3D Tissue Models
Vascular Laboratory 2010: Advanced Topics for Vascular Specialists and Other Health-Care Professionals
Hilton Sacramento
2200 Harvard Street
Sacramento, California
Vascular Laboratory 2010:  Advanced Topics for Vascular Specialists and Other Health-Care Professionals

Schedule of Presentations:

Saturday, April 10, 2010
07:00:00 Registration, Continental Breakfast, Visit Exhibits
07:45:00 Welcome and Course Objectives David L. Dawson
07:55:00 Peripheral Arterial
08:00:00 Peripheral Arterial Disease: Scope of the Problem Eugene S. Lee
08:15:00 Physiologic Testing: Established & Innovative Techniques Kevin E. Lindholm
08:30:00 Non-invasive Arterial Testing: Interpretation and Criteria David L. Dawson
08:50:00 Duplex Surveillance After Bypass or Endovascular Therapies Dennis F. Bandyk
09:10:00 Case Study: Interactive Dennis F. Bandyk, Kevin E. Lindholm
09:30:00 Q&A and Panel Discussion
09:45:00 Coffee Break, Visit Exhibits
09:55:00 Cerebrovascular
10:00:00 Carotid Artery Disease: Scope of the Problem John R. Laird
10:15:00 Treatment: CEA vs Stent Dennis F. Bandyk
10:35:00 Carotid Duplex Criteria and Interpretation David L. Dawson
10:50:00 Carotid Duplex Exam: Protocols and Pitfalls Holly M. Beals
11:05:00 Transcranial Doppler: Assessing for Collateralization Colleen Douville
11:20:00 Case Study: Interactive David L. Dawson, Holly M. Beals
11:40:00 Q&A and Panel Discussion
12:00:00 Lunch, Included in Tuition, Visit Exhibits
12:55:00 Abdominal
13:00:00 Duplex Evaluation of the Portal and Hepatic Veins Michael S. Cronan
13:15:00 Median Arcuate Ligament Compression: Fact or Fiction Nasim Hedayati
13:30:00 Renal Transplant Duplex Evaluation Michael S. Cronan
13:45:00 Uncommon Visceral Artery Interventions: Case Study W. Darrin Clouse
14:00:00 Q&A and Panel Discussion
14:20:00 Coffee Break, Visit Exhibits
14:35:00 Expanded Practice in the Vascular Lab
14:40:00 Plastic Surgery: Is There a Role for the Vascular Lab? Lee L. Q. Pu
15:00:00 Preoperative Duplex Exams Prior to Reconstructive Surgery David J. Del Pizzo
15:15:00 TCD: Expanded Applications Colleen Douville
15:35:00 Ultrasound Guided Angioplasty for Dialysis Access Fistula Jerry R. Spencer
15:45:00 Scheduling Issues: Tips for Both Inpatient and Outpatient Scheduling David J. Del Pizzo
16:00:00 ICAVL: Tips to be Prepared and Successful Dennis F. Bandyk
16:15:00 Vascular Health Fair: Why and How Deborah A. Finley
16:30:00 Venous Protocol: Are Calf Veins Necessary to Evaluate? David L. Dawson
16:45:00 Q&A and Panel Discussion
17:00:00 Adjourn
Sunday, April 11, 2010
07:30:00 Continental Breakfast
08:00:00 1. Mastering the Carotid Exam: Getting all the Information Holly M. Beals
09:00:00 2. Upper Extremity Venous Scanning Jeremy Gray
10:00:00 3. TCD: Protocols and Techniques Colleen Douville
11:00:00 4. Iliac Artery Scanning Kevin E. Lindholm
12:00:00 Adjourn
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