2010 Cardiometabolic Health Congress
Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston MA
39 Dalton Street
Boston, Massachussetts 02199

   George Bakris MD, Christie Ballantyne MD, Robert Eckel MD, Jay Skyler

   The Cardiometabolic Health Congress ( CMHC ) is a gathering of 1500+
   of the sharpest minds in Dyslipidemia, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension,
   Obesity, Chronic Kidney Disease and Insulin Resistance, as they join
   world-renown clinicians, academics and prestigious professional
   societies to explore, debate and translate the latest clinical data
   into practical and effective strategies to improve patient outcomes.
   CMHC is a comprehensive medical education meeting that provides
   clinicians with the tools and treatment strategies to diagnose
   cardiometabolic risk and treat appropriately to reduce CVD .

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Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
15:00:00 Meet-the-Expert - Challenging Case Study Session George Bakris, Christie Ballantyne, John Buse, Christopher Cannon, Robert H Eckel, Richard W Nesto, Jay S. Skyler
18:00:00 Dinner Symposium - Cardiometabolic Risk Reduction in Patients with T2DM: Expert Recommendations for Anti-hyperglycemic Therapy Selection to Achieve Optimal Outcomes John Buse, Anne Peters, Carol Wysham, Robert Ratner
Thursday, October 21, 2010
06:30:00 Breakfast Symposia - Overcoming Today's Top Challenges in Ischemic Heart Disease: Clinical Controversies and Evidence-Based Solutions for Optimizing Patient Care C. Noel Bairey Merz, Christopher Cannon, Peter Stone, Robert Wilensky
08:00:00 Opening Remarks Christie Ballantyne
08:10:00 Keynote Presentation - The Science Behind Inflammation and Cardiometabolic Risk Peter Libby
08:50:00 Keynote Presentation - Inflammation and Cardiometabolic Risk: Integrating the Science into Clinical Practice Paul Ridker
09:30:00 Morning Break/Exhibit Hall
10:15:00 The Most Sought After CMHC Session! Late-Breaking Clinical Trials: Expert Insights on How the Latest Data Impacts Your Clinical Practice Richard W Nesto, Christie Ballantyne, Christopher Cannon, Robert H Eckel, Keith Ferdinand, Jay S. Skyler
11:30:00 Genetics of Obesity Jeffrey Friedman
12:00:00 Lunch Symposium A - Optimizing the Role of GLP-1 Receptor Agonists in the T2DM Continuum of Care: Expert Recommendations and Interactive Clinical Scenarios Lawrence Blonde, Alan Garber, Jack Leahy, Julio Rosenstock
12:00:00 Lunch Symposium B - Individualizing and Optimizing Antiplatelet Therapy in High-Risk Patient Groups: Moving Beyond a “One-Size-Fits-All” Approach Eugene Braunwald, Christopher Cannon, Matthew J. Price, Stephen Wiviott
14:00:00 Obesity Management: What is the Optimal Prescription for Diet and Exercise? Robert Kushner
14:30:00 Pharmacotherapy for the Management of Obesity Donna Ryan
15:00:00 Afternoon Break/Exhibit Hall
15:30:00 Bariatric Surgery and Cardiometabolic Risk D. Wayne Overby
16:00:00 Sleep Apnea, Obesity, and Cardiometabolic Risk Charles Czeisler
16:30:00 Obesity Panel Discussion Robert H Eckel, Charles Czeisler, Jeffrey Friedman, Robert Kushner, D. Wayne Overby, Donna Ryan
17:15:00 Closing Remarks Robert H. Eckel
17:15:00 Welcome Reception
18:30:00 Dinner Symposium - Can We Control Diabetes and Cardiometabolic Risk Through Weight Loss? Examining the Clinical Implications of Obesity Therapies in Late-Stage Development Robert H Eckel, Kishore M Gadde, W. Timothy Garvey, Michelle Look
Friday, October 22, 2010
06:30:00 Breakfast Symposium - Implementing High-Dose Insulin Therapy for Patients with T2DM and Severe Insulin Resistance in Clinical Practice: Expert Recommendations and Practical Considerations Wendy Lane, Anne Peters, Jay S Skyler
08:00:00 Opening Remarks Jay S. Skyler
08:15:00 Keynote Presentation - The Key Elements of Glucose Metabolism Richard N Bergman
08:45:00 Should We Use Pharmacotherapy in Prediabetes? Harold Lebovitz
09:15:00 Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes 2010 James Gavin
09:45:00 Morning Break/Exhibit Hall
10:30:00 Glycemic Control and Cardiovascular Disease Jay S. Skyler
11:00:00 Pediatric CVD Prevention
11:20:00 Diabetes Panel Discussion Jay S. Skyler, Richard N Bergman, James Gavin, Harold Lebovitz,
12:15:00 Lunch Symposium A - Improving Endothelial Function with New-Generation Beta Blockers: Optimal Strategies for Controlling Hypertension and Reducing CV Risk George Bakris, Thomas Giles, R. Preston Mason
12:15:00 Lunch Symposium B - Advances in Statin Therapy: Expert Recommendations for Optimizing the Management of Dyslipidemia in the Clinically Complex Patient Christie Ballantyne
14:15:00 Hypertension in T2DM George Bakris
14:45:00 CKD: A CHD Equivalent? Peter A McCullough
15:15:00 Afternoon Break/Exhibit Hall
15:45:00 Vitamin D and Cardiometabolic Risk Eric Rimm
16:15:00 ACCF Case Study Session - Convergence of Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Darren McGuire, George Bakris, Peter A McCullough
17:15:00 Closing Remarks George Bakris
18:00:00 Dinner Symposia - Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, and Hypertension: Identifying the Connections and Seizing the Opportunities for Global Cardiometabolic Risk Reduction George Bakris, Om P Ganda, Ronald B Goldberg, Suzanne Oparil
Saturday, October 23, 2010
06:30:00 Breakfast Symposia - The Evolving Role of Endothelin Receptor Antagonists in PAH Management: Opportunities for Optimizing Patient Care and Outcomes David Badesch, Paul Forfia, Myung Park
08:10:00 Opening Remarks Christie Ballantyne
08:15:00 Advances in the Clinical Management of HDL Daniel Rader
09:00:00 Debate - Niacin vs. Fibrates in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome Christie Ballantyne, Henry Ginsberg, Allen Taylor
09:45:00 Morning Break
10:15:00 Clinical Controversies in Lipid Management Christie Ballantyne, Kathy Berra, Deepak Bhatt, Tara Dall
11:15:00 Hot Topics in Thrombosis and Diabetes Deepak Bhatt, Richard Becker, Neal Kleiman
12:00:00 Closing Remarks Robert H. Eckel
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