The Difference between the Sexes - From Biology to Behaviour
EMBL Advanced Training Centre (ATC)
Heidelberg, Germany



   European Molecular Biology Laboratory


   5–6 November | 11th EMBL / EMBO Science and Society Conference

   The Difference between the Sexes - From Biology to Behaviour

   Organiser: H. Stefansson | EMBL Heidelberg, Germany Registration
   Deadline: 15 October

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Schedule of Presentations:

Friday, November 5, 2010
09:00:00 Welcome and Introduction Maria Leptin
09:10:00 Opening Lecture: Multiple Levels of Determination of Sex Differences in Brain and Behaviour Donald Pfaff
10:00:00 Coffee Break
10:30:00 Session I: Sex and Evolution Jan Engelstädter
11:00:00 Sex determination: an epigenetic perspective Eva Jablonka
11:30:00 The power behind the sexes: why energy coupling requires sexual coupling Nick Lane
12:00:00 Diversity in Gender Expression and Sexuality in Nature: Implications for Evolutionary Theory Joan Roughgarden
12:45:00 Lunch
14:15:00 Session II: Sexual divergence in development: Genetic, hormonal and physiological differences Melissa Hines
14:45:00 Deciding to be a boy? The history and prehistory of sex determination David Bainbridge
15:00:00 Pink Genes or Blue Genes? A Biological Perspective on Sexual Development Eric Vilain
16:00:00 Establishing Sex Differences in the Brain: Lessons from Animal Models Margaret M McCarthy
16:30:00 Coffee Break
17:00:00 Panel Discussion: Eva Jablonka, Nick Lane, Joan Roughgarden, David Bainbridge, Eric Vilain, Margaret M McCarthy
18:30:00 Drinks
19:00:00 Dinner
Saturday, November 6, 2010
09:00:00 Opening Lecture: Sex Differences in Temperament: How four primary brain systems build gender differences (and similarities) and guide mate choice Helen Fisher
09:50:00 Coffee Break
10:20:00 Session III: Behavioural and cognitive studies of sexual selection/differences Frank Cézilly
11:00:00 Darwin and Post-Copulatory Sexual Selection Tim Birkhead
11:30:00 Sexual selection in primates Joanna Setchell
12:00:00 Evolution, Brain and Behaviour: Pitfalls and Opportunities Johan Bolhuis
12:35:00 Lunch
14:00:00 Session IV: Rethinking 'maleness' vs. 'femaleness' Jonathan Marks
14:30:00 Evolution and Cultural Expression of Human Sex Differences David Geary
15:00:00 The Sexual Paradox: Troubled Boys, Gifted Girls, and the Real Difference Between the Sexes Susan Pinker
15:30:00 Nature OR nurture? It's the wrong question: bringing the debate about difference into a modern framework Anne Fausto Sterling
16:15:00 Coffee Break
16:45:00 Panel Discussion: Tim Birkhead, Joanna Setchell, Johan Bolhuis, David Geary, Susan Pinker, Anne Fausto Sterling
18:15:00 Closing Remarks Iain Mattaj
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