Inaugral Nuclear Harmone Receptors Modulators: Targets for Drug Discovery Oct (17-18)
World Trade Center
200 Seaport Boulevard
Boston, MA
Inaugral Nuclear Harmone Receptors Modulators: Targets for Drug Discovery 
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
World Trade Center

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007
07:30:00 Registration Opens
14:10:00 NUCLEAR HORMONE RECEPTORS (14:10-18:50) Johan Malm, John Cidlowski, J. Ruth Wu-Wong, Carole R. Mendelson, Gary J. Grover, Julie M. Hall, Dean Hum, Kristof Chwalisz, Michael A Mancini
14:10:00 NUCLEAR HORMONE RECEPTORS: Chairperson’s Remarks (14:10-14:15) Johan Malm
14:15:00 NUCLEAR HORMONE RECEPTORS: Anti-Obesity, Anti-Diabetic, and Lipid Lowering Effects of the Thyroid Receptor Subtype Selective Agonist KB-141 (14:15-14:45) Gary J. Grover
14:45:00 NUCLEAR HORMONE RECEPTORS: Glucocorticoid Receptors: Old Targets that Need New Drugs (14:45-15:15) John Cidlowski
15:15:00 NUCLEAR HORMONE RECEPTORS: Pro-Inflammatory Actions of Thiazolidinediones (TZDs) in Macrophages: Mechanism and Implications for Human Health (15:15-15:45) Julie M. Hall
15:45:00 NUCLEAR HORMONE RECEPTORS: Vitamin D Receptor Modulators for the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease: New Assignment for an Old Remedy (15:45-16:15) J. Ruth Wu-Wong
16:50:00 NUCLEAR HORMONE RECEPTORS: Technology Watch - Targeting Multiple Metabolic Risk Factors with MultiModal Compounds: An Emerging Approach for the Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease (16:50-17:20) Dean Hum
17:20:00 NUCLEAR HORMONE RECEPTORS: Progesterone Receptor Modulation of Inflammatory Signaling in Pregnancy and Labor (17:20-17:50) Carole R. Mendelson
17:50:00 NUCLEAR HORMONE RECEPTORS: Drug Discovery of Selective Progesterone Receptor Modulators (17:50-18:20) Kristof Chwalisz
18:20:00 NUCLEAR HORMONE RECEPTORS: Nuclear Receptor Functional Analyses by High-Throughput Imaging (18:20-18:50) Michael A Mancini
18:50:00 End of Conference Day
Thursday, October 18, 2007
07:30:00 Registration & Morning Coffee (07:30-08:35)
08:35:00 DISCOVERY CHEMISTRY: Chairperson’s Remarks (08:35-08:40) William T. Schrader
08:35:00 DISCOVERY CHEMISTRY (08:35-12:55) Lawrence G. Hamann, William T. Schrader, H. Blair Wood, Matthew R. Yudt, Timothy I. Richardson, Thomas P. Burris, Matthew W. Carson
08:40:00 DISCOVERY CHEMISTRY: Discovery of the Physiological Ligand for the RevErb Orphan Nuclear Hormone Receptors: Implications for Metabolic Diseases (08:40-09:10) Thomas P. Burris
09:10:00 DISCOVERY CHEMISTRY: Selective PPAR gamma Modulators for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes (09:10-09:40) H. Blair Wood
09:40:00 DISCOVERY CHEMISTRY: New Vistas in the Search for a Selective Glucocorticoid Receptor Modulator (SGRM) (09:40-10:10) Matthew W. Carson
10:10:00 DISCOVERY CHEMISTRY: Networking Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall (10:10-10:55)
10:55:00 DISCOVERY CHEMISTRY: Discovery of Progesterone Receptor Modulators with a Unique Mechanism of Action (10:55-11:25) Matthew R. Yudt
11:25:00 DISCOVERY CHEMISTRY: Tissue Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (11:25-11:55) Lawrence G. Hamann
11:55:00 DISCOVERY CHEMISTRY: Structure-Activity Relationships of Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) Optimized for Uterine Antagonism and Ovarian Safety (11:55-12:25) Timothy I. Richardson
12:25:00 DISCOVERY CHEMISTRY: Luncheon Workshop or Lunch on Your Own (12:25-12:55)
12:55:00 Session Break (12:55-13:55)
13:55:00 INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES FOR NHR MODULATORS: Chairperson’s Remarks (13:55-14:00) William T. Schrader
13:55:00 INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES FOR NHR MODULATORS (13:55-17:10) Siegmund Wolf, Tina Hallis, William T. Schrader, David Lloyd, Pat Griffin
14:00:00 INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES FOR NHR MODULATORS: Mechanistic Studies of Nuclear Receptor Modulation (14:00-14:30) Pat Griffin
14:30:00 INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES FOR NHR MODULATORS: Technology Watch - Tools for the Discovery and Characterization of GR Modulators: A Comparison of Binding, Coregulator Interaction, and Transactivation Assays (14:30-15:00) Tina Hallis
15:00:00 INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES FOR NHR MODULATORS: Networking Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall (15:00-15:40)
15:40:00 INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES FOR NHR MODULATORS: Target Specific Virtual Screening for the Estrogen Receptor (15:40-16:10) David Lloyd
16:10:00 Featured Presentation - Tissue-Specific Nuclear Receptor Comodulators as Predictors of Selective Hormone Action Revealed Through the Example of the Androgen Receptor (16:10-16:40) Siegmund Wolf
16:40:00 Panel Discussion (16:40- 17:10)
17:10:00 Close of Nuclear Hormone Receptor Modulators Conference
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