) Snehasikta Swarnakar
11:20:00 Session 13:(Part Two ):Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship (3D-CoMFA Study) on Oxindole Derivatives as Cyclin Dependent Kinase 1 (CDK1) and Cyclin Dependent Kinase 2 (CDK2) Inhibitors (11:20-11:40) Sanjeev Kumar Singh
11:20:00 Session 11: Identification of Novel and Effective Antiviral Treatment and zstablishment of Disease Pathogenesis: A journey of Global Gene Expression of dengue virus infection (11:20-11:40) Irene Bosch
11:40:00 Session 13:(Part Two ):Combinatorial Strategies in Pharmaceutical Science (11:40-12:00) Steve Brocchini
11:40:00 Session 11: PANEL DISCUSSION (11:40-12:00)
11:45:00 Session 12: PANEL DISCUSSION (11:45-12:05)
13:30:00 Session 16: Analytical Challenges in Protein Therapeutics Development (13:30-13:50) Xing Wang
13:30:00 Session 16: Protein and Peptide Drug Development (13:30-17:00) Anton Fliri, Xing Wang, Alexandre G. de Brevern, Mingxia Huang, W.I.M. Van de Ven, Chuanju Liu, Hiroaki Suga, Xiaojun Zhao
13:30:00 Session 15: A Novel Anti-cancer Agents that Target HIF-1a and HIF-2a for Cancer Therapy (13:30-14:00) Naijie Jing
13:30:00 Session 15: Anti-Cancer/Tumors Drug Discovery & Development and Current Status of the Innovative Therapeutics (Part III) (13:30-17:00) Naijie Jing, Christian Jaulin, Shi Yu Yang, Young Ik Lee, Robert J. Hickey, Xiaolin Zhang
13:30:00 Session 14: Cardiovascular and Heart Disease Drug Discovery & Development to Innovative Therapeutics (13:30-17:30) Ernst R. Schwarz, J.W.N. Akkerman, John Evans, Xander H.T. Wehrens, Yoshikazu Yonemitsu, Gary J. Grover, Levon M Khachigian
13:30:00 Session 14: Normalizing Calcium Cycling for the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation (13:30-13:55) Xander H.T. Wehrens
13:50:00 Session 16: GEP: a Novel Chondrogenic Growth Factor and Target in Arthritis(13:50-14:10) Chuanju Liu
13:55:00 Session 14: Therapeutic Opportunities in Cardiovascular Disease using Small Molecule Nucleic Acid-Based Strategies (13:55-14:20) Levon M Khachigian
14:00:00 Session 15: The Mitotic Spindle Assembly Checkpoint: A New Therapeutic Target For Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors (14:00-14:30) Christian Jaulin
14:10:00 Session 16: Furin: A Proven Endoproteolytic Processing Tool for Enhanced Manufacturing of Safe Recombinant Biopharmaceuticals (14:10-14:30) W.J.M. Van de Ven
14:20:00 Session 14: Recombinant Sendai Virus as a Novel RNA Drug (DVC1-0101) to Treat Critical Limb Ischemia (14:20-14:45) Yoshikazu Yonemitsu
14:30:00 Session 16: MED-SuMo : A Powerful Software to Classify Binding Sites Using 3D Surface Chemical Features and to Perform Fragment-Based Drug Design at PDB Scale (14:30-14:50) Alexandre G. de Brevern
14:30:00 Session 15: Targeting IGF-I Receptor to Treat Colorectal Cancer (14:30-15:00) Shi Yu Yang
14:45:00 Session 14: A Novel Aqueous Alprostadil Formulation with Excellent Superficial Skin Penetration but without Hypersensitivity or Skin Irritation for the Treatment of Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (14:45-15:10) Ernst R. Schwarz
14:50:00 Session 16: Studies on the Origin of Protein Network Topologies (14:50-15:10) Anton Fliri
15:00:00 Session 15: Identification of a Cancer Specific Signature for Cancer: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Potential (15:00-15:30) Robert J. Hickey
15:10:00 Session 16: TEA BREAK (15:10-15:25)
15:10:00 Session 14: TEA BREAK (15:10-15:25)
15:25:00 Session 14: Role of the Mitochondrial F1F0 ATPase in Myocardial Ischemia: Is the Switch from Synthase to Hydrolase Activity During Ischemia Merely a Chemical Reaction Run in Reverse? (15:25-15:50) Gary J. Grover
15:25:00 Session 16: Ribosomal synthesis of unusual peptides by reprogramming the genetic code and its application for physiologically stable peptide drugs (15:25-15:45) Hiroaki Suga
15:30:00 Session 15: TEA BREAK (15:30-15:45)
15:45:00 Session 15: Aberrant Epigenetic Modifications in Hepatocarcinogenesis Induced by Hepatitis B Virus X-Protein : A New Therapeutic Targets for DNA Methyltransferase Inhibitors (15:45-16:15) Young Ik Lee
15:45:00 Session 16: In vivo Regulation and Inhibition of Ribonucleotide Reductase (15:45-16:05) Mingxia Huang
15:50:00 Session 14: Secretion from Cells - Networks and Structures; Use of Cell Immunoblotting and the Atomic Force Microscope (15:50-16:15) John Evans
16:05:00 Session 16: Molecular Designer Of Self-assembling Peptide Nanomaterials and Its Application In Regenerative Medicine (16:05-16:25) Xiaojun Zhao
16:15:00 Session 15: AZD1152, an Aurora B Kinase Inhibitor, Demonstrates Potent Antitumour Efficacy in Preclinical Models (16:15-16:40) Xiaolin Zhang
16:15:00 Session 14: Novel Causes of Hyperactive Blood Platelets (16:15-16:40) J.W.N. Akkerman
16:25:00 Session 16: PANEL DISCUSSION (16:25-17:00)
16:40:00 Session 15: PANEL DISCUSSION (16:40-17:00)
16:40:00 Session 14: PANEL DISCUSSION (16:40-17:00)
Saturday, November 10, 2007
08:00:00 Dream tour in Xi'an
Sunday, November 11, 2007
08:00:00 Dream tour in Xi'an
Monday, November 12, 2007
08:00:00 Dream tour in Beijing
Tuesday, November 13, 2007
08:00:00 Dream tour in Beijing
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