3D Tissue Models
Tetrahedron 2010: Frontiers of Organic Chemistry
Beijing, China


     *  Abstract Deadline:
       28th February 2010

   As with previous events in the series the Eleventh Tetrahedron
   symposium will bring together internationally renowned speakers for a
   comprehensive and wide-ranging programme covering all aspects of
   organic synthesis; bioorganic, medicinal and computational chemistry;
   molecular recognition and the organic chemistry of materials.

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Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
15:00:00 Registration and Poster Set-up
18:00:00 Welcome Drinks Reception
18:30:00 Poster Session
Wednesday, June 23, 2010
07:30:00 Registration
09:00:00 Opening presentation
09:10:00 Vinblastine: Synthetic and Mechanistic Studies Dale L Boger
10:00:00 Complex Natural Products as a Driving Force for Discovery in Organic Chemistry Brian M. Stoltz
10:50:00 Coffee Break and Poster Session
11:50:00 Strategies for Construction of Quaternary Units in the Synthesis of Natural Products Yongqiang Tu
12:40:00 Lunch
14:00:00 Title to be announced Shu Kobayashi
14:50:00 Catalytic Asymmetric Carbenoid Insertion into Heteroatom-Hydrogen Bonds Qilin Zhou
15:40:00 Coffee Break and Poster Session
16:40:00 Directed Evolution of C4-Symmetric Metal Vanadate-Centered Helical Quadruplexes: Synergistic Ion-specific Transport and Asymmetric Catalysis Chien-Tien Chen
17:30:00 Photoredox Catalysis in Chemical Synthesis David W.C. MacMillan
18:20:00 End of Day 1
Thursday, June 24, 2010
09:00:00 Coinage-metal Catalyzed New Synthetic Reactions Yoshinori Yamamoto
09:50:00 New Multi-Component Transition Metal-Catalyzed Carbocyclization Reactions P. Andrew Evans
10:40:00 Coffee Break and Poster Session
11:20:00 Metal-Mediated C-H Bond Activation of Heterocycles for the C-C and C-N Bod Formation Sukbok Chang
12:10:00 Title to be announced Jianbo Wang
13:00:00 Lunch
14:00:00 Tetrahedron Young Investigator Award Winner Peter Seeberger
14:50:00 Catalytic Asymmetric Cyclization Reactions for Natural Product Synthesis Dan Yang
15:40:00 Coffee Break and Poster Session C
16:30:00 Unravelling Hidden Pathways with Chemical and Computational Approaches Karen N. Allen
17:20:00 Recent Progress on the Total Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Products Dawei Ma
18:10:00 End of Day 2
20:00:00 Gala Dinner
Friday, June 25, 2010
09:00:00 Development of Practical Metal Catalysts for Organic Synthesis Matthias Beller
09:50:00 New Facts in the Carbo-benzene Family: Variations in Synthesis, Structures, and Properties Remi Chauvin
10:40:00 Coffee Break and Poster Session C
11:30:00 Carbyne: The Rational Synthesis of an sp-hybridized Carbon Allotrope Rik R Tykwinski
12:20:00 Title to be announced Shengwu Ma
13:10:00 Closing remarks
13:30:00 Lunch – End of conference
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