The New Science of Ageing
The Royal Society
6-9 Carlton House Terrace
Greater London, SW1Y 5AG

   Professor Andrzej Bartke, Professor Nir Barzilai, Professor Maria A
   Blasco, Professor Andrew Dillin, Professor Richard Faragher (chair),
   Dr David Gems, Professor Brian Kennedy, Professor Cynthia Kenyon,
   Professor Stuart Kim, Professor David Kipling (chair), Professor Tom
   Kirkwood, Professor Janet Lord (chair), Dr Mike Murphy (chair),
   Professor Thomas Nystr

   The new science of ageing is a Royal Society scientific discussion
   meeting organised by Professor Linda Partridge DBE FRS , Professor
   Janet Thornton CBE FRS and Professor Gillian Bates FRS . Research into
   ageing has been galvanised by the discovery of single-gene mutations
   that extend healthy lifespan of laboratory animals and that delay
   multiple, ageing-related diseases. Evolutionary conservation of these
   genetic effects allows the use of invertebrates to understand human
   ageing. This meeting will discuss the scientific challenges and the
   prospects for a broad-spectrum, preventative medicine for age-related
   disease. This discussion meeting is intended for researchers in
   relevant fields and is free to attend, but pre-registration online is
   essential – see the event website for details.

   6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London, Greater London, SW1Y 5AG, United

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Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, May 10, 2010
08:55:00 Single gene mutations that extend healthy lifespan David Kipling
09:00:00 Welcome Stephen Cox
09:05:00 Introduction Linda Partridge
09:10:00 Single gene mutations in C. elegans Cynthia Kenyon
09:40:00 Discussion
09:55:00 Evolutionary conservation of mechanisms of ageing Brian K Kennedy
10:25:00 Discussion
10:40:00 Coffee
11:00:00 Single gene mutations and mammalian ageing Andrzej Bartke
11:30:00 Discussion
11:45:00 Genomics of human ageing Prof.dr. P. Eline Slagboom
12:15:00 Discussion
12:30:00 LUNCH
13:25:00 Biochemistry, physiology and systems biology of lifespanextension Michael P. Murphy
13:30:00 Damage segregation and cellular rejuvenation Thomas Nyström
14:00:00 Discussion
14:15:00 Bioinformatics and Lifespan- Extension Janet Thornton
14:45:00 Discussion
15:00:00 Tea
15:30:00 Genomics and Systems Physiology of Lifespan- Extension Stuart Kim
16:00:00 Discussion
16:15:00 Systems biology of ageing and longevity Tom Kirkwood
16:45:00 Discussion
17:00:00 CLOSE
Tuesday, May 11, 2010
08:55:00 The ageing process as a risk factor for ageing-related disease Gillian Bates
09:00:00 Mammalian models of extended healthy lifespan Dominic Withers
09:30:00 Discussion
09:45:00 Lifespan-extension and ageing-related disease Andrew Dillin
10:15:00 Discussion
10:30:00 Coffee
11:00:00 Ageing as a risk factor for cancer Maria A Blasco
11:30:00 Discussion
11:45:00 Ageing and stem cell dysfunction in tissue repair Thomas A. Rando
12:15:00 Discussion
12:30:00 LUNCH
13:25:00 A broad-spectrum preventative medicine for ageing-related disease Richard Faragher
13:30:00 Interfering with ageing to treat ageing-related disease Nir Barzilai
14:00:00 Discussion
14:15:00 Drug discovery for a broadspectrum, preventative medicine for ageing P Vallance
14:45:00 Discussion
15:00:00 Tea
15:30:00 Treating ageing and ethics David Gems
16:00:00 Discussion
16:15:00 Final Discussion Janet M Lord
17:00:00 CLOSE
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