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     *  Abstract Deadline:
       26th February 2010

   Understanding the basic mechanisms of neurodevelopmental disorders.
   Topics will include a balance of human development and animal
   model/molecular work including genetics on recent advances in
   fundamental and disease-focused developmental neuroscience.

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Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, June 6, 2010
11:00:00 Registrations
12:50:00 Opening remarks and introduction
13:00:00 Plenary Lecture | Epigenetic Mechanisms in Memory Formation David Sweatt
13:30:00 Symposium: Molecularly Targeted Therapy for Neurodevelopmental Disorders Alcino J. Silva
14:00:00 Reversing neurodevelopmental disorders in adults: the NF1, TSC and DISC1 stories Alcino J. Silva
14:30:00 Fragile X Anahita Amiri
15:00:00 Reversing in adult mice the learning and memory deficits associated with a mouse model of Down Syndrome Alexander Kleschevnikov
15:30:00 Recovery from amblyopia in adulthood Takao K. Hensch
16:00:00 Refreshment break
16:30:00 Plenary Lecture | Epigenetics / Rett Syndrome Adrian Bird
17:30:00 Poster session and drinks reception 1
Monday, June 7, 2010
08:00:00 Registration desk re-opens
08:15:00 Symposium: Cilia in the Developing Nervous System: Organisers of Signalling and Migration Joseph Gleeson
08:30:00 Uncovering new signaling mechanisms in the ciliopathy disorders Joseph Gleeson
09:00:00 Regulation of ciliogenesis in mammalian development and disease Jeremy Reiter
09:30:00 Defects in non-canonical Wnt signalling and actin cytoskeleton remodelling as pathogenic mechanisms in Meckel-Gruber syndrome Colin Johnson
10:00:00 Cilia and mammalian hedgehog signaling Tamara Caspary
10:30:00 Refreshment Break
10:45:00 Symposium: Development of the Synapse Takao K. Hensch
11:00:00 Imaging synapse remodeling and interactions with glia Shigeo Okabe
11:30:00 Regulation of synaptic growth signaling at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction Troy Littleton
12:00:00 Regulating neurotransmitter release across the synaptic cleft Yukiko Goda
12:30:00 miRNAs at synapses Kenneth S. Kosik
13:00:00 Lunch
14:00:00 Plenary Lecture: Synaptogenesis Peter Scheiffele
15:00:00 Refreshment Break
15:15:00 Symposium: Genomic basis of Neuropsychiatric Disorders including Autism, Schizophrenia and Intellectual Disability P Sklar
15:30:00 Genetics and genomics of bipolar disorder P Sklar
15:55:00 A CNV-based approach to gene discovery in Schizophrenia Jonathan Sebat
16:20:00 Whole-exome sequencing in schizophrenia: A pilot study Shaun Purcell
16:45:00 The genetic architecture of autism: What can common SNP association tell us about rare copy number variants? Lauren Weiss
17:05:00 Genomic profiling in intellectual disability Bert de Vries
17:30:00 Poster session and drinks reception 2
19:00:00 Gala dinner
Tuesday, June 8, 2010
08:00:00 Plenary Lecture: Neural Basis of Vocal Learning Constance Scharff
09:00:00 Plenary Lecture: Epilepsy as a Prototype Neurodevelopmental Disorder Jeff Noebels
10:00:00 Refreshment Break
10:15:00 Symposium: Human Brain Evolution Colette Dehay
10:30:00 Role of cell-cycle parameters in development and evolution of the primate neocortex Colette Dehay
11:00:00 The evolution of neocortex from early mammals to humans
11:30:00 The origin of the mammalian neocortex Zoltán Molnár
12:00:00 Functional genomic investigation of human brain evolution Daniel H. Geschwind
12:30:00 Plenary Lecture: Neuroimaging of Human Development and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Jay Giedd
13:30:00 Free afternoon
Wednesday, June 9, 2010
07:55:00 Symposium Session 6: Transcriptional Control of Neuronal and Glial Cell Fates Ryoichiro Kageyama
08:00:00 The role of Notch signalling in embryonic and adult neurogenesis Ryoichiro Kageyama
08:20:00 The integration of CGE-derived interneurons into the developing cortex: challenging the temporal matching hypothesis Gord Fischell
08:45:00 bHLH transcription complexes couple neural differentiation and cell-type specification Jane Johnson
09:05:00 Transcriptional control of midbrain dopaminergic neurons Siew-Lan Ang
09:30:00 Sox proteins in glial fate and development Michael Wegner
09:50:00 Refreshment Break
10:15:00 Symposium: Mechanisms and Diseases of Early Brain Development Sam Pleasure
10:20:00 Regulation of cortical development and dysfunction by the meninges Sam Pleasure
10:50:00 Early cerebrum development, a matter of cell life and death Jean Hebert
11:20:00 Cerebellar malformations in mice and humans illuminate novel developmental principles Kathy Millen
11:50:00 Induction, organization, and specification of the hippocampus Shubha Tole
12:20:00 Lunch
13:30:00 Plenary Lecture: Optogenetics Karl Deisseroth
15:00:00 Refreshment Break
15:15:00 Symposium Session 8: Neuroimaging S E Fraser
15:30:00 Volumetric imaging of transgenic quail and zebrafish to follow developmental dynamics S E Fraser
16:00:00 Imaging neuronal development array tomography for super resolution imaging of neuronal circuits Steve Smith
16:30:00 Imaging and functional analysis of cortical circuits Michael Hausser
17:00:00 Cell tracking of development using light sheet imaging Nadine Peyrieras
17:30:00 Closing remarks
17:45:00 End of conference
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