5th Annual San Francisco Orthopaedic Trauma Course
InterContinental Hotel San Francisco
888 Howard Street
San Francisco, California
5th Annual San Francisco Orthopaedic Trauma Course

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, April 22, 2010
07:00:00 Registration / Continental Breakfast / Visit Exhibits
07:25:00 FOOT AND ANKLE FRACTURES James R. Ficke
07:30:00 Welcome Theodore Miclau, III
07:30:00 Treatment of Foot and Ankle Fractures: What is the Optimal Timing? Peter G. Trafton
07:40:00 Pilon Fractures: Current Treatment and Outcomes Andrew H. Schmidt
07:50:00 Calcaneus Fractures: Are Minimally Invasive Techniques the Answer? Robert A. Probe
08:00:00 Ankle Fractures: How Do I Know It Is Reduced? Amir Matityahu
08:10:00 Lisfranc's Fractures: ORIF vs Arthrodesis Steven J. Pinney
08:20:00 VIDEO - Approaches to the Distal Tibia Saam Morshed
08:35:00 Panel Discussion
08:55:00 Break / Visit Exhibits / Travel to Workshops
09:10:00 Hands-on Workshops with Rotating Sessions:
09:10:00 Workshop 1: Distal Tibial Bone Defects Treated with BMP-2: Case Reviews and Techniques Ronald W. Lindsey, Joseph Borrelli, Andrew H. Schmidt, Andrew H Schmidt, Eric G. Meinberg
09:15:00 Workshop 2: Tibial Plafond Fractures: Staged Treatment Mark Lee, Michael McKee, Peter G. Trafton, Saam Morshed
09:30:00 Workshop 3: Calcaneus Fractures Robert A. Probe, James R. Ficke, Steven J. Pinney, R. Richard Coughlin
11:30:00 Lunch with Case Presentations / Visit Exhibits Management of Postoperative Infections Kyle F. Dickson, Ronald W. Lindsey, Andrew H. Schmidt, Fernando de la Huerta, Peter G. Trafton, Harry E. Jergesen
12:45:00 PELVIS AND FEMUR Robert A. Probe
12:50:00 Pelvis Fractures: Acute Treatment Kyle F. Dickson
13:00:00 Femoral Neck Fractures in Young Patients: Should They be Fixed in the Middle of the Night? Saam Morshed
13:10:00 Subtrochanteric Fractures: Reduction Techniques Ronald W. Lindsey
13:20:00 Femur Fracture Fixation: Avoiding Malreduction Christian Krettek
13:30:00 Distal 1/3 Femur Fractures: Nailing vs. Plating Joseph Borrelli
13:40:00 VIDEO - Intra-articular Distal Femur Fractures: Approach and Reduction Eric G. Meinberg
13:55:00 Panel Discussion
14:15:00 GENERAL TRAUMA ISSUES Michael McKee
14:15:00 Locked Plating: Should It Be Used? Peter G. Trafton
14:25:00 Technical Tips and Tricks Christian Krettek
14:35:00 Complications Donald A. Wiss
14:45:00 Timing of Fracture Fixation in the Polytrauma Patient Kyle F. Dickson
14:55:00 DVTs and Fracture Care: When to Anticoagulate Robert A. Probe
15:05:00 Panel Discussion
15:25:00 Break / Visit Exhibits / Travel to Workshops
18:00:00 Adjourn
18:05:00 Reception
Friday, April 23, 2010
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast / Visit Exhibits
07:25:00 Welcome
07:30:00 How to Optimize Billing: Operative Fracture Care Paul Tornetta
07:45:00 Non-Operative Fracture Care Robert A. Probe
08:00:00 Orthopaedic Trauma Care: Optimizing Resources Timothy J. Bray
08:10:00 How to Avoid Being Sued: What Should I Document? James M. Goodman
08:20:00 Covering the Emergency Room: EMTALA and Transfers Andrew H. Schmidt
08:30:00 Panel Discussion
08:50:00 UPPER EXTREMITY Melvin Rosenwasser
08:55:00 Clavicle Fractures: Surgical and Non-surgical Treatment Michael McKee
09:00:00 Complex Fractures in the Young Adult: Proximal Humerus Donald A. Wiss
09:10:00 Supracondylar Humerus Emil H. Schemitsch
09:20:00 Common Complex Carpal Injuries Lamont J. Cardon
09:30:00 The Unstable Elbow: Treatment Protocols and Ligament Reconstruction Michael McKee
09:40:00 VIDEO: Approaches to the Elbow Lisa L. Lattanza
09:55:00 Panel Discussion
10:15:00 Break / Visit Exhibits / Travel to Workshops
10:30:00 Hands-on Workshops with Rotating Sessions: Upper Extremity
10:35:00 Workshop 1: Floating Shoulder Michael McKee, Donald A. Wiss, Emil H. Schemitsch, Utku Kandemir
11:00:00 Workshop 2: Supracondlyar Humerus Joseph Borrelli, J. Tracy Watson, Robert A. Probe, Saam Morshed
11:30:00 Workshop 3: Distal Radius Fractures Melvin Rosenwasser, Lisa L. Lattanza, Scott Hansen, Lamont J. Cardon, Mohana Amirtharajah
12:50:00 Lunch with Case Presentations / Visit Exhibits Donald A. Wiss, Paul Tornetta, Timothy J. Bray, Robert A. Probe, Michael McKee, R. Trigg McClellan
14:05:00 BIOLOGICS Andrew H. Schmidt
14:10:00 BMPs: On-Label Use Joseph Borrelli
14:20:00 DBMs: Are They All Created Equal? Mark Lee
14:30:00 Bone Grafts and Aspirates: Does it Matter Where I Harvest? Emil H. Schemitsch
14:40:00 Osteoconductives: When Are They Needed? R. Trigg McClellan
14:50:00 Case Reviews: Subchondral Defects J. Tracy Watson
15:05:00 Diaphyseal Defects (Small, Medium, and Large) Ronald W. Lindsey
15:20:00 Break / Visit Exhibits / Travel to Workshops
15:25:00 Workshop 1: Proximal Tibia Nailing: Semi-Extended Approach Timothy J. Bray, Mark Lee, Utku Kandemir, Paul Tornetta
15:35:00 Hands-on Workshops with Rotating Sessions: Tibia
16:15:00 Workshop 2: Complex Tibial Shaft Fracture with Soft Tissue Loss Andrew H. Schmidt, Scott Hansen, J. Tracy Watson, R. Trigg McClellan
16:30:00 Workshop 3: Distal 1/4 Tibial Fracture: Reduction and Nailing Techniques Christian Krettek, Ronald W. Lindsey, Melvin Rosenwasser, Solon Rosenblatt
17:55:00 Adjourn
Saturday, April 24, 2010
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast / Visit Exhibits
07:20:00 FRACTURES IN THE ELDERLY Donald A. Wiss
07:25:00 Introduction Theodore Miclau, III
07:30:00 Management of the Elderly Trauma Patient Paul Tornetta
07:40:00 Medical Management of Osteoporosis: Surgeon Responsibility Eric G. Meinberg
07:50:00 Unstable Intertrochanteric Fractures: Nailing or Plating Fernando de la Huerta
08:00:00 Periprosthetic fractures: Tips and Pearls Harry E. Jergesen
08:10:00 Distal Radius Fractures Melvin Rosenwasser
08:20:00 Compression Fractures of the Spine R. Trigg McClellan
08:30:00 Medical Management of Osteoporosis: Surgeon Responsibility Peter G. Trafton
08:40:00 Panel Discussion
09:00:00 KNEE/TIBIA Paul Tornetta
09:00:00 Complex Tibial Plateau Fractures Kyle F. Dickson
09:10:00 The Smashed Patella Timothy J. Bray
09:20:00 Knee Fractures with Vascular Compromise Utku Kandemir
09:30:00 Segmental Tibia Fractures: Fixation and Alignment Challenges J. Tracy Watson
09:40:00 Short Segment Tibia Fractures: Reduction Techniques Christian Krettek
09:50:00 VIDEO: ORIF of Complex Proximal Tibia Fractures Amir Matityahu
10:05:00 Panel Discussion
10:25:00 Break / Visit Exhibits / Travel to Workshops
10:40:00 Hands-on Workshops with Rotating Sessions:
10:40:00 Workshop 1: Complex Tibial Plateau Fracture Fixation J. Tracy Watson, Mark Lee, James R. Ficke, Eric G. Meinberg
11:00:00 Workshop 2: Supracondylar Femur Fracture Fixation: Reduction and Plating Donald A. Wiss, Timothy J. Bray, Christian Krettek, R. Trigg McClellan
11:30:00 Workshop 3: Supracondylar Femur Fracture Fixation: Antegrade vs. Retrograde Nailing Peter G. Trafton, Kyle F. Dickson, Fernando de la Huerta, Utku Kandemir
13:00:00 Lunch with Case Presentations / Visit Exhibits James R. Ficke, Christian Krettek, Paul Tornetta, Donald A. Wiss, Kyle F. Dickson, Saam Morshed
14:20:00 GENERAL TRAUMA ISSUES Timothy J. Bray
14:20:00 Open Fractures: Is Six Hours the Standard? Mark Lee
14:30:00 Wound Management: Has VAC Management Replaced the Muscle Flap? Scott Hansen
14:40:00 How Do I Know When a Fracture is Healed? Theodore Miclau, III
14:50:00 Management of the Subacute Infection with Hardware Donald A. Wiss
15:10:00 Lower Extremity Amputations: Techniques Outcomes and Prosthetic Management James R. Ficke, Walter Racette
15:20:00 The Unmet Need in Global Musculoskeletal Care R. Richard Coughlin
15:30:00 VIDEO: Four Compartment Fasciotomies of the Leg Utku Kandemir
15:45:00 Panel Discussion
16:05:00 Raffle
16:15:00 Adjourn
3D Tissue Models
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